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[HCDX]: TFW 58 1/3

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright 1998  Part  1
Year 3 -  Number  58  - Rome, 20 April  1998
FAX: +39 6 5126262
E-MAIL: g.serra@xxxxxx
The Four Winds on Line  - Copyright 1998 - Newsletter edited by 
Giovanni Serra, Rome - Italy.

                             TFW on Line Policy
1) TFW on Line covers only the SW Broadcasting  Specrum.
2) Subscription rate:  as a non  commercial newsletter, 
    there is no fee to subscribe TFW on Line.
3) TFW on Line is distributed to Individuals, DX Editors,
    Clubs and Organizations, asking for the reciprocal exchange of  
    DX Bulletins and / or contributions.
4) Excerpts may be reprinted,translated, e-mailed and / or 
    transmitted with appropriate credit, unless Copyright indicated.
5) Not to be redistributed or reposted without permission.
6) Suggestions and ideas are welcome. 
7) If you no longer wish to receive TFW on Line  please, 
    drop me a line.   
loggings in order of  time;  frequencies in kHz;  times UTC;  
ham codes as usual;  Reporting  signal quality: Loc  = local 
signal; E = excellent; G = good;  F = fair; P = poor; 
VP = very poor;  A = avoid.  (also in SINPO or SIO code)

Thank you  for all our Contributors !

ALFREDO E. COTRONEO,  President,  NEXUS-Int'l Broadcasting Association,
Milano, Italy via e-mail
BOB PADULA,Surrey Hills,Victoria,Australia for EDXP # via e-mail <
http://members.tripod.com/~bpadula/edxp.html ><
http://members.tripod.com/~bpadula/padulabooks.html >
BRUNO PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy  for Radiorama Pirate News
April  # 1  and # 2  via e - mail    RX: Kenwood R5000, Lowe HF150 ANT.:
Yaesu FRT7700, Daiwa AF606K, longwire 15 mt  < 
http://www.arpnet.it/~air/welcome.htm > <  http://www.radiorama.it >
CHARLES BOLLAND, Lake Worth FL, USA  via e-mail  RX: NRD535D and
NRD525    ANT.: Longwire
DAVID CLARK, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada via e-mail    RX    Drake R8 /
JRC NRD-515  with Sherwood SE-3  ANT.: -   Carolina Beam +  JPS ANC-4
noise phaser
DAVID  J. VALKO,  USA for DX News via e-mail   RX: JRC NRD-535D -
Collins R-388     ANT.: 33 meter (NE-SW) Longwire "T"
ERIC BUENEMAN, Hazelwood, MO, USA via e-mail RX: Sangean ATS-803A ANT:
MFJ-1778 G5RV < http://members.aol.com/n0uiheric/k-index.htm >
FRANCESCO CLEMENTE, Udine, Italy for RADIO DX NET 1098, from Italy (
RDXN)  via e-mail < http://www.radiorama.it >(new 1.1 RadioramaOnWeb
Version from November!) < http://www.arpnet.it/~air/welcome.htm
>(standard AIR pages) RADIORAMA, Italian monthly Magazine Director AIR (Associazione Italiana Radioascolto) co-founder
GIOVANNI  SERRA, Roma, Italy (ed.)   RX:  JRC NRD 525  ANT:  Alpha Delta
DX SWL-S Sloper  (40 feet) ;  JPS NIR 10 filter and Oregon Scientific
clock, tuned  with the standard frequency station DCF 77 in Mainflingen,
Germany on 77.5 kHz. --- QTH: Cincinnato, Anzio (prov. of Roma), Italy
(ed.)  RX:  Sony ICF 2001 D   ANT:  Alpha Delta DX SWL- Sloper  (60
GLENN HAUSER (GH), Enid OK, USA for GH SW/DX Report 98/18,April 9, and
98-19, April 16 via e-mail <http://www.hotmail.com><
http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio >
GUIDO SCHOTMANS, Editor-in-Chief DX-Antwerp, Hoboken, Belgium, via
e-mail   Welcome ! 
HORACIO A. NIGRO, Montevideo, Uruguay  via e-mail   RX: Grundig YB400  
ANT.:   randomwire 25m long 
MARIE LAMB, Brewerton NY, USA  via e-mail  DX-ing with Cumbre     <
http://www.whri.com >  or  < http://www.kwhr.com >
MARK VELDHUIS, Borne, The Netherlands via e-mail    RX: AOR AR7030 - JRC
NRD-535 - Lowe HF-150 -Sony ICF-SW7600G   ANT: Appr. 20 meter longwire +
MLB and RF Systems SP-2 antenna splitter
MARTIN SCHOECH, Merseburg, Germany via e-mail RX: Sony ICF 2001D ANT:
Sony AN 1 (active telescopic antenna) <
http://www.geocities.com/capecanaveral/2594/ >
MICHIEL SCHAAY,  Doorn, The Netherlands  via e-mail   RX: AOR AR7030  
ANT.: RF-Systems T2FD and MK1
PEDRO ARRUNATEGUI, Lima, Peru   for Chasqui DX  # 118  via e-mail    RX:
Sony ICF-SW 7600 GS  
PIET PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands  via e-mail    RX: Lowe
HF225E     ANT.:   20 meters longwire.
PLAY DX, Milano, Italy  #  976  April 1,  Edited by Dario Monferini, via
snail mail 
SHERYL PASZKIEWICZ, Manitowoc, WI, USA,  via e-mail  RX:  Icom R8 - JRC
NRD 525   ANT.:  60' LW Eavesdropper
THOMAS R. SUNDSTROM, Vincentown,  NJ, USA ( via e - mail )  RX: JRC NRD
535  - Lowe HF-150    ANT: 100m inverted-L, top about 30m off the ground
(for NRD 525 ) - 25m wire running vertically into the top of a tree (
for Lowe HF-150 ) TRS Consultants < http://www.trsc.com/ > <
http://www.trsc.com >  Contrib Editor, Radio Netherlands <
http://www.rnw.nl/>www.rnw.nl > Media Network.  Contrib Editor, "Radio &
Communications" < http://www.trsc.com/rc_aus.html >.  Contrib Editor,
Suite 101's < http://www.suite101.com> "Radio"
ZACHARIAS LIANGAS, Thessalloniki, Greece via e-mail   RX:  Lowe HF 150 -
Philips 2935 - Sony ICF 7600 D   ANT:  6 meters sloper  ATU hand made -
11 m hor ( for 40 m - 60 m ) - 6 m antenna tilted upward  <
http://www.compulink.gr/Users/zliangas >  SHORTED ! <
http://www.clandjop.com/~jcruzan/greek-p.html >  (mirrored for greek
pirate radio )

