[HCDX]: Pirate Pages (PiPa) #214
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[HCDX]: Pirate Pages (PiPa) #214

Howdy all & welcome to PiPa#214! (This is just the cover sheet, PiPa #214
should either be an attached file to this or should follow right after my
own greetings & name). 

Clandestine Radio Watch (CRW) is a biweekly report which centralizes
the latest news and developments affecting the study of clandestine
radio in an easy-to-read format. Editions are published around 2000
UTC Thursdays through e-mail and are posted on the two web pages given
below within 24 hours.
Nick Grace C.	: yb0rmi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Martin Schoech	: schoech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CRW can also be accessed on-line at:
and soon to be mirrored on the Clandestine Radio Intel web:
<--Unfortunately, I don't have enough space to send everyone a copy of the
first issue. However, this is a must-subscribe for anyone interested in
clandestine radio! Send Nick or Martin an e-mail if you want to be on their
e-mail list.  Andrew

Sorry this is SO LATE! I've been too busy to keep up with everything lately!

Wow, there's been lotsa activity lately! I went to the East Coast Micro
Convention over the first weekend of April and had a great time. A bunch of
different stations were represented including Radio Mutiny, Steal This
Radio, Radio Dumbo, Radio Free Williamsburg, 87X, Radio Free Allston, Free
Radio Gainesville, Iowa City Free Radio, and even the ex-shortwave Voice of
Oz! I'm sure that others were there, too, but these are the people that I
met. Interesting and neat, but it's tough to say if any of these stations
will ever put out anything that we can listen to (i.e., shortwave). See
below for info on the Midwestern Radio COnference, which is in its embryonic
planning stage. This one is planned to be a listening AND broadacsting
conference, so there should be some overlap between FM and SW pirates there...

PiPa #214   POB 840             4/17/98
      Mont Alto, PA 17237

PiPa #214 contains logs from FRW #115/116 + some more

CHRIS LOBDELL?S NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS: Just a reminder that Chris? e-mail
address has changed to: clobdell@xxxxxxxxxxxx

A MIDWEST SWL GET-TOGETHER?: Tom Sevart passes along word that a few
midwesterners are thinking of organizing a sort of SWL/pirate get-together
somewhere in the midwest, possible Wichita, Kansas City, Tulsa, Lincoln NE
or Omaha NE. Or this event could be a SWL/pirate ?DXpedition? at a lake
somewhere in the midwest. Anybody who is interested, or has suggestions, is
requested to provide their input as to what type of event they?d like to
attend to Tom via e-mail. Tom?s e-mail address is: tmsevart@xxxxxxxxxxxx 

THE ?EVE OF DESTRUCTION STATION?: Jerry Coatsworth, the Merlin maildrop
operator, pass along word that he has been contacted by the individual
responsible for the ?Eve of Destruction? station. If you want a QSL, send
your reports to Box 293, Merlin, Ontario, CANADA N0P 1W0 

Joe Filipkowski, operator of the Providence maildrop, confirms that new
stations WUNH and KORN are indeed using Box 28413, Providence, RI, 02908. 

The April Fool?s Holiday was once again observed by the reappearance of
XEROX/RADIO DUPLICADO for it?s sixth season. Overall, activity was brisk
with many stations taking to the air.

6955 U 3-22 2102-2136+ Replay of recent program.(333 Filipkowski-RI)(454
Majewski-CT)(353 Silvi-OH)(Gd Demsky,ME)(131 Hassig,IL)
6955U 03-28 *2001-2046* Mx; Black Sabbath & Ozzy [344 Filipkowski-RI][353
Silvi-OH][353 Majewski-CT][433 Coatsworth-ON](Gd Demsky,RI)

6955 U 3-24 0031-0100* Playing 60s oldies by Jefferson Airplane, Strawberry
Alarm Clock and Donovan while getting his truck loaded in WV (gd
Wolfish-ON)(454 Majewski-CT)(McArdle-OK)(253 Silvi-OH)(444 Jurrens-TX)(f/gd
6955 U 3-27 *0030-0103 Remake of Frank Mills? ?Music Box Dancer? (with
lyrics) and alternate versions of other songs like ?Stairway To Heaven? sung
by Pat Boone. (241 Crawford-KY)(343 Kusalik-AB)(353 Silvi-OH)[253
Frodge-MI](444 AY,PA)(fair Demsky,ME)
6955U 03-28 2206-2327* ?King of the Road? etc, included Laser Hot Hits relay
[fair Axelrod-MB](fair Demsky,ME)[fair Russell-MI][433 Majewski-CT][333

6955 U 3-22 2249-2254 Replay of ?Sound of Thunder? program. (444
Filipkowski-RI)(GD Demsky,ME)
6955U 03-28 0300-0322* ?Sound Of Thunder? Radio Drama replay. [344
Filipkowski-RI][poor Wolfish-ON][333 Majewski-CT](433 AY,PA)(fair Demsky,ME)

6955U 03-29 1955-2000* Usual format of dirty words; logged via the WWW at
the radio website in Syracuse, NY [Wolfish-ON] That?s cheating! :o) [353
Majewski-CT][333 Coatsworth-ON](Fair Demsky,ME)

6955 U 3-22 1940-2015* Replay of program from summer of 1997 (454
Majewski-CT)(343 Filipkowski-RI)(252 Silvi-OH)(454 Prindle-NY) 
6955U *03-28 0159-0215 Wiped out by R. Shishkabob; relay by Anteater R. [343
Filipkowski-RI][poor Wolfish-ON][411 Comeau-MA][fair Axelrod-MB](423 AY,PA) 
6955U 03-28 1547-1607 Horoscope, Road Kill Cafe, Career AD, 1-880-DEAD- END.
[251 Crawford-KY]

6955U 03-29 *0129-0135* ?Love Machine? & Diana Ross song. WARR parody [353
Frodge-MI](433 AY,PA)(VG Demsky,RI)(Hudgins,VA)

6955U 03-31 2206-2324* Tape presentation on the value of mineral supplements
to health; no ID. [222 Frodge-MI]

6955 U 3-22 *2318-2329* Barry McGuire?s ?Eve of Destruction? with audio
clips from the 1991 Gulf War (444 Filipkowski-RI)(VG Demsky,ME)

