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ZANZIBAR Radio Tanzania Zanzibar 11734 Prepared card and pen pal 
letter in 23 days. Signer was Ali Bakari Muombwa.  Original report 
was sent to P.O. Box 1178 but reply address was P.O. Box 2068.  I 
enclosed $2 US.  I sent to the letter to Mr. Muombwa in care of the 
station because other DXers have received replies from him.  I 
suspect that Mr. Muombwa may have intercepted reception reports 
before they actually reach the station. (Harms-MD)

GUINEA Radiodiffusion Television Guinéenne 9650 and 7125.  Three 
"thank you for your report" cards from Seny Camara, DGR/PTT, BP 33-22 
Conakry, Guinea in 28 days. This was for their test transmission. 
Mentioned that the power of the transmitter was 50 kW. (Harms-MD)

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