[HCDX]: Eldorado for LA DXers
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[HCDX]: Eldorado for LA DXers

Merry Christmas!

During a little more than a month, I have been working with my LA-site and
planed to launch it about a week before Christmas. Due to trouble with my
HD, it didn´t really work out ...

But now I have finally managed it! Go to
and you will find 518 veriesigners from LA radio, 488 birthdays and 73
e-mail adresses!

Maybe you can use some of the information during the holiday if the
conditions will fail (but they don´t seem to do it now, anyway).

Some of you guys has got your own, private URL:s. Delete them, and use the
URL above! I have thrown away the frames, but your browser must have the
possibility to handle tables!

If you know about information that I am missing, I hope that you send me an
e-mail with it! Take a look in your treasure chest, when you have turned
off the radio!

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