[HCDX]: QSL: BBC R Goucestershire 1413 khz
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[HCDX]: QSL: BBC R Goucestershire 1413 khz

Today I received a QSL letter + sticker + info from BBC Radio
Gloucestershire for my reception of their test transmission on 18 april
1998 on 1413 khz mediumwave. Receptiontime was 22.50-23.10 UTC.

The letter gives the following info:
Our new 1413 khz transmitter is at Stow on the Wold, serving North
Cotswolds. A second transmitter on the same frequency will soon open at
Berkeley Heath serving the Forest of Dean.
We are curretly radiating test transmissions while final adjustments are
made, so any comments we receive are useful. Both transmitters will radiate
at 500W.
BBC Radio Gloucestershire started transmissions on 10th October 1988. We
broadcast on 104.7 95 and 95.8 Mhz FM. Originally we also broadcast on 603
khz mediumwave but gave up that frequency in 1989. We are very pleased to
have mediumwave back as the terrai in Gloucestershire does not allow for
good FM coverage.
Signed by Roy Preece, Chief Engineer.

London Road
Gloucester GL1 1SW
fax: 01452 309491

Max van Arnhem
the Netherlands
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