[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX Report, Dec 23
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[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX Report, Dec 23


[items from these reports may be reproduced and re-reproduced
ONLY providing full credit is maintained at all stages]

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA-22. A great receiver from
Germany, R. New Zealand's logo and what it means, why don't
women like shortwave?, the rapid growth of web-casting, launching
satellites from the ocean, KKK tries to sponsor public radio,
The Great Eastern--a Newfie joke, Earth will be destroyed in two
years (Hauser)

ARMENIA. I notice that some bulletins which ran the inaccurate 
V. of Armenia sked did not think it necessary to run my previous
item correcting the English time as monitored. Here's another
chance: As of Dec 22, VOA on 9965 English was still at 2115, and
still claiming to be at 2145. BTW, sked says the "2145" broadcast 
is Mon-Sat only (Glenn Hauser, OK)

GERMANY [non]. DW English news at 1908 Dec 22 on better 11810 was almost 
a full second behind //9640, which equals about three
satellite hops; now what did I do with the DW W97 frequency 
schedule? (gh)

GUATEMALA. R. Maya is active on 2360, Dec 22 at 1223 music and
talk //3325, but even weaker than Atitlan on 2390 (Hauser, OK)

HAWAII/USA. Replying to Joe Brashier, WHR in BC-DX: if
programming was being run manually Dec 13-14 during computer
crash, why didn't they put DXing with Cumbre on as scheduled?
Hardly a week goes by without some scheduled airing of DWC
missing for no obvious reason, crash or no crash. It's not my 
problem, but DWC's and WHR's (Glenn Hauser, OK)

MEXICO. Deliberately hunting for MW 3rd harmonics, I encountered
one on 4290, Dec 22 at 1257 with Spanish talk, ute on high side
reduced by LSB tuning but still some CW QRM. Mostly talk, with
Mexican clues such as "8 millones de pesos"; no ID heard around
hourtop, but a canned one came unexpectedly at 1317, but could
only extract "XE... [possibly third letter I, and 5 letters]...
mil watts de potencia...1430 kHz...de 6 a 23 horas", then news of 
earthquake at 17 north. 1338 mentioned "Monitor, 1110 AM y 88.1 
de FM" which I assume was a network program out of Mexico City.
By 1400 losing out to CW marker. Checked the next morning Dec 23
when it started to fade in around 1245, but weaker and mostly
beneath T-storm crashes from southern Oklahoma (in Dec!). Stayed
with it to 1329 fade but no IDs or other clues heard. The IRCA
Mexican Log for 1430 doesn't show any likely matches yet, so will 
keep checking (Glenn Hauser, OK)

MEXICO. On 3140, XERF 1570 x 2 heard with music at 1214 and weak 
Spanish talk //1570 at 1249 Dec 22. BTW, I've heard 1570 itself
as late as 1700 UT lately as daytime skip continues thanks to
lowest solar angle currently (Glenn Hauser, OK)

U S A. On a whim, I checked 25950 for the Portland, OR pseudo-SW
broadcast station, Dec 22 at 2125, and there it was, on AM with
fair signal, rock music, 2126 ID as "94-7 NRK" and 10 pm call-in
line 1-800-LOVE191, but fading out at 2128, and no trace at 2200
recheck. This fq formerly carried KFXX and KGON, but now it's the
third station under common ownership, KNRK, actually licensed to
Camas, WA (Glenn Hauser, OK)

U S A. I keep expecting to see a notice of this in one of the MW
bulletins, but have not yet: KOKC, 1490, Guthrie, OK has been off
the air since at least Oct 16 when I first noticed; phoned them a
couple weeks later and it had been disconnected. Formerly had 
good daytime signal here, now opens up a graveyarder for daytime
winter skip (Glenn Hauser, OK)

U S A. Scanning for MW harmonics Dec 22, best signal was on 2800
at 1227 ending gospel request show with "The Other Side of Jordan"
and would return tomorrow at 5 am. Local news and ads during next
quarter hour gave clues such as Highway 171 South, Fort Polk,
which are in western Louisiana; Jasper County, and Hemphill,
which are in adjacent east Texas; "from the 107 news center".
Clincher was "35 degrees in downtown Many" (pronounced Manny with
a short A). So this is KWLA 1400 x 2 in Many LA, simulcasting its
FM KWLV 107.1, as listed in FM Atlas and M-Street Directory. At
times there was a subaudible heterodyne of 1 to 2 Hz from another
much weaker harmonic on 2800. Note to DXers: PLEASE do NOT try to
QSL MW harmonics or contact the stations; that could be extremely
counterproductive, leading to elimination of the harmonic (Glenn 
Hauser, OK)            ###

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