[HCDX]: Sunrise Radio 5840 kHz logged in NZ
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[HCDX]: Sunrise Radio 5840 kHz logged in NZ

Hi all

Sunrise Radio was booming in here in Wellington this morning
on 5840 kHz, 16:15 UTC, with Asian pops, traffic reports
for the M25 motorway, London Undergound commuter reports
and plenty of ads for South London businesses.

Was blocked or replaced by TWR from 17:00 till 17:30, but
then clear again. Was still faintly audible at 20:40.

What is the background to this transmission? I gather
from some other messages its a test? From where?

Does anyone have an address for reports? (or is the
address for the AM outlet shown in the WRTH the
one to use?)


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