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[HCDX]: TFW 47 1/3

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright 1997 - 1998  Part  1
Year 3 - New Year Special Issue - Rome, 01  January  1998
QTH:  (my new address soon)
PHONE: +39 6 5126255 
FAX: +39 6 5126262
E-MAIL: g.serra@xxxxxx
The Four Winds on Line  - Copyright 1997 - 1998 Newsletter edited by 
Giovanni Serra, Rome - Italy.
                             TFW on Line Policy
1) TFW on Line covers only the SW Broadcasting  Specrum.
2) Subscription rate:  as a non  commercial newsletter, 
    there is no fee to subscribe TFW on Line.
3) TFW on Line is distributed to Individuals, DX Editors,
    Clubs and Organizations, asking for the reciprocal exchange of  
    DX Bulletins and / or contributions.
4) Excerpts may be reprinted,translated, e-mailed and / or 
    transmitted with appropriate credit, unless Copyright indicated.
5) Not to be redistributed or reposted without permission. 
6) Suggestions and ideas are welcome. 
7) If you no longer wish to receive TFW on Line  please, 
    drop me a line.   
loggings in order of  time;  frequencies in kHz;  times UTC;  
ham codes as usual;  Reporting  signal quality: Loc  = local 
signal; E = excellent; G = good;  F = fair; P = poor; 
VP = very poor;  A = avoid.  (also in SINPO or SIO code)

A.I.R. DX MEETING - Next A.I..R. (Associazione Italiana Radioascolto) DX
Meeting will be held here in Italy on May 1, 2 and 3 1998 in Sirolo,
Marche Region. More news soon. (M.Ossidi, Comitato organizzatore Sirolo
1998, via letter)


FROM THE EDITOR - Radiolistening here at  my QTH in Roma is disturbed by
some zack, zack, zzzaack round the clock, caused by Christmas lights, so
I prefer to listen FM radios, watching TV and collecting your tips
during this period ...... btw, collecting stamps from all over the world
? Here two useful addresses:  1)  Azienda Filatelica di San Marino,
Casella Postale 1  -  47890,  Repubblica di San Marino (Europe)   2) 
Governatorato, Ufficio Filatelico - 00120, Città del Vaticano (Europe).
IS A  MAGIC HOBBY !!!    HAPPY NEW YEAR 1998  TO ALL !!---Gianni Serra

HORACIO A. NIGRO - INTERNET NEWS: Two interesting articles re. the
history of our hobby: "The International Radio Week Tests" (remember the
legendary "Silent Nights" and transatlantic receiving tests in the mid
20's), and "Extraterrestrial DX Circa 1924: "Will we talk to Mars in
August?", both written by Thomas H. White, are found at his website on
"U.S. Early Radio History" at <
http://www.ipass.net/~whitetho/index.htm/ >

Thank you  for all our Contributors !