Copyright Notice: Republication of  EDXP information by groups and
individuals who do not receive it directly is not permitted

SW TIPS    (TIME - Freq. - Country)

0011- 6725- PERU- R Satelite,  0011 , 13 Apr., OM speaking in SP . 0029
with ID , 24232 ---LIANGAS, Thessalloniki, Greece

0027- 5010- INDIA- All India Radio Thiruvananthapuram 0027-0100 Big
signal with talk by woman in vernacular. Local ID at 0030, followed by
*AIR* ID at 0035 with news in English and subcontinental music.
---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands April 11)

0029- 5805- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Free London April 5, Rock mx,ID in E  
23332 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama Pirate News
April  # 1

0035- 6220- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits April 5, Rock mx,jingle ID in
E(in//with 3930)  23322 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy
/Radiorama Pirate News April  # 1

0036- 3930- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits April 5, Rock mx,jingle ID in
E(in//with 6220)  23322 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy
/Radiorama Pirate News April  # 1

0055- 4805- BRAZIL- Radio Difusora do Amazonas; Manaus, April 13,
0055-0104*, Brasilian popmusic, ID and sign off. Poor. ---PIJPERS,
Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

0100- 5025- CUBA- R Rebelde  (t) 0100 LV de Cuba was the ID inside the
played songs 32333 ---LIANGAS, Thessalloniki, Greece

0114- 4915- BRAZIL- Radio Anhanguera; Goiania, April 13, 0114-0132,
Various ''news'' items (tourism), ads with Goiania mentioned, with
signal Radio Cora slowly getting stronger. Poor signal. Presumed.
---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

0120- 4472- BOLIVIA- Radio Movima; Santa Ana de Yacuma, April 15,
0120-0135* (approx.), Run of the mill LA music, ''amor corazon''. Signal
poor to fair while battling atmospheric  noise. Clear IDs when signing
off. ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

0150- 6726- PERU- Radio Satelite 0150-0235 Talk about ''las
Communistas'', man reading lottery numbers to "la colectividad de Santa
Cruz y Cutervo''.  ID and some nice music. Poor signal. ---PIJPERS,
Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands April 10)

0154- 9630.11- BRAZIL- R. Aparecida in Portuguese, 0154-0212, MM
prayers, rel tlk till 0157:45", rel songs, M rel ancmts, rel tlk and
choral rel song, M TC and ancmt  at 0203, mx break and W M ancmts and
TC: 2304 horario do Brasil", rel song and sermon. (no ID hrd) (QRM
splat) F / P ---SERRA, Roma, Italy April 11

0155- 4965- BRAZIL- Radio Alvorada; Parintins, April 17, 0155-0159*,
Non-descript music just before signing off with canned ID. Poor signal.
---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