6955U 3-22 2115-2147 Munchkins tune de Wiz of Oz, Spike Jones ?Der Fuehrer?s
Face?, talk of alien craft & USAF (Hassig,IL)
6955 U 3-22 *0242-0317* Discussion of alien life, comments on smoking;
Talking Heads? ?Once in a Lifetime?, Nico-plug suppositories parody spot.
(fr Russell-MI)(553 Comeau-MA)(434 Majewski-CT)(s+25 to +40 McArdle-OK)(544
Jurrens-TX)(443 Crawford-KY)(454 Prindle-NY) 
6955U 03-30 0030-0104 Mx by Pearl Jam and Days Of The New; something about
JTA being run over by a train. [good Wolfish] [Zeller-OH](AY,PA)(Hudgins,VA)
6955U 3/30 0154-0227+ Repeat (343 AY,PA)(Hudgins,VA)
6955U 04-01 0211-0349 Hard rock mx, poetic ID spot;  repeat. [343 Frodge-MI]
[252 Silvi-OH][454 Hunsicker-PA](344 AY,PA)(Gd Demsky,ME)
6955U 4/1 0430-0458 environmental issues & comments (Roberts,TX)

FREE RADIO 888 	no maildrop announced; Please QSL! 
6955 U 3-22 1449-1558 Replay of a WWCR ?patriot? program Radio Republic
International for some reason; QSO with Free Hope Experience; lots of QRM
from a station that was testing. (fr Russell-MI)(Hunsicker- PA)(222+
Frodge-MI)(555 Crawford-KY)(242 Prindle-NY)(fr Demsky,ME)
6955 U 3-23 0053-0150 Another replay of the WWCR program. (Russell-MI)(332
Crawford-KY)(tinny, narrow, raspy audio AY,PA) 
6955 U 3-26 0210-0302* w/tinny audio, taking calls w/commercial from
survivalist supplier, talk of what the other side is up to & what weapons
they have. (343 Kusalik-AB)(pr Wolfish-ON)(s +5 to +15 McArdle-OK) 
6955U 03-29 2119-2203 Assumed this one relaying the WWCR ?Republic Radio?
program; audio sounded like it was coming from a bathroom. [fair
Wolfish-ON][252 PSE QSL! Silvi-OH]

K-2000 	Stoneham 
6955 U 3-21 *0125?0204 Yolanda Lewis and John Arthur parodies; bit about
Michael Labadia and Hope Radio, profile of Joe F by Joe F, late night
segment w/guest Mike (gd Axelrod-MB)(poor Wolfish-ON)(fr Russell- MI)(353
Silvi-OH)(132 Hassig,IL)
6955 U 3-22 2200-2235 Repeat of earlier program (fr-gd w/muffled audio
Wolfish-ON)(343 Kuhl-GERMANY)(gd but somewhat overmod Demsky,ME)

KORN 	Providence 
6955 3/21 0140-0225 Strong sig w/country music. Anncr. Said R. Airplane was
turned in to fcc by JTA! (Roberts,TX)
6955 U 3-23 0219-0318* Playing bluegrass and country music ?live from
Henderson KY?; slammed John Arthur and postal workers; said that all people
with radios worth more than $500 had to send him a joint. (good
Wolfish-ON)(good Russell-MI)(Crawford-KY)(444 Comeau-MA)(343
McClintock-MN)(pounding in! McArdle-OK)(353 Silvi-OH)(444
Kusalik-AB)(AY,PA)(333 Pappas,SD)(Gd Neal,TX)
6955U 03-29 0323-0407* OM bcasting live from Jonesboro, AR. Talk about
school shootings. Mx by Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt. [444 Filipkowski-RI][454
Ruger-CA][444 Majewski-CT] [444 Coatsworth-ON](AY,PA)

LASER HOT HITS (relay) 	Merlin 
6955 U 3-21 1730-1732 DJ Tony Gates with British music by The Yardbirds (141
6955 U 3-22 1240-1308 Repeat of 3-21 program (Majewski-CT) 
6955U 03-28 0415-0511 Anncr Stewart Price w/pop mx [344 Filipkowski-RI] [323
Majewski-CT](343 AY,PA)(fr Demsky,ME)

6955 U 3-22 *2329-0004* Replay of second program dedicated to farmers
everywhere (including Jerry Coatsworth); ?I get a kick out of corn? Mx:
Spike Jones & others (444 Filipkowski-RI)(454 Majewski-CT)(Twiggs,CT)(242
Kuhl-GERMANY)(354 Silvi-OH)(343 McClintock-MN)(343 Kusalik-AB)(321
Jurrens-TX)(VG Demsky,ME)
6955U 03-28 1808-1840* Repeat of 2nd show. [243 Filipkowski-RI][Wolfish-ON]
[454 Coatsworth-ON](fr Demsky,ME)

6955 U 3-22 0322-0400 Replay of vintage program with techno music. (333
Majewski-CT)(fair Russell-MI)(fair Alexander-ON)(McArdle-OK)(fair
Jurrens-TX)(554 Hunsicker-PA)(454 Prindle-NY) 
6955 U 3-25 0330-0417* Replay of Pink Floyd music show. (333 Jurrens-TX)(fr
Wolfish-ON)(McArdle-OK)(343 AY,PA)(fair Demsky,ME)
6955 U 3-26 *0406-0437* Instrumental techno music; ?The mx is the message?
giggling at sign off. (fr Wolfish-ON)(443 Crawford-KY)(S6 McArdle-OK)(good
Jurrens-TX)(344 AY,PA)

6955 U 3-22 1721-1730* Joe with info on lactose intolerance, cancer from
cell phones, sunburn & skin cancer (Twiggs)(454 Majewski-CT)(gd Demsky,ME)

6954.7 04-01 *0043-0047* Bad imitation high pitched voice w/Indian mx; QSL
whore spot; relay quickie? [333 Frodge-MI][433 Comeau-MA][Greenall-ON][534
Hunsicker-PA](433 AY,PA) 
6954.7 04-02 *0013-0017* Repeat program. [332 Frodge-MI](433 AY,PA)

