Re: [HCDX]: R. Tanzania Zanzibar
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Re: [HCDX]: R. Tanzania Zanzibar

Hi Paul!

>Re: the Tanzania-Zanzibar QSL thingy, try this Guido:
>Another way is to rip the stamps in two and join them so there is no doubt
>that they are mint, but also that the stamps are torn and no use in

Interesting, that most DXers think, that their letters could be stolen from
stamp-collectors. I believe, that a letter has no chance to come through,
when people think, that there is money inside the letter! Greenstamps are
the object of desire, not the stamps on the envelope!

Concerning reports to Zanzibar: I think, that QSL was the bait they throw
out from time to time, to ensure a steady flow of cash into the
verie-signers private pocket. I've sent half a dozen reports during the last
25 years to them, but finally I've learned that lesson...


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