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[HCDX]: TFW 59 3/3

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright 1998  Part  3
Year 3 -  Number  59  - Rome, 1 May 1998

2122- 15375- USA- WEWN Birmingham Apr. 19   2122 spanish sermon QRK3+
---PLC CALLIGARO, Italy  / Radio DX Net

2123- 15345- ARGENTINA- RAE Bs. As. Apr. 19   2123 fútbol Huracán-Racing
QRK4  ---PLC CALLIGARO, Italy  / Radio DX Net

2128- 4985- BRAZIL- R. Brasil Central Apr. 19   2128 futebol QRK2+
---PLC CALLIGARO, Italy  / Radio DX Net

2130- 4835- AUSTRALIA- VL8A; Alice Springs, April 19, 2130-2135,
"ABC"-ID at tune in, news, reports. Regular, now that Mali is on 4834.4v
kHz. 24332. // Tennant Creek 4910 and Katherine 5025 (Under Benin)
---VELDHUIS, Borne, The Netherlands

2132- 4915- BRAZIL- R. Anhanguera Apr. 19   2132 port. talk under Ghana!
QRK2  ---PLC CALLIGARO, Italy  / Radio DX Net

2240- 4840.4- VENEZUELA- RADIO VALERA  2240-2250 APRIL 24. Advs.
Alcaldia de Carvajal, Corporaciòn Trujillana de Turismo. " Radio Valera
la decana de las emisoras trujillanas..." " La musica no se detiene aqui
en Radio Valera 1230 AM..." ---RODRIGUEZ R., Santafe de Bogota D.C.,

2243- 15134.9- BRAZIL- Radio Record; Sao Paulo, April 19, 2243-2250,
Sports program in Portuguese, short instrumental breaks, Sao paulo
mentioned often, "Gooooooooaaaaal!". 22432. // 9505 ---VELDHUIS, Borne,
The Netherlands

2255- 9650- GUINEA- Radiodiffusion TV Guineenne; Conakry, April 18,
2255-2340, Various styles of music: hi-life, an LA influenced song
(nice!),  ''A groovy kind of love'' & a Spanish tune. Announcements in
French, switching to vernacular at 2230 with ID. Qrm adjacent channels
with a poor signal which was parallel to a weak 7125, partly blocked.
---PIJPERS, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands

2256- 3930- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits, 18 April, Pop mx,px in
English (in//with 6220)  33222 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy  /
Radiorama Pirate News April # 3

2300- 6275- PIRATE  EUROPE- European Music R. 25 /04,  Mx,ID"EMR from
Europe to Europe",EE 33333 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy
/Radiorama Pirate News April # 4

2302- 3924- PIRATE EUROPE- R.Black Power 25 /04,  Mx,Beilen box,ID in
EE  33333 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama Pirate News
April # 4

2308- 3930- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits 25 /04,  Mx pop-rock,ID in
E(in//with 6220)  32222 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy
/Radiorama Pirate News April # 4

2309- 6220- PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits 25 /04,  Mx pop-rock,ID in EE
(in//with 3930) 33333 ---PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy /Radiorama
Pirate News April # 4

2315- 5981.6- PERU- RADIO CHASKI 2315-2340 April 25 Predications and
himns. TC:" La hora exacta en nuestro estudios 6 de la tarde con 30 
minutos...Desde este momento les presentamos al Instituto Bautista
Independiente Pastoral de los Andes con el Hermano Vicente Soto, el como
siempre enseñando el curso evangelico en Quechua..." ID:" Escuchan Radio
Chaski en 5970 Kcs, Onda Corta desde el Cuzco, Peru...". ---RODRIGUEZ
R., Santafe de Bogota D.C., Colombia

2323- 5055- BRAZIL- Radio Difusora; Caceres, April 20, 2323-2328,
Portuguese ID, male speaker, musical interludes, song at 2325. 22332
---VELDHUIS, Borne, The Netherlands 

2330- 5100- LIBERIA- Radio Liberia, in English (Apr.18-98), music px,
c/d at 0000 with hymn, faint  ---SCHOECH, Merseburg, Germany (for CRW)

2358- 4409- BOLIVIA- Radio Eco; Borja, April 18/19, 2358-0050, Instant
ID when tuning to frequency, but except for some weak peaks with male in
Spanish and one LA tune, hardly above noise-level. ---PIJPERS, Alphen
a/d Rijn, The Netherlands


ANTARCTICA - LRA 36 R. Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel on 15476, QSL card,
V/s Hugo Carlos Casela Teniente Coronel, in 125 days for 1 taped report.
(L.Botto Fiora, Gral Liguria, Italy/Play DX # 979 April 20)