RADIO 510 (relay) 	Basel 
6955 U 3-26 *0438-0452 Program with various IDs and bits of songs from the
stations that Radio 510 relays in Europe; DJ Stevie talked about attending
Kulpsville SWL Winterfest. (vgd Wolfish-ON)(241 Crawford-KY)(444 AY,PA)

6955U 03-28 *0138-0148* Promo for Yamaha Keyboards, CW instruction tape.
?We?re Off To See The Wizard?. [243 Filipkowski-RI] [poor Wolfish-ON]

6955U 03-28 0144- Lots of squealing pigs and a scene from the movie. [fair
6955U 03-29 *0153-0245* ?The Inbred Banjo Boy? w/movie Deliverance mx
praying segment. ?This is the only station that will make you squeal like a
pig?. [342 Frodge-MI][344 PSE QSL! Filipkowski-RI][poor Wolfish-ON][211 as
UNID Ruger-CA][333 Majewski-CT][232 Haston-SC][good Axelrod-MB][333

Radio ECLIPSE?Providence 
6955 U 3-20 *2310-2344* Replay of parody of religious broadcaster WGTG (fr
Wolfish-ON)(funny! 433 Filipkowski-RI)(222 Brandt-GERMANY)(343
Frodge-MI)(144 Hassig,IL)
6955 U 3-22 *2313-2317* WGTG parody, Short program; went off due to xmtr
problems. (544 Filipkowski-RI)(354 Silvi-OH)(VG Demsky,ME)(254 Hassig,IL)
6955 U 3-24 *0245-0319* Repeat of WGTG parody program with Father Fornicate.
(S8 to +15 McArdle-OK)(343 Lobdell-MA)(444 Jurrens-TX) 
6955 U 3-24 0345-0410 Special test of ?With Glory To Gumby?(354 Kusalik-AB) 
6955 U 3-27 0008-0022* Repeat of WGTG parody program with Father Fornicate.
(444 Crawford-KY) 
6955U 03-27 0017- WGTG parody, Bram Stoker w/gerbil bit; grown up sing
along. [354 Frodge-MI] 
6955U 03-28 2330-2356* Repeat program. [555 Filipkowski-RI][455 Majewski-CT]
[242 Haston-SC][fair Axelrod-MB](Ay,PA)(VG Demsky,ME)
6950U 03-28 0337-0407* Testing w/VoLong Run program; mx by Charlie Daniels
Band, etc. [454 Crawford-KY]

RADIO GERBIL 	Providence 
6956 U 3-22 *0055-0112* Replay of Radio Azteca parody.(s+25 McArdle-OK)(352
6955 U 3-22 *1441-1457* Sunday morning replay of Radio Azteca parody
program. (444 Filipkowski-RI)(fr Wolfish-ON)(poor w/QRM Russell-MI)(252+
Frodge-MI)(252 Silvi-OH)(Good job! Hunsicker-PA)(454 Prindle-NY)(VG Demsky,ME)
6955 U 3-22 *1736-1752* Sunday afternoon replay of Radio Azteca parody
program. (252 Majewski-CT)(gd Wolfish-ON)(252 Silvi-OH)(Prindle-NY)(VG
6955 U 3-22 *2257-2313* Sunday evening replay of Radio Azteca parody
program. (444 Filipkowski-RI)(343 Kuhl-GERMANY)(353 Silvi-OH)(Prindle-NY)(VG
Demsky,ME)(132 Hassig,IL)

6955 U 3-21 *0058-0123* High-pitched OM talking about jamming WLIS and
visiting Niagara Falls; played ?Rocky Mountain High? and ?Okie From
Muskogee? and said ?we?re always up to no good?. (354 Silvi-OH) (343
Filipkowski-RI)(343 Frodge-MI)(poor Wolfish-ON)(good Axelrod-MB)(GD
Demsky,ME)(233 Hassig,IL)
6955U 03-29 *0140-0143 Box Car Willie song ?Last Train To Heaven?; high
pitched voice OM. [353 Frodge-MI][555 PSE QSL! Filipkowski-RI][333
Haston-SC](433 AY,PA)(Gd Demsky,ME)
6955 04-02 2340-0007 High pitched Kenny playing sped up Eagles mx. Sounded
like Dr. Tornado on helium! [433 McClintock-MN] [522 Comeau-MA]

6955 v 3-21 1423-1443 Usual stuff. (353 Crawford-KY) 
6956 v 3-22 *1814-1902* Rock mx by Metallica, The Cranberries and Stone
Temple Pilots, usual banter by Dr. Tornado, The Sandman and Senor El Nino;
signed off fooling around with the speed on their theme song ?Secret Agent
Man?.(gd Wolfish-ON)(555 Filipkowski-RI)(452 Crawford-KY)(555
Majewski-CT)(555 Silvi-OH)(Hunsicker-PA)(454 Prindle-NY)(Gd Demsky,ME)
6960.7, 2326-2337* Some metal mx, live anmnt from Dr.T at end (S9+60! AY,PA) 
6955 03-29 1751-1841 Dr. T and The Sandman; both in a sour mood over the
government. Talk show format w/Dr. T?s favorite ?Trigger Happy? [454
Majewski-CT][444 Coatsworth-ON](AY,PA)(Gd Demsky,ME)(Hudgins,VA)

6955 U 3-21 *0209-0253* Joe Mamma talking about Kulpsville PA; mx by Van
McCoy, AC/DC and The Knack; Talked about humor, slitting one?s wrists.
?Wild Thing? song. Radio Porn school ad (2-343 Filipkowski-RI)(gd
Russell-MI)(252 Silvi-OH)(454 McClintock-MN)(352 Hunsicker-PA)(544
Jurrens-TX)(333 Pappas,SD)(233 Hassig,IL)(432 Thiptus,AZ)
6955 U 3-23 0344-0420 Repeat of program from 3-22 (fr Russell-MI)(444
Kusalik-AB)(232 Pappas,SD)
6955 U 3-24 0200-0244 Usual format(252 Silvi-OH)(S8 McArdle-OK) (555
6955 U 3-24 0337-0343* Parody skit(444 Kusalik-AB) 
6955 U 3-26 0131-0212* Tunes and lots parody commercials (+20-+30
McArdle-OK)(454 Kusalik-AB)(343 AY,PA)(fr Demsky,ME)
6955 U 3-26 *0309-0353* Tunes and lots parody commercials (S6-8
McArdle-OK)(343 Crawford-KY) 
6955 U 3-26 *0536-0608* Doobie Brothers music and Monty Python comedy (fair
6955U 04-01 0313-0339 AD for Line Land; 7800 acres of lines, mx by Zappa,
Hillbilly skit. [353 Hunsicker-PA] 
6955U 04-02 0332-0349* Joe Momma w/variety mx; bogus, ADs, PSA?s and
Hillbilly Drama ?The Immigrants-The Albinos?. [333 Frodge-MI]