BOB HILL, Littleton, MA, USA via e-mail   RX: Sony ICF-2010 with Kiwa
filters  - an old Radio West ferrite loop ANT: a dipole about 75 meters
long and about 12 meters high
BOB MONTGOMERY, USA  via e-mail  RX: R388, NRD525   ANT.: with DX Pro 1
active antenna  Welcome !
BRUNO PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy  for Radiorama-Pirate News
December # 4    via e - mail    RX:  Kenwood  R-5000 - Yaesu FRT-7700 
ANT:  15 meters LW - 12 meters dipole - loop & Daiwa AF - 606K filter < 
http://www.arpnet.it/~air/welcome.htm > <  http://www.radiorama.it >
CHARLES BOLLAND, Lake Worth FL, USA  via e-mail  RX:  ANT.:  Welcome !
DAVID CLARK (DMC), Thornhill, Ontario, Canada via e-mail    RX    Drake
R8 / JRC NRD-515  with Sherwood SE-3  ANT.: -   Carolina Beam +  JPS
ANC-4 noise phaser
DAVID  J. VALKO,  USA for Dunlo DX News via e-mail   RX: JRC NRD-535D -
Collins R-388     ANT.: 33 meter (NE-SW) Longwire "T"
FLAVIO GOLZIO, Italy for Gatflash! #  112  via e-mail  --- CO.RAD. web
page: < http://www.net4u.it/ari/corad.htm >
GLENN HAUSER ( GH ), Enid OK,  USA  for  SW/DX Report 97-26, Dec 18 1997
and 97-27, Dec 23, 1997 via e-mail < http://www.grove.net/~ghauser/ > <
http://www.hotmail.com >
HORACIO A. NIGRO, Montevideo,Uruguay via e-mail   RX: Grundig YB400  
ANT.:   randomwire 25m long 
MARIE LAMB, Brewerton NY - USA  via e-mail  DX-ing with Cumbre     <
http://www.whri.com >  or  < http://www.kwhr.com >
MARK J. FINE,  Remington, Virginia, USA  via e-mail    < 
http://www.crosslink.net/~mfine/  > RX: Drake R8A   ANT.: 66' longwire
that slopes slightly southeast 
MARK VELDHUIS, Borne, The Netherlands via e-mail    RX: AOR AR7030 - JRC
NRD-535 - Lowe HF-150 -Sony ICF-SW7600G   ANT: Appr. 20 meter longwire +
MLB and RF Systems SP-2 antenna splitter
MICHIEL SCHAAY,  Doorn, The Netherlands  via e-mail   RX: AOR AR7030  
ANT.: RF-Systems T2FD and MK1
NICOLAS ERAMO, Buenos Aires, Argentina  via e-mail     RX: SONY ICF
2010  ANT..  Longwire 15 mts   RX:  SONY ICF- SW 7600G ANT.: Longwire 25
mts + Aurora Impedance matcher
PEDRO ARRUNATEGUI, Lima, Peru   for Casqui DX #  108 via e-mail    RX:
Icom IC-R 71 E    ANT:   42 meters dipole
PIET PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands  via e-mail    RX: Lowe
HF225E     ANT.:   20 meters longwire.
RADIO SAN MARINO INTERNATIONAL,  mobile tx in San Marino Republic
territory  via e-mail   web page < http://www.exactweb.com/RSMI >
TAKAYUKI INOUE NOZAKI  (TIN) , Tokyo, Japan  for Relampago Dx  20
December 1997  via e-mail  
THOMAS R. SUNDSTROM, Vincentown,  NJ, USA ( via e - mail )  RX: JRC NRD
535  - Lowe HF-150    ANT: 100m inverted-L, top about 30m off the ground
(for NRD 525 ) - 25m wire running vertically into the top of a tree (
for Lowe HF-150 ) TRS Consultants < http://www.trsc.com >  <
Contributing Editor, Radio Netherlands' < http://www.rnw.nl > Media
Network> <Contributing Editor, "Radio and Communications", ACP Syme
Magazines < http://www.trsc.com/rc_aus.html > < Contributing Editor,
Radio, Suite 101 < http://www.suite101.com >
ZACHARIAS LIANGAS, Thessalloniki, Greece (via e-mail)   RX:  Lowe HF 150
- Philips 2935 - Sony ICF 7600 D   ANT:  6 meters sloper  ATU hand made 
- 11 m hor ( for 40 m - 60 m ) - 6 m antenna tilted upward   < 
http://www.compulink.gr/Users/zliangas/central.htm  ><
http://www.clandjop.com/~jcruzan/greek-p.html  > (mirrored for greek
pirate radio )

SW TIPS    (TIME - Freq. - Country)

0005- 4815- BURKINA FASO- RDiff  Burkine (Tent), 0005, 21 Dec , OM
closing program , QRM from CRI in russian , 32332 ---LIANGAS,
Thessalloniki, Greece

0018- 6811.3- PERU- Radio Ondas del Río Mayo, Nueva Cajamarca,  00.18 -
00.29 Spanish, Musical Program, Man Announcer, ID ".....un saludo a
todos los oyentes a través de las Ondas del Río Mayo..."  "atención,
atencion toda la cuenca del Alto Mayo..." SINPO 23342 December 23, 1997
---ERAMO, Buenos Aires, Argentina

