[HCDX]: Fw: [BDXC-UK] Sunrise on 5840
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[HCDX]: Fw: [BDXC-UK] Sunrise on 5840

> Van: Dave Kenny <100437.173@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Aan: BDXC-news <bdxc-news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Onderwerp: [BDXC-UK] Sunrise on 5840
> Datum: zondag 22 maart 1998 16:35
> DX Information from the British DX Club.
> Sunrise Radio booming in right now on 5840 kHz (1525 UTC on Sunday). It
> in parallel with mediumwave 1548 but with a satellite  delay on the
> shortwave signal. Thank to Ray Woodward for the tip about this. Clearly
> tests have been extended as I was told during last week that they were
> taking place on 18th/19th March.      Dave Kenny
> Permission is hereby granted to reproduce the above information, provided
> full credit is given to the original contributor AND to the British DX
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