6955.2U 3/25 0145-0209 Oldies mx. DJ said they are once again on the air. I
assume they had bdcsts in the past? (Roberts,TX)
6955.5 03-28 0106-0111* Song ?60 Minute Man?, OM w/ID [444
Filipkowski-RI][455 Majewski-CT] 
6956.8 03-28 0204-0300* Anncr ?Mad Turk? w/mx. ?Bow Legged Woman?, ?Atom
Bomb Baby?, etc. [433 Filipkowski-RI][gd Wolfish-ON][333 Majewski-CT][fair
Axelrod-MB](Gd AM, cool instr mx Demsky,ME)

6955U 03-29 1450-1521 Partridge Family mx, Boy George tune. [v poor
Russell-MI][fair Wolfish-ON] 
6955U 03-29 1530-1555 Playing tunes from Barney [fair Wolfish-ON]

6955 U 3-23 *0322-0336 ID?d & testing, also whistling, said bdcsting from
British Columbia & ?Free the socialists? (McArdle-OK)

6955 U 3-21 0330-0430+ Played a couple of rock songs. (Jurrens-TX)(333
Pappas,SD)(244 Hassig,IL)
6955 U 3-21 0643 Talk about handwriting on KISS and Black Sabbath albums.
(S+10 to +25 McArdle-OK) 
6955U 03-28 0526-0537 Radio Desperado as anncr playing ?70s mx, took MT to
task for shortening GZ?s Outer Limits col. [333 Majewski-CT][444
Coatsworth-ON](VG Demsky,ME)

VOICE OF ANARCHY 	 Blue Ridge Summit 
6951.2 3-22 0055-0130 Frank Zappa special with Linda Longwire as hostess
(good Axelrod-MB)(535 Majewski-CT)

6955 U 3-22 0558-0637 The Supreme Dalek with an old program
(McArdle-OK)(Majewski-CT)(444 Jurrens-TX)(232 Pappas,SD)(Fell asleep 133

6955 U 3-22 0343 ID, and then off (McArdle-OK)

6955 U 3-21 *0254-0330 Announcer Satan Lucifer with rock music by Guns &
Roses; played ?Stairway To Heaven? backwards as Hell?s National Anthem; gave
a phony mailing address in Hades. (343 Filipkowski-RI)(good Russell-MI) (S8
to +10 McArdle-OK)(353 Silvi-OH)(454 McClintock- MN)(interesting! 252
Hunsicker-PA)(535 Jurrens-TX)(333 Pappas,SD)(233 Hassig,IL)(voice sounded
like VoLaryngitis! (Roberts,TX)
6955 U 3/23-24 2350-0015* Same program as 3-21; Great national anthem! (good
Wolfish-ON)(454 Majewski-CT)(354 Silvi-OH)(S-9 Hunsicker-PA)(Demsky,ME)

6955U 03-29 *0414-0430* Thomas Jefferson with racist crap. [433 Ruger-CA]

6955 03-29 2204-2236 Repeat of an old show w/Ricochet. [333 Majewski-CT] 

6955U 03-28 *0325-0409* Anncr Jimmy Hix w/Rockabilly mx. [344
Filipkowski-RI] [fair Wolfish-ON][353 Silvi-OH][444 Majewski-CT] [444
Comeau-MA][444 Coatsworth-ON](444 AY,PA)(Gd Demsky,ME)
6955U 03-28 *2047-2116* Rockabilly Show, song ?Hound Dog? [444 Filipk-RI]
[353 Silvi-OH][555 Majewski-CT](Gd Demsky,ME)(Hudgins,VA)
6955U 03-29 *0043-0126* Rockabilly Mx, ID ?WLIQ 69-1/2? [353 Frodge-MI] [555
Filipkowski-RI][333 Owsley-CA][454 Majewski-CT] [333 Haston-SC][fair
Axelrod-MB](VG Demsky,ME)(222 Hassig,IL)

6955 U 3-21 *0028-0056* Replay of 8th Anniversary show, with interval
signals from Zaire, Uganda, etc; played ?Sugar Sugar? by The Archies. (444
Filipkowski-RI)(343 Frodge-MI)(fr Wolfish-ON)(fr Alexander-ON)(212
Jurrens-TX)(good Axelrod-MB)(354 Silvi-OH)(331 Crawford-KY)(VG
Demsky,ME)(133 Hassig,IL)
6955 U 3-21 2317-2341* Replay of 8th Anniversary show.(232
Filipkowski-RI)(243- Frodge-MI)(fair Axelrod-MB)(353 Crawford-KY)(pr
Wolfish-ON)(pr Alexander-ON)(fr with QRM Majewski-CT)(253 Silvi-OH) 
6955U 03-28 *1925-1953* Eighth Anniv. Program [344 Filipkowski-RI][444
Coatsworth-ON](VG Demsky,ME)

WMFQ 	Providence 
6955 U 3-20 *2358-0027* Shouted IDs; rock music by B.T.O. and The Police;
also played Paul Anka?s ?Having My Baby?. (444 Filipkowski-RI)(343
Frodge-MI)(fair Wolfish-ON)(Jurrens-TX)(342 Crawford-KY)(fr Alexander-ON)(VG
Demsky,ME)(133 Hassig,IL)

WMPR-No Maildrop 
6955.3U 03-28 2100- Usual boring techno pop mx. [fair Wolfish-ON] 
6955 03-29 2027-2115 Usual format. [455 Silvi-OH][Zeller-OH][253
Majewski-CT](555 AY,PA)

WRNR 	 maildrop? 
6955 U 3-22 0050-0053* heard Steely Dan?s ?FM? then sign-off (McArdle-OK)