0025- 7185- MYANMAR- R Myanmar, Yangon,  0025-0050 Dec 7, amazingly
strong OC at tune-in, instrumental startup at *0030 to opening anmts by
woman 0037-38, then Burmese instrumental/vocal music resumed. Fair and
clear to 0045 when audio level dropped like a stone (about 50 mins after
xmtr SR), still detectable at very low level at tune-out. My first
definitive log after years of trying - thnx to Bob Hill's several tips
about this. Vy quiet geomag field surely helped; Tony Ward confirmed
signal was best on his 20 degree antenna, indicating SP over the auroral
zone. *  0030-0333 Dec 8, moderate strength carrier but only marginal
audio as compared with prior day. Shorter instrumental theme to 0031:30
opening anmt, then talk instead of music pgme.  *  0046-0055 Dec 13,
fair w/talk by woman at tune-in, then Burmese vocal. Near fadeout by
0055.  *  0015-0034 Dec 14, strong OC already on at 0015; tone at 0024
0025, then OC again; seemingly an early false start w/instrumental theme
briefly at 0027, which then started normally at *0030. Opening by woman
at 0031, then domestic choral at disappointingly weak level; woman again
at 0033. Although audio levels don't match the carrier levels showing
before/at s/on time, consistency of showings certainly suggests
something as been improved at the transmitter site. ---CLARK ,
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

0035- 5025- PERU- Radio Quillabamba, Quillabamba, 00.35 ? 00.45 
Spanish, Man and Female announcer , Religious Music (chants) 
"......hace 25 años hemos iniciado este compromiso.......Radio
Quillabamba ...... de comunicación social" SINPO 24332 December 15, 1997
---ERAMO, Buenos Aires, Argentina

0038- 6725.5- PERU- Radio Satélite, Santa Cruz, 00.38 - 00.44  Spanish,
Man Announcer, Comunicados and Music, Advertsiments, ID "....Radio
Satelite....en esta provincia de Santa Cruz,,;" SINPO 24332, December
23, 1997 ---ERAMO, Buenos Aires, Argentina

0050- 4935- PERU- R. Tropical, Tarapoto, San Martin; 9/12 0050-0118
33333 ID "A seguir gozando por Radio Tropical.." px deportivo advs ID
Por Radio Tropical.."mx ---ARRUNATEGUI, Lima, Peru   for Casqui DX # 

0050- 5305- PERU- R. La Imaculada, Santa Cruz, Cajamarca; 12/12
0050-0115 33333 mx moderna, salsa ID "Desde el departamento de
Cajamarca, provincia de Santa Cruz, transmite para toda la region Radio
La Imaculada" advs ID "Atencion, 24 horas del dia" ---ARRUNATEGUI, Lima,
Peru   for Casqui DX #  108

0104- 6203.5- PERU- Radio Cusco, Cusco,  01.04  -01.15 Spanish, Man
Announcer, Musical Program and Coments, time checks "ocho de la noche
con diez minutos" ID ".....de Cusco para todo el Perú...Radio Cusco"
SINPO 22222, December 23, 1997 ---ERAMO, Buenos Aires, Argentina

0104- 4879.2- BANGLADESH- Bangladesh Betar; Kabirpur, December 23,
0104-0109, Female speaker with presumed news in Bengali, frequent
mention of Bangladesh, ID at 0106 UTC. Listened in LSB to avoid strong
number-station on 4880 kHz. 24333  ---VELDHUIS, Borne, The Netherlands

0110- 4940- SRI LANKA- SLBC; Ekala, December 23, 0110-0117, Male speaker
in English giving address, advertisements, mention of frequencies and ID
as: "you are tuned to the Sri Lanka Commercial Service". 34343 
---VELDHUIS, Borne, The Netherlands 

0132- 4895- INDIA- AIR Kurseong,  0132 Dec 11, sub-continental vocal at
weak level and near fadeout. Same time, Hyderabad-4800 fair (using USB)
with presumed Hindi news by woman. Thiru'puram-5010 was very strong.
---CLARK , Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

0135- 4485.2- PERU- R. Frecuencia VH, Celendin, Cajamarca; 8/12
0135-0206 33333 mxf px avisos y comunicados ID "Por Radio Frecuencia VH,
desde Celendin..." ---ARRUNATEGUI, Lima, Peru   for Casqui DX #  108

0153- 21610- JAPAN-  R. Japan  0153  English ID amid mailbag program by
man and woman; poor/fair. Later, found 19M wide open to Europe and the
Middle East around 0600. Encouraging signs that the sunspots are indeed
finally coming back! ---HILL, Littleton, MA, USA, Dec. 27)

