[HCDX]: Re: tuning the
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[HCDX]: Re: tuning the

Jerry Monroe wrote:
> I wonder if one use a small tweeker stick (like a mini insulated
> screwdriver) to keep unintended capacitive effects to a minimum  or
> something much larger so as not to get fried ??
> Maybe this is done at low power  ??

No, this is high power stuff.  A 5000W transmitter into 50 ohms is 500V,
enough to kill you.  This is done in an interlocked cabinet with large
knobs that have numeric indicators so you can record your settings.  At
least this is how it was done in the 60's.  The inductors/capacitors are
big to handle the voltages.

Maybe it is computer controlled in this day and age.  I don't really

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