WROD 	Please QSL! 
6955 U 3-23 0042-0152* Talking to Mark on phone abt citizenship, gv?t, SW
ops.  ?Flying Purple People Eater?; ?Civilian Nationalist Info Rpt? wiped
out by Free Radio 888 (241 Crawford-KY)(sigs +20 McArdle-OK)(353
Silvi-OH)(343 Kusalik-AB)(232 Pappas,SD)

6955U 3-21 1710-1730 Motown music and Bill Cosby comedy(141 Majewski-CT) 
6955U 3-22 1217-1240 Repeat of 3-21 broadcast(434 Majewski-CT)(353 Prindle-NY) 
6955 U 3-22 1304-1350* IDs and greetings after Laser Hot Hits relay. (253-
Frodge-MI)(weak Crawford-KY)(Poor Demsky,ME)
6955 U 3-23 0043-0118 Rap music co-channel with WROD(444 Majewski-CT)(333
6955U 3/24 0103-0108 Info abt WRMI bdcsts (fair Demsky,ME)
6955 03-29 2239-2332 Playing World mx; giving away cover of Rolling Stones
CD ?Paint It Blue?. [Majewski-CT]

6955 U 3-21 *2343-0028* New station with announcer Melville Grunion playing
jazz, doo-wop and bluegrass music; too much reverb/echo effect on the IDs.
(253 Silvi-OH)(242 Filipkowski-RI)(vpr Wolfish-ON)(343 Kuhl-GERMANY)(222
Majewski-CT)(243 Frodge-MI) 
6955 U 3-22 *2016-2101* Program of rockabilly and jazz, including songs
?Sally Go? and ?Surfin? Bird?; Spcl QSL for naming group who did an
instrumental in this pgm (444 Filipkowski-RI)(fair Wolfish-ON)(fair
Alexander-ON)(555 Majewski-CT)(353 Silvi-OH)(454 Prindle-NY)(Gd/VG Demsky,ME)
6955U 03-28 *2120-2205* Melville Grunion DJ w/oldies. [243 Frodge-MI][444
Filipkowski-RI][353 Silvi-OH][455 Majewski-CT][333 Coatsworth-ON](VG Demsky,ME)
6955U 03-28 *2357-0041* Rockabilly mx, song called ?Transfusion? [555
Filipkowski-RI][good Wolfish-ON][333 Pimblett-AB][555 Majewski-CT][242
Haston-SC](VG Demsky,ME)

6954.7 3/31 2212+ Repeat (AY,PA) 
6954.7 04-01 0027-0042* Bart Sambo w/repeated IDs for April Fool?s Day. Off
air reggae mx, flute mx. [343 Frodge-MI] [333
McClintock-MN][Greenall-ON][543 Hunsicker-PA](gd AY,PA) 
6954.7 04-01 0201-0221* Repeat April Fool?s Day Bcast. [343 Frodge-MI]
[McClintock-MN][333 Comeau-MA][343 Pimblett-AB][333 Coatsworth-ON](444 AY,PA) 
6954.7 04/1-2 2353-0013* Fanfare IS, bcast repeat. [333 Frodge-MI][555
Arthur-NY][545 Majewski-CT](AY,PA) 

RADIO FREE LONDON 5084.9 01-31 0028-*QRM. Male Announcer, Music, I.D. was
difficult to copy due to microphone audio settings. [SIO 333 Ditlow-CA] Wow,
here?s an old log...does it match, Andy? AY

6950L KHz,  Radio Cochiguaz 3/22 01.00-0150 SP with multiple ID in other
language, Andean Music, in the program mention one address in the United
States ?Desde algun lugar, ubicado entre el Pacifico y el Atlantico.....esta
escuchando Cochiguaz? SINPO 33242 (High static Noise) (Eramo, Argentina)

I-97, 97.3, 3/29, 2046-2235+ Nonstop 80s hits w/gd stereo sig. ?Love Shack?
?Valley Girl? ?Another 1 Bites the Dust? etc (My 1st FM pirate! Exc on car
radio! Demsky,ME) Paul also sent an article from the Portland,ME newspaper,
criticizing the station?s ?bland? format...Thanks! AY

????????????????????????????????????? QSLs RECEIVED: ANTEATER RADIO: f/d
card (#79) along with a Pez dispenser and other goodies in a package
addressed to ?Niel QSLHofish? in 2 months; v/s Peter Worth. (Wolfish-ON)

ARGOSY MAGAZINE: f/d Indian Chief sheet in 4 months; v/s E.R. Burroughs.

HELP WITH HEALTH ? DEAD DR. DON?T LIE: computer printed QSL using my Free
Radio Network Grapevine log printed out with this message added to the
bottom: ?in case you missed some of the show, here?s the tape it was aired
from. Still Unid? but getting stranger ????????. Also included an empty
medicine dispenser. Thanks for the QSL and tape!!(Silvi-OH)

KRAP: f/d QSL sheet (#145) in 3 months; v/s Fred Flinstone. (Kusalik-AB)

MONTANA AUDIO RELAY SERVICE: f/d Spaceship sheet, political article,
cartoon, unabomber manifesto page; Russell-Stover candy ad in 2 months.
(Russell-MI) same with the envelope postmarked Hungry Horse Montana.
(Wolfish-ON) MARS. F/d green sheet v/s Dreeble in 2 months. [Filipkowski-RI]

MYSTERY RADIO: f/d QSL in 2 months for loggings in the A*C*E*; v/s The
Shadow. (Ross-ON) f/d ?Christmas Greetings?, ?Friday the 13th?, Haunted
House, 2 different Skull cards, sticker, station operator business cards for
mail and bulletin reports. (Russell-MI) cards designs #25 & #27 for ACE
loggings; v/s The Shadow. (Kusalik-AB) 
6955, full data ?strange art pattern? card in 73 days for ACE log, signed by
The Shadow. [Zeller-OH]

 RADIO MARABU (via Radio Independence Voga transmitters in Ukraine): 11830
f/d prepared cards, signed and stamped in 137 days after follow up for a
total of an 8 month wait; v/s illegible. (Kusalik-AB)

RFM: f/d skull & bones QSL sheet (#38) in 25 days; v/s H.V. Short. (Kusalik-AB)

VOICE OF SOUTH DUBLIN: f/d map of Ireland QSL sheet in 25 days for relay via
WREC; v/s Pat Kiernan. (Crawford-KY) same for 2 IRC?s to Dublin address.