0208- 11965 - SRI LANKA- DW Sri Lanka relay 0208 EG world nx, ID
---PASZKIEWICZ, Manitowoc, WI, USA 4/01)

0225- 6185- MEXICO- Radio Educacion; Mexico City, April 12, 0225-0229,
Authentic sounding version of ''La Bamba''. Cut off abruptly by carrier
Vatican Radio. Weak signal. Tentative. ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The

0230- 9515 - JAPAN- R Japan 0230 IS, ID ---PASZKIEWICZ, Manitowoc, WI,
USA 4/04)

0237- 4824- PERU- La Voz de la Selva; Iquitos, April 17, 0237-0303*,
Upbeat LA music, various styles, with OM keeping things going. Sign off
mentioning Iquitos and National Anthem. Signal not that bad, but missed
a formal ID. Presumed. ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

0250- 4790- PERU- Radio Atlantida; Iquitos, April 12, 0250-0310, Male in
Spanish about *Pascua* & *Resurreccion* + various other subjects. Did he
really say Radio Iquitos? Signal poor to fair. ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d
Rijn, The Netherlands

0250- 11785-  IRAQ- R Iraq Intl 0250 EG current events, ID, AR mx
---PASZKIEWICZ, Manitowoc, WI, USA  4/03)

0250- 5045- BRAZIL- Radio Cultura do Para 0250-0259* Brasilian popmusic,
canned ID and sign off. Weak. ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The
Netherlands April 9)

0301- 3287.7- MADAGASCAR- Radio Madagasikara, Antanarivo (tentative
only),  0301-0315 April 12, low level talk by man in unID lang to 0305, 
then into music/vocal. Talk again at 0315 but almost faded out. Poor
with RTTY sometimes covering and squeezed between ute carrier on 3986.4
and Namibia on 3289.95. This precise frequency and fade pattern suggests
Madagascar; 5009.6 was silent so no possibiity for establishing a
parallel. ---CLARK,  Thornhill, Ontario

0305- 3215- MADAGASCAR- AWR, Talata Volondry,  0305-0329 April 10, first
noted with bits of spiritual vocals & some talk, mostly by woman in 
presumed Malagasy, poking thru WWCR talk pgme 'Wellness Matters' tuned
in USB mode. Detected up to 0329:45 when WWCR switched to fanfare  intro
to next pgme segment and unhrd thereafter.  *  April 11  much better
from *0300:10 with clear AWR IS tune 'Lift Up the Trumpet' played twice
to 0300:40, EE ID by man "This is Adventist World Radio, The Voice of
Hope...Adventist World Radio...", slightly different version of the IS
melody with opening anmt by woman in lang to 0301:30, talk by the woman
to 0302:30, then into spiritual by female vocalist. Ideal timing
relative to 0259 xmtr SR;  weaker by 0315+. Surprised at how well this
pushed thru WWCR sideband for 7.5 kW but the slow drone of the same
'Wellness Matters' pgme host made it possible. The modified Siemens
communications transmitter used by AWR may be operating USB + carrier
since it was readily detectable in USB mode but I could not hear it in
LSB. ---CLARK,  Thornhill, Ontario   

0329- 9494.7- GEORGIA- R Abkhazia tent, 0329 tone, open carrier, chorus,
M & W tlk, piano ---PASZKIEWICZ, Manitowoc, WI, USA  4/03)

0330- 4800- GUATEMALA- Radio Buenas Nuevas; San Sebastian, April 17,
0330*, Male in Spanish asking for listener's letters, also re signal,
giving station address.Very nice signal. ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn,
The Netherlands

0350- 4939- VENEZUELA- Radio Amazonas; Puerto Ayacucho, April 12,
0350-0403:10*, Upbeat LA music. ID and sign off with National Anthem.
Poor. ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

0435- 6090- NIGERIA- FRCN; Kaduna, April 12, 0435-0450, Talk by male in
vernacular, mentioning Kaduna. A long piece of tribal type music
followed. Signal fairly strong at times but not on a clear channel + qrm
adjacent ones. Presumed. ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands 

0458- 4870- BENIN- Radio Cotonou, in unkn. language (Apr.02/98), sign on
with hymn, announcements and music, poor  ---SCHOECH, Merseburg, Germany

0505- 6050- NIGERIA- FRCN; Ibadan, April 12, 0505-0530, News and reports
in English. ID followed by tribal type music. Heavy qrm adjacent
channels. Very poor. ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

0530- 6110- CANADA- Radio Japan, Sackville, 08/04, 05:30 female speaker
in English, re-checked at 05.58 when male speaker talking about religion
and temples in Japan. SINPO 33443. ---SCHAAY,  Doorn, The Netherlands

