[HCDX]: Wtr: Copy of: WWCR goes silent for AWR relay
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[HCDX]: Wtr: Copy of: WWCR goes silent for AWR relay

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From:   Adrian Peterson, 105502,471
TO:     Glenn Hauser, INTERNET:ghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx
        Marie Lamb, INTERNET:malamb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DATE:   4/22/98 12:24 PM

RE:     Copy of: WWCR goes silent for AWR relay

                        ADVENTIST  WORLD  RADIO


        The shortwave station WWCR, near Nashville in Tennessee, has
confirmed that they will leave the air for two brief periods so that the
radio world might hear the exotic new AWR station on the island of
Madagascar.  This, another once-in-a-lifetime event, will occur on the
first two Sundays in May.

        Well known international radio monitor, Jerry Berg, living near
Boston in the United States, initiated the request with WWCR and they
responded over the air indicating that they are giving serious
consideration to this request.  Word has just been received, confirming
this event.

        It is very rare for one radio station to go silent for a period of
time so that listeners can hear another distant station underneath.  The
only other occasion that the radio world can remember during the past half
century is when a transmitter operated by the Voice of America went silent
for a period of time several years ago.  This was so that listeners could
have the opportunity of hearing a low powered shortwave station located in
the Cook Islands in the South Pacific.

        Even though the AWR outlet on Madagascar is a low powered unit, yet
monitoring information indicates that it is providing a good signal to
Madagascar and neighboring areas.   However, it is a temporary unit and it
will be replaced by a transmitter at 25 kW when it is ready for service.

        The schedule for the WWCR silent period is:-

        Saturday night USA   May 2 & 9; Sunday UTC  May 3 & 10
                0300 - 0330  UTC on 3215 kHz

        Reception reports for the broadcasts from AWR-Madagascar are
invited and should be addressed to Adventist World Radio at Box 383, Forli
47100, Italy.  Those who hear AWR-Madagascar during this silent period are
also invited to send a card or letter of thanks to WWCR, at 1300 WWCR Ave.,
Nashville, Tennessee 37218, USA.

        Adventist World Radio acknowledges with gratitude and appreciation
the courtesy that is demonstrated by the management and staff of station
WWCR in thus enabling listeners worldwide to hear our exotic little relay
on the island of Madagascar; and we thank also Jerry Berg in initiating
this request.

Dr. Adrian M. Peterson,
Co-ordinator - International Relations
Adventist World Radio.

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