Re: [HCDX]: R. Tanzania Zanzibar
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Re: [HCDX]: R. Tanzania Zanzibar

Thanks to all of you giving reactions on this matter. I phoned some parcel
delivery services today to knwow the price for such a packet delivery To
Zanzibar. All were around 3200 BEF (+/- 85 US$). That's about the tenfold
of what I invested in making the cards themselves (I can use a colour copy
machine at work and must pay only the cost price). It is also not possible
to send it via a parcel service because I have only a P.O.Box number as

 Sending it via the Tanzanian embassy is not the best way, I think because
packet has to pass trough the burocratic system which is most probably not
very efficient.

So I decided to sent it by registered mail in a the smallest possible packet
and with a franking machine stamp instead of post stamps. I probably mail
it next Monday.



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