[HCDX]: QSL Signer Database
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[HCDX]: QSL Signer Database

Although the prime thrust of HCDX is for shortwave information, I would
like to pass along the following for the benefit of those HCDXers who
enjoy DXing and collecting QSLs from AM Broadcast Band (mediumwave)

I have been maintaining a database of QSL information for AM Broadcast
Band stations over the last couple of years.  Currently, I have almost
1000 records for stations that have responded to DXers' reception
reports, and have assembled this information from various sources
worldwide, including my own QSL collection.

Although the majority of the information is from stations in the United
States, Canada, and Mexico, I also have some QSL information concerning
stations in other parts of the World.

Information maintained in the database for each station includes:

1) Callsign,

2) Frequency,

3) Name and job title of the person who signed the verification,

4) Station address,

5) Date the QSL was reported,

6) Source of this information, and 

7) Type of response sent by the station (QSL card or letter).

I will be happy to search the database for any information that would
help other DXers in their pursuit of QSLs from AM BCB/mediuwave stations.

If you are looking for the names of verification signers for such
stations, feel free to send me your request to:  jdstephens@xxxxxxxx

Also, I would be very grateful to receive any info from others on the
list concerning the AM BCB/mediumwave QSLs they receive.  Please include
the aformentioned information about your QSL when you send an item.


J.D. Stephens

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