[HCDX]: Palomar vs. Kiwa Loops
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[HCDX]: Palomar vs. Kiwa Loops

Greetings Everyone and a Happy New Year to all!

My uncle Bill was very generous this Christmas and I'm ready to spend
his gift money on a commercial loop antenna. (I'll get around to a home-
brew one of these years). The KIWA MW Loop seems a bit pricey, (Uncle Bill
wasn't THAT generous) and I'm leaning towards the Palomar LA-1. This is 
my first attempt at buying a commercial loop. I'm interested in the BCB 
loop but the fact that you can plug in another loop for the Tropical SW 
Bands makes the Palomar sound ideal for me. Is there any reason to stay 
away from the Palomar unit? Should I save my bucks for the KIWA MW loop?
I don't need the portability of the KIWA Pocket Loop, but if its performance
is comparable to the Palomar maybe it would be an option?

Any and all opinions and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

Mark Mohrmann
Coventry, Vt. USA
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