[HCDX]: Hauser's SW/DX Dec 31
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[HCDX]: Hauser's SW/DX Dec 31


[items from these reports may be reproduced and re-reproduced
ONLY providing full credit be maintained at all stages]

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 923. Radio Shack discounts DX-398;
extraordinary MW, SW and VHF propagation; Argentina 1620 first
heard in Hawaii; recordings of 4290 and 25950; Oromo's unique
way to broadcast daily; Ramadan stations on FM in Britain; 
Weiner gets a CP for SW from Maine; and much more, including
many of the items below (Hauser)

WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 23 has been distributed to stations, and
may be released soon: features SW DX recordings by Mahendra
Vaghjee, Mauritius, concerning Angola, Congo, Rwanda, Mozambique,
Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Iran, Nepal--some clandestine, some in
English; and a R. Freedom/ANC CD (Hauser)

ARMENIA. I hate to be repetitive, but as long as V. of Armenia
continues to claim English is at 2145 on 9965, and actually run
it at 2115, it's worthy of note. This was still the case on Dec
29 check; BTW, CRI is also on 9965 until 2127* (Glenn Hauser, OK)

AUSTRALIA. RA sent a revised frequency guide as of Dec 22, with
these broadcasts to Asia marked as those which may be heard in
Europe: 1330-1700 11660, 1430-2200 9500, 2130-2300 11695 (Hauser,

COSTA RICA. Continent of Media, my monthly supplement to World
of Radio, aired weekly on RFPI only, has a new time for the 
first quarter, starting Jan 2--Fri 1930, Sat 0330, 1030, that
is just preceding World of Radio. However, the Jan edition will
not start until the 9th. For the time being, subject to change, the
previous time of Wed 2300, Thu 0700 also continues (Glenn Hauser, OK)

ECUADOR. Thanks to Ken MacHarg who upon my request belatedly
acknowleged on HCJB DX Partyline Dec 27 the source of the Liberia
item he used 3 weeks earlier; but he could not bring himself to
mention my name. For the record, here is what he said verbatim,
as closely as I could copy it:

"By the way, I need to mention that a couple weeks ago on the
program we had an item on, about Liberia, and I neglected to
mention that that item came from EDXP from an article in the 
Detroit News, also broadcast by World of Radio. And to those who
might think that as someone said that I took the words of that
right out of someone's mouth-- I wouldn't do that. Taking words
out of someone's mouth is unsanitary." Har, har (Glenn Hauser)

ITALY. NEXUS/IBA or IRRS/SW says it may be difficult to survive
in 1998 with the Italian PTT imposing a $15,000 licensing fee 
on this private, noncommercial operation. Those who can help 
are asked to E-mail info@xxxxxxxxx  Also, on too-short notice,
IRRS ran a Christmas one-hour special Two Bobs reunion, which
is supposed to continue available in RealAudio via
http://www.nexus.org/IRN but Pete Costello says error message
19 appeared (Glenn Hauser, RIB and WORLD OF RADIO 923, with
info from NEXUS via Rachel Baughn, Monitoring Times)

MEXICO. Follow-up to my last report on the 4290 station, which,
to my astonishment, some "DX" editors thought unworthy of note,
but others asked special permission to use--  I continue to hear
this every morning, from sign on a few minutes before 1200 until
fade around 1330. At least on weekdays, the Monitor news show
out of Mexico City does not have a local ID on the hour, and
break times for local ads and ID vary. Dec 24 at 1221 and Dec 26
at 1313, I was able to tape definite ID as "XESHT, R. Joya de
Saltillo [Coahuila], 14-30 en AM, mil watts de potencia, de 6 a
24 horas." At times it's strong enough to follow the rather in-
depth news reports on major Mexican stories. I urge other DXers
NOT to attempt to QSL this or contact the station, as that
could be extremely counterproductive, resulting in elimination
of this third harmonic (Glenn Hauser, OK, RIB and WOR 923)

NETHERLANDS/ROMANIA. RN, Bonaire, English to NAm at 0430, has
French interference after 0500 (George Thurman, TX, Dec 29) It's
R. Rumanie Internationale, per ID on his tape at 0530; and this
is in their current sked, for Canada, not Europe (Glenn Hauser,

NEW ZEALAND. RNZI advises that from Jan 3, new frequency is 17675 
replacing most of the usage of 15115. But the schedule is 
contradictory and has a gap in it: "15115 1951-2050 Sun-Fri,
1859-2155 Sat. 17675 2156-0458 Sun-Thu, 2205-0458 Fri-Sat"
(Glenn Hauser, and WORLD OF RADIO 923)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA. NBC Port Moresby has been testing two new
frequencies, as heard and announced, 11880 at 2200-0730, 3925
at 0730-2200; after 1000 NSB Japan is on top (Chris Hambly,
Australia, Dec 28 via Hauser) 11880 is impossible at 2200 with
Spain and something else--Italy?--there; and don't forget that
Australia also uses 11880 extensively. When I checked Dec 30
at 1208 NBC was back on 4890, with ID amid music "Voice of PNG"
using the abbreviation. Chris agrees they are back on 4890, but 
still not on 9675, so maybe keeping 11880 as of Dec 31 (Glenn 
Hauser, OK, and WORLD OF RADIO 923)

PERU. 5385 has a weak station heard since Dec 14, and not IDed
until Dec 19. It's R. Guarnica, in Guarnaca; Andean and tropical
dance music, mentions of Chiclayo, heard only at night, 0045-
0142 (Fernando Viloria, Venezuela, WORLD OF RADIO 923) He
consistently spells the station and town names differently, as
above (gh)

RUSSIA. V. of Russia World Service in English has been announcing 
that from Jan 1, it's no longer 24 hpd, but 16--and the hours cut 
include 2200-0200, which had been prime listening time in NAm!--
especially good on 7125. The other gap is at 1000-1400 (Roger 
Tidy, Edwin Southwell, Ivan Grishin, RIB and WORLD OF RADIO 923)

SAN MARINO [non?]. Regarding allegations that R. San Marino Int'l 
is really from Mainz, Germany-- The station itself gives the 
address P O Box 41 11 31, 55068 Mainz as an alternative to c/o 
Play-DX, according to a QSL certificate reproduced in the Dec 15 
Play-DX. Perhaps that is the source of the doubt; however,
addresses are totally inconclusive, but so are RSMI's claims to
be from San Marino. That's the trouble with pirates (Glenn 

SWITZERLAND. Following up the previous report that "all" SW from
here would cease in 1998, we asked Bob Zanotti for further info,
and this is his reply: The main directional station at
Schwarzenburg will be closed at the end of March. However, the 
500 kW directional transmitter at Sottens will remain in 
operation. The omni at Lenk will close in October. Because SRI
will no longer be able to fulfill its part of the time-swap
agreement with CRI as a result, our relays via China will end as
of Oct, and will shift to Singapore. Transmissions from 
Switzerland that will end as a result of the closure of
Schwarzenburg and Lenk will be shifted to Germany. That is the
plan as of Dec 18. The reason for closing Schwarzenburg is 
environmental protest, fears of cancer by local residents. 
Swisscom is also closing Lenk in anticipation of growing protest

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