[HCDX]: Re: Norway in North America
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[HCDX]: Re: Norway in North America

Bjarne Mjelde wrote: Since 1314 seems to be well heard over there why not
challenge the 10 kW NRK Bodo on 675 during Northerly cx?  They would carry
the same programming as 1314 until 0603 UTC when they run local programming
most of the time (NRK Nordland).  The town is situated somewhat north of
the Polar Circle.

The Vigra tx on 630 is probably out of the question despite their 100 kW.

Actually, Bjarne, I heard Vigra (630) yesterday evening with a fairly good
signal, and it's not what I consider a difficult station to catch using a
Beverage antenna here in Newfoundland, Canada. On the other hand, the other
smaller Norwegian stations have eluded me for many years. Again, yesterday
evening I unable to hear 675 or 702, and I was also unsuccessful with the
Svalbard station on 1485. I was using a 500 m wire aimed at 25 degrees,
which should have been pretty good for Norway. I did have British stations
all over the band, and NRK on 1314 was as strong as the local St. John's

Best wishes,  Jean Burnell, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

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