0213- 7110- INDIA- AIR, Delhi  *0213  "Song of India," then nothing more
audible; very poor. This is supposed to be a feeder service. ---HILL,
Littleton, MA, USA, Dec. 27)

0215- 5952.4- BOLIVIA- Tent R. Pio XII, Siglo XXI 8/12 0215-0236 44444
hablan en dialecto, mx en castellano, luego a las 0234 se perdio la
senal. ---ARRUNATEGUI, Lima, Peru   for Casqui DX #  108

0245- 9965- ARMENIA- The Voice of Armenia was oberved in Spanish at
02.45 - 03.15 ---ERAMO, Buenos Aires, Argentina

0257- 4835- GUATEMALA- Radio Tezulutlan; Coban, December 20, 0257, Just
tuned to frequency and heard for about 10 seconds Marimba music when a
carrier on 4834 cut off the signal abruptly. Carrier was gone around
0304, leaving bubble-jammer and faint traces of music. ---PIJPERS,
Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands 

0300- 6950- PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA- Free Radio Info (Germany) via R.
Cochiguaz in LSB,  0300-0345, fair sig with mostly unreadable contents 
(music and speech). I presumed they were overmodulated. ---NIGRO,
Montevideo,Uruguay Dec 26)

0330- 5047- TOGO- R.Togo, 0330, Hi-life Afro mx. Good signal and on at
this odd time for the Christmas holiday no doubt. It has done this
during past Christmas'. ---VALKO,  USA / Dunlo DX News 25 Dec.) 

0340- 3330- ZAMBIA- R. Christian Voice, 0340-0408, Soul and Dance mx. M
anncr in EG at 0354. Rel. Christmas prayer by W at 0401. Played Gospel
song "Movin' on Up" (used as a theme song for TV sitcom "The
Jeffersons") rewritten for Christian Voice w/one line as: "the Christian
Voice is gonna wake you up"!!! Fairly strong and hrd under hammering
CHU. Best in LSB - CHU time ticks no audible in LSB. Wouldn've been 100%
copy if not for CHU. ---VALKO,  USA / Dunlo DX News 25 Dec.) 

0345- 15167.32- TAHITI- RFO Papeete, 0345-0455 Dec 11, audio fading in
at tune in with talk by man in Tahitian; music bridge at 0355 followed
by woman in both FF & Tahitian and played theme of 'What A Friend we
have in Jesus' at 0359. Talk by man and woman in FF at 0400+ as audio
gradually built towards 0423 xmtr SS to surprisingly readable fair-good
level in spite of the background growl of the transmitter. Talk by woman
clearly in Tahitian at 0415. Weakening again after 0440 and just poor
with fades by 0450. Thnx Tony Ward phone tip. ---CLARK , Thornhill,
Ontario, Canada

0518- 6250- EQUATORIAL GUINEA- Radio Nacional: Malabo, December 19,
0518-0538, Talk in Spanish, merry sounding local music and a
newsbulletin. ID. Utility qrm and the ubiquitous sounds of jamming, so
familiar nowadays. Poor to fair. 34332. ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The

0545- 4930- HONDURAS- Radio Internacional, S. Pedro Sula, December 21,
0545-0555*, Nice vintage romantic LA music, but signal plagued by
Utility qrm. Identification and sign off. 23332  ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d
Rijn, The Netherlands 

0555- 4815- BURKINA FASO- Radiodiffusion TV Burkina; Ouagadougou,
December 19, 0555-0605, Non-stop local music with ID and news at 0601.
All this in French. 35332. ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

0601- 9809.93- KIRIBATI- R Kiribati,  0601-0615 Dec 6, woman with local
news in EE instead of usual R Australia off-air relay. Quite good
signal.  *  0056 0605 Dec 7, religious-sounding island chorals to 0601,
brief anmt by woman and chorals cont'd - no news, possibly because it
was Sunday. Fair and clear signal. USB freq slightly higher on 9809.98 
*  0458 0620 Dec 11, back to usual 9809.95 with opening fanfare and ID's
by woman, local news in I-Kiribati at 0500-0512. Terrific peak to very
good level circa 0530 (about 50 mins before xmtr SS) with island vocals.
Pop oldie ending 0600:15, then cutover to R Australia news, including
item concerning PNG constitutional amendment to keep Bougainville
transitional govt and the peace agreement intact. Back to female anncr
for local news in EE, 0610-0618. Christmas theme followed, including
greetings to listeners. Good signal cont'd past 0630. ---CLARK ,
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

