[HCDX]: Some loggings this morning
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[HCDX]: Some loggings this morning

hello friends,

Some Broadcast Observations from
Klaus Elsebusch, Im Isselgrund 17, D-46499 Marienthal/Germany
DL 3 EAY & DE 2 JLS,    DSWCI-No. 3385
Coordinates: Lat. 51.73 N; Long. 06.74 E
eMail: dl3eay@xxxxxxx
Receiver: LOWE HF 150 and GRUNDIG Satellit 700
Antennas: 20 m and 15 m LW, indoor
                 Loop Antennas AMA 3 D and 11, outdoor
Accessoires: ADDX-AT 2 and FRT 7700

4832; Radio Reloj - TIHB -, San Jose; 19 Apr; 0515 music, 0519 TA 
and advert, 0520 TA and music for dreaming, 0524 TA and adverts, 
all TA and adverts in Spanish language therefore TIHB; 33433 (Elsebusch)

4930; Radio Internacional - HRQ 02, San Pedro Sula;19 Apr; 0436 local
music, 0438 ID male spoken in Spanish: " ... Internacional ... San Pedro
Sula ... FM Internacional ...", 0441 sung adv f/by sweet music, 0444 ID
"FM Internacional"; 44333 (Elsebusch)

5000; WWV Ft. Collins, 19 Apr; 0429 TS, TA ind English: "At the tone
four hours, twenty-nine minutes Coordinated Universal Time.", at 0430 ID
male spoken: "National Institute of Standards. This is Radiostation WWV,
Fort Collins/Colorado ..." (given QRG and address); strong but QRM by
YVTO Venezuela; (Elsebusch)

Remember: The Sunspots never set on the Internet (Ten-Ten-International)!
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