Lounge Lizard Radio, full data Sammy Davis Jr. sheet. [Russell-MI] Design #3
Gene Simmons, QSL #100. [Haston-SC]

Radio Eclipse, 
6955, full data certificate in 113 days for 3 stamps. [Comeau-MA]

Radio Erotica, 
6955, full data blow job card #98-18 in 26 days for report to Providence,
signed by Luke & Lucy. [Zeller-OH]

Radio Ravens, 6850, full data Raven Beak card in 57 days for report to
Ytterby. Also sent pennant. [Zeller-OH]

Reefer Madness Radio, 
6955, full data ?father discovering son with joint? sheet in 39 days for
report to Belfast, signed by Harry Anslinger. [Zeller-OH]

UATWR, full data boy against bullet riddled wall and three crazy trading
cards. [Haston-SC]

Voice Of South Dublin, 2 full data sheets w/personal note signed by Pat
Kiernan in 21 days for report to Dublin address. [McClontock-MN] same in 24
days. [Zeller-OH]

Voice Of The Long Run, 
6955, no data small card in 113 days. [Comeau-MA]

WGTG: f/d ?Gerbil in a cage/Sally Field/Father Fornicate? card in 1 week for
an e-mail reception report to Steve Mann @ Radio Eclipse. (Wolfish-ON)

WMFQ, no data ?Joe Filipkowski? sheet signed by Mr. Q. Esselle in one month.

WLIS, two full data sheets #1322, 1325 signed by Charles Poltz in 3 weeks.

WREC, QSL sheet for report to BRS in 64 days. [McArdle-OK]

WSWL, 92.9 FM, full data card in 2 weeks. [Filipkowski-RI]

Z-RADIO: QSL # 19 for a June 1997 broadcast dedicated to Anteater Radio.

UNIDENTIFIED LOGGINGS [Please ID and QSL for all of these!] 
6955 U 3-20 2247-2304* Rap music. WSRR? (222 Brandt-GERMANY)(252 Silvi-OH) 
6955 U 3-20 2344-2354* Stand-up comedy routine; commentary about QRM.
(Frodge-MI)(121 Hassig,IL)
6955 U 3-22 0024-0052 Soul and disco music; mixing with WUNH. (232
Kulh-GERMANY)(Brandt-GERMANY)(243 Hassig,IL)
6955 U 3-22 0040-0050 Very weak music and male announcer (141
Filipkowski-RI)(434 Majewski-CT) 
6960 U 3-20 0201+ Long instrumental version of Grateful Dead?s ?Trucking?.
(555 Jurrens-TX) 
6955 U 3-22 0404-0442 Live Grateful dead music; one ID at beginning as ?You
are a dork testing?; possibly KORN which was on the next night?(fr
Wolfish-ON)(Russell-MI)(242 Crawford-KY)(434 Majewski-CT)(McArdle-OK)(454
Hunsicker-PA)(VG Demsky,ME)
6955 3-22 1441-1502 Sporadic testing with music QRMing Radio Gerbil(554
Crawford-KY)(gd Wolfish-ON) 
6956 U 3-22 1524-1552 Music and odd noises; mixing with Free Radio 888?s
rebroadcast of Republic Radio? (Hunsicker-PA) [maybe Free Hope Experience??njw] 
6955 U 3-22 1700-1727 Heard a couple of jazz/blues type songs. (252 Silvi-OH) 
6955 U 3-22 1922-1933 Testing with counts and talk about pirate radio.
6955 U 3-24 0103+ Weak - heard Belfast address a couple of times. (131
6955 U 3-24 0124-0155 Relay of a German Europirate that uses the Merlin
maildrop. (252 Silvi-OH)(McArdle-OK) 
6952 U 3-25 0223-0231 A preacher talking about hell. (Wolfish-ON)(McArdle-OK) 
6955 U 3-25 2326-2328 Somebody playing rock song ?I?m An Adult Now? by The
Pursuit of Happiness; ID as ?Radio _____? way too much echo on the voice!
(good Wolfish-ON) 
6955 U 3-27 0020-0022 Caught last two minutes of a song and an ID; possibly
Radio Eclipse. (353 Silvi-OH) ???????????????????????????????????????

 PIRATE WEBSITES REVISITED: Here?s another re-cap of some of the websites
out there put up by pirate stations. Some of these sites are under construction:

Action Radio: http://www.angelfire.com/ne/actionradio

Altered States Radio: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Labyrinth/2006/

He-Man Radio: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Labyrinth/2006/heman.html

K-2000 http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/Stage/2370/

KIWI RADIO: http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/9885/

KOLD: http://www.frn.net/stations/KOLD/index.html

Radio 510 International: http://www.radio510.org/

Radio Free London:

Radio Tornado Worldwide: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/

Radio USA: http://www.frn.net/stations/RadioUSA/index.html

Rock-It Radio: http://www.alpcom.it/hamradio/freewaves/rock_it.htm

Tangerine Radio: http://www.frn.net/rfi/links/tangerin/

SWRS/Short Wave Relay Service: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Station/7568/

WJDI: http://members.tripod.com/~WJDI/

WLIS: http://www.frn.net/rfi/links/wlis/

WSRR/Solid Rock Radio: http://www.frn.net/stations/WSRR/index.html

Rob Keeney?s Pirates Web: http://www.frn.net/stations/frontdoo.htm

John Cruzan?s Free Radio Network: http://www.frn.net

Association of Clandestine Enthusiasts (A*C*E*) http://www.frn.net/ace

Chris Smolinksi?s Numbers Station page:

