Re: [HCDX]: 1650 correction
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Re: [HCDX]: 1650 correction

On Tue, 30 Dec 1997 08:27:36 -0600 "Charles P. Crawford"
<ccrawford@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>Station call on 1650 probably KGSL! Announces 1260 KGIL and 1650 KGSL
>I was up early this morning and caught the 1650 bx. I heard the KGIL 
>ID for
>sure, thanks for the help with KGSL call sign.
>Seems they were playing old movie music??
>Definitly had an ad for an old movie running somewhere in their area.

At the time I heard them (0825-0900+ UTC) this morning, they were playing
a mix of opera and Broadway show tunes.  Dual ID of KGIL and KGXL.


J.D. Stephens
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