Re: [HCDX]: The MW Band is Rockin'!
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Re: [HCDX]: The MW Band is Rockin'!

>The good cx are not over.  Not much from Norway tonight but everyone
>else is trying to make up for it.  Spain is booming including not 
>common freqs such as 819, 1071 etc.  Strong Arabic on 594 is not often
>heard Morocco //207, 774 has Spain/Egypt fighting it out with
>Morocco behind.  Weak carrier on 1493 likely Ivory Coast.  How long
>can this possibly last?

I'm afraid the good TA cx have died in British Columbia.  After the earliest
audio ever from 1314 kHz (at 2205UT 29 Dec, over two hours before local
sunset), and tentative signals (carriers at 65 degrees) from Senegal-765 and
Mauritania-1349 between 0000 and 0100UT on 30 Dec, the band started to die,
and after 0400UT even 1314 had faded to nearly nothing.

Nothing at all this evening (31 Dec UTC). That A-index of 15 is having its

Interesting note:  almost all TA  signals on 30 Dec seemed to be from 45 to
50 degrees (including 1314 kHz),  which indicates some skewing of the signal

best wishes for 1998,


Nick Hall-Patch
Victoria, B.C.

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