[HCDX]: Ollie North + WFAN + more
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[HCDX]: Ollie North + WFAN + more

As many have noticed conditions over the Atlantic have been
extremely good both ways.

I have a few questions:

1: Ollie North show - anyone got a list of affiliate stations?
2: Heard sport mentioned as "WFAN network" on 1050 (which is WEVD)
    but which station on 1440 rebroadcasts this? WJAE(B)??
3: Heard an ID on 1350, "...on 13-50 KRO...". I have no idea!
    Reception was clear so I am pretty sure about those letters!
4: Heard a station on 1550 kHz that felt like eastern US.
    SS uptempo with mention of "TROPICAL PANAMA" and "Radio Movima"
    or similar sounding ID.

Happy new year to you all!
...and thanks in advance!

Dick Gustavsson, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
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