[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings


Here are some loggings from me again.


4835, VL8A; Alice Springs, April 19, 2130-2135, "ABC"-ID at tune-in, news,
reports. Regular, now that Mali is on 4834.4v kHz. 24332. // Tennant Creek
4910 and Katherine 5025 (Under Benin) (Veldhuis)


15134.9, Radio Record; Sao Paulo, April 19, 2243-2250, Sports program in
Portuguese, short instrumental breaks, Sao paulo mentioned often,
"Gooooooooaaaaal!". 22432. // 9505 (Veldhuis)


4885, KBC; Langata, April 19, 1813-1818, English ID, time check, "Sports
Roundup". 44444 (Veldhuis)

4914.9, KBC; Langata, April 19, 1829-1852, Noted off-frequency and slightly
overmodulated. Nice Afro music, female speaker in vernacular. ID at 1852.
44444 (Veldhuis)


4965, Christian Voice; Lusaka, April 19, 1750-1757, Gospel music, male
speaker in English with ID and address, promos. 44444 (Veldhuis)


4828, ZBC; Gweru, April 19, 1802-1812, News in English, "Voice of
Zimbabwe"-ID at 1804, sports, main points of the news, at 1810 drums,
"Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Radio 4"-ID, time check, instrumental
music, at 1811 talk in vernacular. 34344 (Veldhuis)

Best 73' from the Netherlands,

Mark Veldhuis

Receiver: AOR AR7030
Antenna: Appr. 20 meter longwire

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