BELARUS - 7210  Radio Minsk, QSL-c (full data), schedule, rr form, nice
stamps on the envelope (asked for them), in 77 days for no IRC
(M.Schoech, Germany)

BOLIVIA - R.Santa Cruz on 6135, QSL, pennant, V/s Maria Yolanda Marco
E., in 73 days. (P.Machado Decastro, Brazil, in QSL's , DX Clube
Paulista # 163, Febr. 98 /Play DX # 979 April 20)

BRAZIL - R. Gaucha on 11915, replied via e-mail in 1 days, report to <
gaucha@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >, V/s Gilberto Kussler, gerente tecnico,
personal e-mail < gilberto.kussler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >(M.Schnitzer,
Germany /Play DX # 979 April 20)

CLANDESTINE - R. Fana on 6940, QSL, V/s Hamelmal Tekle Haimanot, in 51
days for 1 USD. (R.Pavanello, Italy /Play DX # 979 April 20)

ECUADOR - R.Nacional Espejo on 4679, (more recently around 4880 kHz),
reply via e-mail, V/s Steve Caicedo, e-mail < mcaicedo@xxxxxxx >. (
M.Salonen, Finland, in DX -clusive # 761, Finland /Play DX # 979 April

GUATEMALA - AWR Union R. on 5980, QSL card F/d, cloth pennant lilas+
yellow beautiful old  style, in 42 days for 1 USD. (B.Gornati, Italy,
hrd in Mexico /Play DX # 979 April 20)

INDIA - AIR Hyderabad on 4800, QSL card via New Delhi, V/s
A.K.Bhatnagar, dir. freq. assignements, in 83 days. (L.Botto Fiora,
Igral Liguria, Italy/Play DX # 979 April 20)

JORDAN - 11690 kHz, Radio Jordan, QSL-c (full data) signed and stamped,
schedule, sticker, flag, v/s Director Jawas Zada, in 26 days for 1 IRC
to Box 909 in Amman (M.Schoech, Germany)

MADAGASCAR - RTV Malagasy on 5010, QSL card n/d after 90 days, after
years of attempts, V/s Mamy Rafeno Manantsota, dir. ( M.Molano, Spain /
Play DX 979 April 27)

PERU - Radio 5264 on 5264.70, QSL card F/d, QSL letter, personal letter
after 2 years,  V/s Santos Castaneda C., gerente,  and Hildebrando Lopez
Pintado, director, promising pennant,  no F/up , sent 1 USD and Italian
FM station stickers (B.Gornati, Italy / Play DX 979 April 27)

PHILIPPINES - VOA Relay (17735 kHz)-Grand Canyon card in 44 days.
Finally have this country QSLed after 16 years of trying! (Bueneman-MO,

POLAND - 6000  Polskie Radio 5 (External Svc.), QSL-c (full data),
schedule, personal letter, sticker, no pennats aviable due to financial
cutbacks, in 71 days for no IRC (M.Schoech, Germany)

TURKMENISTAN - 5015 kHz, Radio Turkmenistan (Domestic Service), computer
printed QSL-l (full data) signed and stamped, px schedule, v/s Chief of
technical department G.Khanmamedov, in 21 days for a tape report with 1
USD to Turkmen Radio, Mollanepes St. 3, 744000 Ashagabat, Turkmenistan
(M.Schoech, Germany)

UKRAINE  - Radio Ukraine International (7150 kHz)-QSL card with Easter
greeting card and schedule in 50 days. (Bueneman-MO, USA)


reiteration that the stn broadcast currently ONLY the Mon, Wed and Fri
from 1900-2100 UTC. The REACTIVATION on day 18th April have been ONLY
for to relay the special programme of Radio La Colifata, but this not
signify that the station broadcast also on Saturdays, as some source may
claim about this.(Gabriel Ivan Barrera, Argentina)

BELGIUM - Since I missed RVI's Radio World Sunday at 1237 on 15545, I
searched the RVI site where scripts of that have been posted, with
little publicity. There's nothing about it on the homepage of vrt, <
http://www.vrt.be > From there, you click on the RVI logo but still find
no direct link to it. Finally I found it under rvi rather than vrt: <
http://www.rvi.be/uk/hoeontvang/world/index.htm > but it was the Feb 8,
1998 script, after which they apparently quite posting them. BTW, I
object to "uk" being in the URL; in Europe, shorthand for "English
language" is far too often "uk" or even "gb" (Glenn Hauser, OK, R.I.B./
GH SW/DX Report 98-20, April 23)

BELGIUM - On at least two occasions, VRT in Dutch at 1800 has been heard
on 15720 instead of scheduled Wavre 15270, recurring punch-up error?
(Joe Hanlon, PA, April 19, WORLD OF RADIO 938 / GH SW/DX Report 98-20,
April 23)

