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Rx: Lowe HF225 Europa
Antenna: ATL-3 LW/MW active loop 1x1
Time: UTC
Location: western part of the Netherlands

 600 CBNA St. Anthony NF, Dec 28, 0500, No ID, just ''Here
is CBC News''. Short peak.

 610 CHNC New Carlisle PQ, Dec 27, 0630, OM in French.
Tentative. Poor.

 740 CBL Toronto ON, Dec 27, 0548/0745, Jazz followed by
classical piano music. Parallel to 940. Poor. Presumed.

 790 WAXY South Miami FL, Dec 28, 0455, Several ''waxy'' IDs
in short peak. Poor.

 840 WHAS Louisville KY, Dec 28, 0510, Some excellent peaks
with sportstalk and ads. ''On 84 WHAS, Kentucky, Louisville,
Kentucky'' (hmmm...). Another ID at 0550.

 960 CHNS Halifax NS, Dec 28, 0725, ''9-60 CHNS''. Oldies. Poor.

1100 WTAM Cleveland OH, Dec 28, 0800, ''Newsradio WTAM'' in
slop 1098 Slovakia. Very poor.

1130 KFAN Minneapolis MN, Dec 27, 0700, Excellent peak over 
WBBR. ''One on one sports''. ID and ''ABC News''. Also with ID
on Dec 28, again battling it out with WBBR, weaker this time.

1140 CHRB High River AB, Dec 25-28, 0740, Chinese talk and music.
After 0800 religious talk in EE. Fair signal.

1290 CHRM Matane PQ, Dec 28, 0415, OM/YL in French. Very poor.

Another bout of ''soft-core-dx''. Oh well, Alberta is pretty far, I guess.
Back to work tomorrow: for those with free time on their hands:


                                73      Piet
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