Nick Grace C.?s Clandestine Radio page: http://www.qsl.net/yb0rmi/cland.htm

PLEASE QSL ADDRESSES. If you want your name removed, let us know. Ken Alexander:
Box 71553, Aurora, ONT L4G 6S9 John T. Arthur:
7994 Rte 19 Belfast, NY 14711 Shawn Axelrod:
30 Becontree Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA, R2N 2X9 Charles Bernth:
P.O. Box 236, Eastport, NY 11941 Shawn Axelrod:
30 Becontree Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2N 2X9, Canada Ian Biggar:
21B Dundonald Road, Troon, Ayrshire KA10 6NP, Scotland Rainer Brandt:
Wiesenweg 6, D-29361, Hoefer, Germany Mike Brooker:
99 Wychcrest Ave, Toronto, ONT M6G 3X8 Canada J. Coatsworth:
R.R. #3, Merlin, Ontario NOP 1WO, Canada Ross Comeau:
16 Linwood Street, Andover, MA 01810 Chas. Crawford:
1763 Turnagain Drive, Henderson, KY 42420 Fred Danowski:
95 Meadowbrook Road, Startford, CT 06497 Paul Demsky:
883 Broadway #2, South Portland, ME 04106 David Ditlow:
3645 Vinton Avenue #3, Los Angeles, CA 90034 Rick Doehner:
2511 Raspberry Lane, Pasadena, TX 77502 Joe Filipkowski:
28 Mill Wheel Road, Warwick, RI 02886 Michael Folk:
810 Dalewood Villa Hills, KY 41017-1089 Harold Frodge:
5525 Whitehall St., Midland, MI 48642 Dan Greenall:
181 Church St., Thamesford, ONT N0N 2M0, Canada William Hassig:
102 N. Russel St., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 Matt Haston:
22 Jamestowne Commons, Taylors, SC 29687 Ron Hunsicker:
1238 Cleveland Avenue, Wyomissing, PA 19610-2102 R & T Jurrens:
19107 Winding Trail Lane, Katy, TX 77449 Rob Keeney:
10315 Antioch, Overland Park, KS 66212-4332 Harald Kuhl:
P.O. Box 110 605, 35351 Giessen, GERMANY Edward Kusalik:
2117-10 Street ?A?, Coaldale, Alberta, CANADA T1M 1B6 Mike Leclerc:
16 Salem Drive, Somers, CT 06071-1903 Chris Lobdell:
Box 146, Stoneham, MA 02180 Greg Majewski:
1176 Route 163, Oakdale CT 06370 Scott McArdle:
3500 S. Boulevard, Ste.18C, Edmond,OK 73013 Wm. McClintock:
11481 Blackfoot St NW, Minneapolis, MN 55433 John Mello:
218 Central Avenue, North Scituate, RI 02857 Kevin Nauta:
11252 Ravanna SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508-2504 
Gary R. Neal, 7410 Orchard Hills, Lane Sugar Land, TX 77479-6122
Marina Pappas 366 3rd St SE, Huron, SD 57350
Nigel Pimblett:146 Queen Street, Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 1B4, Canada 
Mike Prindle:
P.O. Box 51, New Suffolk, NY 11956-0051 Ed Rausch:
17 Vandeberg Place, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009-1039 Robert Ross:
Box 1003, Station B, London, ON N6A 5K1 Canada Larry Russell:
420 Warren Avenue, Flushing, MI 48433 Chris Scott:
4051 Clifton Avenue, #3, Cincinnati, OH 45220 Lee Silvi:
Box 982, Mentor, OH 44061 Chris Smolinski:
4708 Trail Court, Westminster, MD 21158 Niel Wolfish:
112-2177 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario M5M 4B7, Canada Andrew Yoder:
Box 642, Mont Alto, PA 17237 George Zeller:
3492 West 123rd Street, Cleveland, OH 44111

Box 1, Belfast, NY 14711 BRS:
 Box 109, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214 Bremen:
 Box 334, Bremen, IN 46506 Huntsville:
Box 11522, Huntsville, AL 35814 Merlin:
 Box 293, Merlin, Ontario NOP 1W0, Canada Moline:
 Box 88, Moline, MI 49335 Omaha:
 Box 641981, Omaha, NE 68134 Providence:
Box 28413, Providence, RI 02908 Sierra Madre:
Box 1073, Sierra Madre, CA Stoneham:
Box 146, Stoneham, MA 02180 Ventura:
Box 5617, Ventura, CA 93025 Ytterby:
c/o SRS News, Ostra Porten 29, S-442 54 Ytterby, Sweden

COMMENTS: Shawn Axelrod:
?Too bad not more time to spend as conditions on 03-21 were good? out to
Valhalla Beach DX site on 03-22 but conditions were poorer so even with
beverage antennas only WLIS and Voice of Anarchy heard?

Ron Hunsicker:
?from about 1500 UTC until about 1600 UTC on Sunday I didn?t have a clue as
to what was going on. I just sat and listened patiently, never quite sure if
I was hearing one, two or three stations, whether someone was being jammed
or not, whether the ?fishermen? were broadcasting there to, or whether (the
real) WGTG had actually fired up. Too much, too fast for my old ears (and
brain too, I guess)?

Greg Majewski:
?I thought last weekend was going to be a bust due to propagation
conditions, but it did not turn out that way?.

Mike Prindle:
?wow. Seemed like Sunday was a holiday that I didn?t know about. Almost
nonstop stations/programs on. I was busy in the cellar but had a speaker
from the shack to listen. Glad I did!!....Listend for the EMR/FRS broadcast
on 6275 Saturday night but only heard a het?

Larry Russell:
?Sunday sounded like national transmitter test day?

Thanks to this week?s contributors: Alexander,ON; Arthur,NY; Axelrod,MB;
Brandt,Germany; Brooker,ON; Coatsworth; Comeau,MA; Crawford,KY; Deeley,UK;
Demsky,ME; Ditlow,CA; Eramo,Argentina; Filipkowski,RI; Frodge,MI;
Greenall,ON; Hassig,IL; Haston,SC; Hudgins,VA; Hunsicker,PA; Jurrens,TX;
Kuhl,Germany; Kusalik,AB; Lobdell,MA; Majewski,CT; McArdle,OK;
McClintock,MN; Meyers,VA; Neal, TX; Owsley,CA; Pappas,SD; Pimblett,AB;
Prindle,NY; Roberts,TX; Ruger,CA; Russell,MI; Sevart,KS; Silvi,OH;
Thiptus,AZ; Twiggs,CT; Walker,UK; Wolfish,ON; Zeller,OH & AY,PA 