0623- FRENCH POLYNESIA- RFO, Mahina, Tahiti, 15170.00, 09/04, 06:23 male
French speaker in parallel with 162 kHz, interference from unid Arabic
language broadcast. SINPO 22442. ---SCHAAY,  Doorn, The Netherlands

0628- 4919.0- ECUADOR- R. Quito, Quito, 11/04 0628-0700 33333 mx LA ID
"Radio Quito acompañándola en este amanecer" nx ID "por Radio Quito.
---ARRUNATEGUI, Lima, Peru /Chasqui DX  # 118

0644- 6015- CANADA- Radio Austria International, Sackville, 10/04, 06:44
male French speaker, in parallel with 6155 kHz. SINPO 24332 to 34333.
---SCHAAY,  Doorn, The Netherlands

0715- 6115.0- PERU- R. Unión, Lima; 11/04 0715-0740 44444 mx salsa ID
"Unión lo acompaña en el camino con sus dos frecuencias..." mx.
---ARRUNATEGUI, Lima, Peru /Chasqui DX  # 118

0750- 15170- TAHITI- RFO; Mahina, April 13, 0750-1000, Weak but in the
clear and parallel to France Inter on 162 kHz which does make an easy
ID.  A piece by Miles Davis discussion about jazz  which ended the
programme was the clincher. Presumed. ---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The

0757- 5915- SLOVAKIA- R.Slovakia Int. in German, 0757-0805, IS and W M
ID s in various languages, German tlk at 0800 by M, with ID, fqy quote,
IS, class mx pause into German pgm by W. // 6055  7300. F  ---SERRA,
Anzio, Italy April 13

0800- 12256- PIRATE EUROPE- Wrekin R.Int. April 13, Pop mx,jingle ID in
English  23332 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama Pirate
News April  # 2

0803- 6207- PIRATE EUROPE- Star Club R. April 13, "We love pirates
..."mx,ID in German  22332 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy
/Radiorama Pirate News April  # 2

0805- 5805- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Free London April 12, Pop mx,Caroline
tape,ID in English 23332 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy
/Radiorama Pirate News April  # 2

0810- 6210- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Marabu April 12, Rock mx,ID in German 
33333 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama Pirate News
April  # 2

0812- 3919- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Borderhunter April 13, Mx,ID" ...across the
Europe!" in English 23232 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy
/Radiorama Pirate News April  # 2

0813- 9795- NEW ZEALAND- RNZI in English (very tent.) 0813-0820, M tlk
(mostly unclear), TP at 0815, poss ID and tlk (QRM very strong splat by
R.France Int. in French on 9805) VP  ---SERRA, Anzio, Italy April 13

0815- 5805- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Free London April 13, Rock mx,ID in
English  23332 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama Pirate
News April  # 2

0820- 6279.8- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Bremen April 13, Folk mx,ID,box in
German,English  with echo 23332 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy
/Radiorama Pirate News April  # 2

0829- 6220- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits April 12, Veronica tape,px in
English  33333 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama Pirate
News April  # 2

0830- 6299.8- PIRATE EUROPE- Transatlantic R. April 13, Mx,ID,PC promo
in English 23332 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama
Pirate News April  # 2

0837- 6220- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits April 13, Rock mx,px in
English  23332 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama Pirate
News April  # 2

0843- 6260- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Torenvalk April 12, Pop mx,ID,info on 31 mb
in English  33333 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama
Pirate News April  # 2

0845- 5815.4- PIRATE EUROPE- FRSHolland April 5, Non stop mx,ID in
E(QRN)  23232 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama Pirate
News April  # 1

0908- 6238- PIRATE EUROPE- Jolly Roger R April 5, Country mx,ID in E  
23332 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama Pirate News
April  # 1

0911- 6266- PIRATE EUROPE- UK R.Int. April 5, Pop mx,px in E  22232
---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama Pirate News April  # 1

0930- 6207- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Project One April 12, Mx,ID,info FR project
in German   33333 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama
Pirate News April  # 2

0936- 6300- PIRATE EUROPE- Farmers from Holland April 12, Dutch mx,ID in
Dutch 33333 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama Pirate
News April  # 2

0938- 6260- PIRATE EUROPE- R.New World April 12, Pop new wave mx,ID in
English   23332 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama Pirate
News April  # 2

1000- 15535- UNID- Unid R  08/04, 10:00 09.57 UTC test tones, tentative
Radio Vlaanderen Int. via Talata Volondry, but not signing on at 10.00
UTC as per Z98 schedule. ---SCHAAY,  Doorn, The Netherlands (Schaay)

1000- 12984- AUSTRALIA- VNG, time signal beeps, (Apr.04/98), medium,
---SCHOECH, Merseburg, Germany

1011- 6290- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Pandora April 5, Mx,ID,QTH in E 23332
---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama Pirate News April  # 1
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