[HCDX]: Unid 1270 - another one!, and more...
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[HCDX]: Unid 1270 - another one!, and more...

Have been at Waianakarua, my Beverage site, for the last four nights and
have heard more than the usual number of stations I can't identify... 

This time my 1270 unid is an Ecuadorian, mentions things like "el
territorio nacional" and "nuestra Secretario General Don Juanito Mela.."
and "..provincia del sur"... possibly around the disputed
Peruvian/Ecuadorian region. Can't pull the id but is something like "Radio
Rio Cal".. any ideas anyone?

Another unid is what I think may be a Colombian on 1623.8kHz, not a strong
signal and was fading out when I heard them (after 1100z).

Next unid. I think is a Peruvian on 1482.8kHz, again heard towards fade-out
after 1100z, announcer was talking about marriage and it was a chatty
program with guests. 

Your help with these would be most appreciated.

73s Paul


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