[HCDX]: dx-loggings
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[HCDX]: dx-loggings

Hello DXers,

last weekend there were tolerably good conditions towards Latin America.
Here are some of the results:

Receiver: JRC NRD-525
Antenna: 25m long wire

15476 USB, Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel; Base Esperanza, April 18,
1950-2015, Spanish, pop music, sports information, ID at 2003: "Radio
Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel de la Base Esperanza ..."  15322

21550, Voz Cristiana; Santiago, April 15, 2000-2045, test transmission with
announcements in English and Spanish, gospel songs; ID in English at 2007 as
follows: "You are listening to a test transmission from Voz Cristiana,
broadcasting from Santiago, Chile, on 21550 kHz shortwave. If you would like
to contact us concerning reception of this signal, please write to Casilla
490, Santiago 3, Chile. Alternatively you can fax us on international code
56 2 855 7053. Or send an e-mail to vozing@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This message will
be repeated in English in about 30 minutes." 35534

Due to the worse reception quality at 2022 I couldn't understand completely
the Spanish ID: "Usted es escuchando una transmisión de prueba de Voz
Cristiana ... Chile en 21550 kHz de la onda corta..."

15140, HCJB Home Service; Quito, April 17, 2225-2245, Spanish, discussion on
the musical education at the "Conservatorio Nacional" in Quito.  45534

Tip for Spanish speaking program listeners: The HCJB Home Service offers a
lot of information about this LA-country like cultural features, history,
political background reports etc.

6725.5, Radio Satélite; Santa Cruz, April 19, 0220-0257, Spanish, very nice
peruvian music, ID 0223: "Radio Satélite con el programa de salsa", national
anthem 0255 and c/d 0257. 34323

6811.6, Ondas del Rio Mayo; Nueva Cajamarca, April 19, 0155-0220, Spanish,
many IDs, fanatic sermon (often mentioned: "hermanos y hermanas en Cristo"
and "Cristo en nuestra corazón"); at 0212 the female speaker announced that
the same program will be repeated over Radio Sudamérica in Cutervo (I don't
think that I will tune in!). 33322

11735.1, Radio Oriental; Montevideo, April 17, 2205-2225, Spanish, report
about the "Cosa Nostra", the Mafia organization in Napoli; the program
seemed to be a relay of RAI Italy, which I already could hear sometimes on
this station at that time; interruption from 2216 to 2219 and return to
normal Oriental program; jingle and ID at 2220, soccer information. 22322

4840.1, Radio Valera; April 19, 0320-0326, Spanish, the station was closing
down, ID: "Radio Valera, música venezolana ..."  c/d 0326.  32322

4939.5, Radio Amazonas; Puerto Ayacucho, April 19, 0300-0310, Spanish,
romantic songs, ID 0306, bad modulation. 34323

vy 73

Michael Schnitzer
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