[HCDX]: Correction: Taiwan
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[HCDX]: Correction: Taiwan

TAIWAN   Contrary to my recent reports, the Voice of Asia in Thai on 7445
at 1600 was nothing new. As it turns out,  the recent English announcement
on Radio Taipei International (reported by Jay Novello, BBC-M, etc.) was
not entirely correct. The Voice of Asia stopped broadcasting in English in
January, but stayed on the air with its own name in the other languages.
Also, the "NF" 11745 for Indonesian at 1600 I reported last week had been
there since February. Sorry for the misinformation! Special thanks to Toru
Yamashita for pointing out my errors. (Ashimori Apr 19)

I wrote last week:

>7445, Voice of Asia, Apr 16, 1530-1700 talk by man in Thai, music (Japanese
>popular songs), ID "Thai Program, Voice of Asia..." Indonesian program from
>1600, talk, music, CC lesson, 1700 s/off. This is the first day broadcast
>of the revived Voice of Asia, which had been temporarily merged with Radio
>Taipei Int. from January 1, 1998. SIO 434-444 (Ashimori)

>11745 NF, Voice of Asia, Apr 17, 1600 s/on in Indonesian, ID "Radio Suara
>Asia," news, music, talk. SIO 444-332. CBS-Radio Taipei International here
>in Vietnamese until 1600, and the two stations obviously share the same
>transmitter. //7445 (SIO 333) after 1600 only. Until 1600, 7445 carries
>Voice of Asia in Thai.  (Ashimori)


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