Re: [HCDX]: Norway-1314 kHz
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Re: [HCDX]: Norway-1314 kHz

W.A. Merriman wrote:
> Not rare, but if anyone wants Norway on MW, tonight is the night.  They are
> currently 30/S9, a full 10 db stronger than the 1310 kHz mess and 5 db
> stronger than 1320 kHz!  This is on all antennas - there is virtually no
> difference in signal strength as I switch between 4 slopers and a loop.
> This has never happened before.  What a signal!
> 73/DX
> Al
> Chincoteague Island,  VA

Good Evening all,

Yes, I've been coping them since 2300, sometimes a slight fade
but much stronger than last nights copy! Recently at 0358 they
played "Come home for Christmas" followed by what sounded like news
at 0400. Unbelievable! And while I realize that people like Mark in 
MA and Al in VA can hear this one regularly, believe me where I'm 
located this is an incredible treat!! Also, on 600 Khz, CBNA St. 
Anthony, New Foundland in like gangbusters with Country and Western 
mix, ID of "AM 600 CBNA".

Enjoy! conditions are excellent,
Gary Wilt
Wood Ridge, NJ
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