>From Andy Walker,UK:
Here?s today?s (3/30) logs. All times UTC.
5805 Radio Free London (test) S4 at 0735 Tape machine failure sometime
between 0830-0930
6219 Laser S3/4 at 0740
6239 Britain Radio S3 at 1000
6245 unid (German??) S2 at 0745
6275 EMR and FRSH S3/4 at 1005
6280 Laser S2 at 1008 splash from EMR
6300 Ozone Radio (Test) S2/3 at 1010

LOGLIST from Rainer Brandt in Germany:
March 20th, 1998 (Friday)
3930	Laser Hot Hits		23.20-		E, film music		22332
6955U	unid, please help!	22.57-23.04*	?, only RAP mx played	22222
6955	unid			23.15		E, shouting only, WGTG?	12211
6955U	WGTG (pirate parody!)	23.30-		E, IDs, spelled QRA	22222

March 21st, 1998 (Saturday)
3920	R.Korak Int.		23.10-		E, pops			55555
3930	Laser Hot Hits		13.00+23.20	E, pops			22332
6219	Laser Hot Hits		10.00-		E, pops 		23322

March 22nd, 1998 (Sunday)
3920	R.Korak Int.		00.10-		E, pops			55544
3922.5	R.Select		18.40-		D, pops, QSO meteoor	43433
3925	R.Meteoor		18.47-		D, polka sound, QSO	33333
3930	Laser Hot Hits		06.00-		E, pops			32332
3935.9	R.Mickey Mouse		11.10-		D, test, pops		44444
5808	R.Benelux		08.39-		E, pops			43433
6210.8	R.Northsea Int.		09.10-		G, pops			44444
6219	Laser Hot Hits		13.53-		E, pops not // 6280	33333
6233.5	R.Speranza		14.15-		I, gave E-mail QRA, mx	32332
6236	Britain R.International	11.55-		E, R. Davis alert info	33433
6244.5	Jolly Roger R.		09.16-		E, country music	22222
6255	R.Dr.Tim		10.41-		G, lots of greetings	33333
6255.9	R.Bremen		09.20-		D,E,G, pops, Echo IDs	34433
6266.5	UK R.International	09.30-		E, pops			33333
6275	FRS Holland		07.50-		E, pops			32332
6275	European Music R.	09.54-		E, pops			32322
6280	Laser Hot Hits		09.35-		E, pops			12321
6285v	R.Blue Star		13.27-		D, Dutch Schlager	44444
6289.5	R.Joystick		08.39-09.30	G, pops, via Pandora	32332
6289.5	R.Pandora		10.09-		E, pops, Farmers QRM	32322
6400.6	XTC			12.42-13.25*	E, pops, heavy QRM	32322
6955U	WUNH (name confirmed!)	00.10-		E, echo IDs,rock?n roll	22222
6955U	unid, please help!	00.37-00.45	E, ID, address spelled	22222
11515U	Crazy Wave R.		08.15+10.08	E,G, Chris Ise, pops	44444
11515U	R.Marabu		12.05-		G, Guitarre X, M.Fisher	44444
12256.5	Wrekin? R.International	11.13-		E, pops			33333
15025U	Con Frequencia		09.17-		Sp, DX news		34433
15025U	R.Marabu		11.20-		G, Guitarre X, IDs	34444

According to station OP Roger Davis BRITAIN RADIO INTERNATIONAL will be on
the air with a normal show at least the forthcoming sunday. They had some
unforeseen trouble to put the station on the air this week.

73, Rainer

March 28th, 1998 (Saturday)
3930	Laser Hot Hits		13.00+23.20	E, pops			22332
6219	Laser Hot Hits		10.00-		E, pops 		23322
6270	Alfa Lima International	11.14-11.45	E, test, Hoogeveen QRA	44444
6298.5	unid			10.00-10.40	E, non stop mx,bad mode 23322
6955U	WGTG (parody by Eclipse)23.33-		E, comedy abt rel.BCer	33333
6955U	WUNH (US station!)	23.59-		E, rockabilly music	22332

March 29th, 1998 (Sunday)
3930	Laser Hot Hits		06.00-		E, pops			32332
3942	R.Select		11.45-		D, Schlager		34433
5805.7	R.Free London (RFL)	08.10-		E, pops, TX trouble	43433
6219	Laser Hot Hits		08.45-		E, pops			33333
6238.8	Britain R.International	09.25-		E, usual Roger Davis	23332
6270	Star Club R.		08.03-		G, DX news, oldies	43433
6275	R.Northsea Int.		09.33-		E, pops			33333
6300	Ozone R.International	09.34-		E, rock, testing 32w	23322
6955U	WUNH (US station!)	00.10-		E, echo IDs,rock?n roll	22222
6955U	WLIQ (US station!)	01.00-		E, ID, address spelled	22222
7480	SWRS			08.00-		E,I, IDs, Wuppertal QRA	44444
7480	Con Frequencia		08.31-		Sp, DX news, pops	44444
7480	R.Marabu		09.26-		G, Guitarre X, M.Fisher	44444
11515	SWRS			08.05-		E,I, //7480 IDs, music	44444
11515	Con Frequencia		08.31-		Sp, DX news, pops	44444
11515	R.Marabu		09.26-		G, Guitarre X, M.Fisher	44444

just a note that I do not list the Farmers anymore, they should be ignored ...
73, Rainer

>From Martin Deeley,UK:
Stations heard Sunday 22 March 1998:
3930Khz  Laser Hot Hits (All day)
6210Khz  Radio Pamela
6220Khz  Laser Hot Hits (All day) // 3930
6236Khz  Britain Radio International
6245Khz  Jolly Roger Radio
6266Khz  UK Radio
6275Khz  Unidentified
6280Khz  Laser Hot Hits
6290Khz  Radio Pandora
6300Khz  The Farmers from Holland (Dutch, All day)

Stations heard Sunday 29 March 1998:
3930Khz  Laser Hot Hits (All day)
5773Khz  Radio Pamela
5810Khz  Ozone International
5850Khz  Relay of Sunrise Radio (1458Khz)
6220Khz  Laser Hot Hits (All day) // 3930
6238Khz  Britain Radio International
6275Khz  European Music Radio & FRS Holland
6280Khz  Laser Hot Hits
6300Khz  Ozone International

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