0610- 5025- BENIN- ORTB: Parakou, December 19, 0610, Male in French with
news, Radio Rebelde interfering somewhat. Not much of a signal.
Presumed. 23322. ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

0620- 5003.45- EQUATORIAL GUINEA- R Nacional, Bata,  0620-0625 Dec 6,
very low level audio of talk by man, although carrier strength was good.
Seems very irregular. Same time, Malabo outlet on 6250.3 was good w/talk
in SS. ---CLARK , Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

0650- 4960- VANUATU- R Vanuatu, Vila,  0650-0835 Dec 6, mix of
island/pop songs, talk segments variously in French, Bislama and
English, from fade-in to very good xmtr SS peak circa 0705-0730.
Thereafter, fair and steady signal at somewhat lower level. Woman with
news in EE at 0800 followed by long bridge of Vanuatu drums. Only active
channel throughout 3945 and 7260 both silent; their two 10 kW
transmitters may be lashed together.  *  0655 0715 Dec 7, again on this
freq only, fair but choppy signal and not as good as previous day. Drums
briefly at 0700, anmt by man and into island vocal. ---CLARK ,
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

0715- 4890- PAPUA NEW GUINEA- NBC, Port Moresby,  0715 Dec 7, already on
this freq instead of 9675 and already quite good signal, about 1 hr
ahead of xmtr SS. Male anncr in EE with modern pop tunes. ---CLARK ,
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

0748- 4960 UNID- Unid R., 24/12, 07:48, presumed to be Radio Vanuatu,
Malapoa. Flute fragment,  female speaker and lots of songs. Maybe these
were Christmas songs,  but the signal was generally too weak to
recognize any of them. Fading out at  07.57 UTC. SINPO 14331.
---SCHAAY,  Doorn, The Netherlands

0755- 15295- MALAYSIA- V of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur,  0755-0832 Dec 11,
woman anncr in EE, orchestral music w/choral singing 0757, time signal
and news by man to 0809:30 "that ends the news". Domestic pop-oriented
vocal to 0811 and into talk by woman, then further pop tunes. Closing ID
anmts for EE service with freqs at 0828. Pause at 0829-30 when woman
opened with ID in Bahasa Malaysia service bracketed by fanfare, further
brief anmt by man and into talk by woman at 0832. Fair-good signal, 1st
time in some years for me on this freq; //9749.97 also noted poor-fair,
depending on severity of adjacent channel slop. Not detected on 6175
kHz. ---CLARK , Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

0825- 3934- PIRATE EUROPE- Unid 25/12,  Mx,comedy in Dutch  23222
---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama Pirate News Dec # 4

0828- 5805- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Free London 25/12,  Pop-rock mx,ID in E 
33333 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama Pirate News Dec
# 4

0830- 6219- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser hot Hits 25/12,  Rock mx,px in E  23322
---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama Pirate News Dec # 4

0832- 6299- PIRATE EUROPE- Farmers from Holland 25/12,  Dutch&dance
mx,ID in Dutch  33333 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama
Pirate News Dec # 4

0834- 9675- PAPUA NEW GUINEA- NBC, Port Moresby,  0834-0836 Dec 11,
running later than usual with powerhouse signal on this freq - Bony M
song, ID as "Karai National Radio" at 0836. Male anncr cited upcoming
NBC national news and stated pgme would run until "12 midnight tonight"
- ie. 1400 UT.  *  0815 Dec 11, running late here again (new sked-?)
with TC by woman in EE. Very strong. ---CLARK , Thornhill, Ontario,

0836- 5805- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Free London 26/12, Rock-pop mx,ID in E 
23332 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama Pirate News Dec
# 4

0838- 6250- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Driland 25/12,  Pop mx,ID in G(tent.) 
22232 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama Pirate News Dec
# 4

0838- 6219- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits 26/12, Pop-dance mx,px in E 
32332 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy / Radiorama Pirate News Dec
# 4

0840- 6236- PIRATE EUROPE- Britain R.Int. 25/12,  Xmas songs,ID in
E,Rueil box(//7360) 23222 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /
Radiorama Pirate News Dec # 4
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