[HCDX]: Norway on 1314?
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[HCDX]: Norway on 1314?

Hello & Season's Greetings!

I believe I heard Norway on 1314 from 0457 12/25 to 0522 12/26.
My synch detector is locked onto exactly 1314: Here's what I heard:

@ 0457: "Home for Christmas" in EE followed by a Norweigan 
male announcer with talk on the top of the hour followed by 
another American christmas song ?, then a song in Norweigan 
@ 0512 followed by the song "Lady in Red" @ 0521. Seems to be 
a mix of English and Native songs being played. I triple checked 
all the local stations & no such signs of any match.

If this is the case this is my first transatlantic catch! 
I'm using a Kiwa Amplified loop, a Lowe HF-150 and a Kenwood 

Can anyone confirm this data?

Gary Wilt
Wood Ridge, NJ
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