CANADA - Checking RCI for Inside Sports/Madly Off in All Direxions
Monday 1207-1300 on 9640, 11855, 13650, found instead THIS MORNING,
Monday, first hour, apparently live from the original Atlantic Zone
feed! And the second hour followed after RCI news at 1300; but no third
hour. So it seems RCI has finally decided to run TM live rather than As
It Happens and condensed TM the next day, but this also knocks out MOAID
repeat; contrary to published summer sked just received (Glenn Hauser,
OK, April 20/ GH SW/DX Report 98-20, April 23)

COSTA RICA/ECUADOR- HCJB has started using 21470 in Czech to Europe at
1830-1900, carrier on as early as 1814, interfering with RFPI on 21465+;
on Friday April 17 only, so far, HCJB expanded this to 2000 with
additional European languages. I' ve been corresponding with HCJB's
frequency manager, asking them  to shift to any one of numerous open
channels at this time on the 13 mb, or at least to 21475, but they
refuse to budge, insisting that they have prior rights to 21470, it
doesn't really bother 21465, and if RFPI has a problem, it should move.
HCJB has much more frequency flexibility than RFPI, as James Latham
explained on Mailbag, with the antenna tuning limited to about 21450 to
21500; until now 21465 has been a nice clear frequency for RFPI; BBC
Cyprus is on 21470 earlier in the day, but not much of a problem in NAm
compared to HCJB. RFPI is considering what to do next (Glenn Hauser,
April 20/ GH SW/DX Report 98-20, April 23)

CROATIA - Prezados Radioescutas, Eu sintonizara, na semana passada, uma
emissao em espanhol em 9.925 kHz, por volta de 0:00 UTC, com bom sinal,
que inicialmente pensei se tratar de uma emissao da Voz da Russia. Mas
desconfiei, pela voz da locutora, e pelo fato de a frequencia, segundo o
WRTH'97, ser utilizada apenas pela Radio Vlaanderen. Entao, por volta
das 0:05 UTC, a emissao em espanhol terminou, com a locutora
identificando-a como sendo da Radio Nacional da Croacia. Nos dias
seguintes, sintonizei a mesma frequencia outras vezes, para obter mais
detalhes desta emissao em espanhol da Radio Croacia, que eu desconhecia
existir (deve ter-se iniciado em abril, pois na homepage da emissora, em
<http://www.hrt.hr>, nao hah nenhuma mencao a qualquer emissao em
espanhol, tampouco no WRTH'97). Eu mesmo nunca ouvira falar de emissoes
em espanhol da Radio Croacia. Nao sei se os radioescutas da lista jah
sabiam disso, eu soh agora eh que soube. Ah sim, os detalhes da emissao
em espanhol: a Radio Nacional da Croacia (Hrvatski Radio) transmite
diariamente na frequencia de 9.925 kHz (30 metros) `as 23:00 UTC, com
reprise `as 0:00 UTC, um boletim de noticias em  espanhol com duracao
aproximada de cinco minutos. Estas emissoes em espanhol estao inseridas
na emissao em croata da emissora para a America do Sul, entre 23:00 e
01:00 UTC. (Lenildo C. Silva, Brazil via Elmer David Escoto, HONDURAS)
---- Amigos:  Un saludo. Esta emisión en español no es nueva, yo la
había sintonizado hace algún tiempo, y me dejó con la boca abierta, pues
nadie había sintonizado ésta emisora en Español recientemente.
Efectivamente, Croacia emite en español un boletín de noticias de 4 ó 5
minutos de duración. Es una buena oportunidad para conseguir otra QSL!
Saludos y 73 a todos. (Elmer David Escoto, HONDURAS)  

INDIA - New Station in Jeypore testing on 6040, 1500-1700, address: Mr.
A.C. Subuddhi, ass.st. eng., Shortwave transmitter, AIR, Jeypore 764 015
(M.Guha, in EDXP Finland / Play DX # 979  April 27 1998) 

IRELAND - Emerald Radio's webpage says that during the special WWCR
broadcasts April 27-30 they will also have live RealVideo of them at
work in their studio at 1200. Check it out at <
http://www.emeraldradio.com > (Finbarr O'Driscoll, Eire, R.I.B. and
WORLD OF RADIO 938/ GH SW/DX Report 98-20, April 23)

KOREA, NORTH - R. Pyongyang, 2100 English to Europe on new 9335. Strong
signal in London but modulation almost as distorted as the ideology!
They have dropped "The Song of General Kim Il Sung" at the beginning of
transmission. Such changes usually have a political meaning. But the
"news" doesn't seem to have changed much -- the top story this week
being the 85th birth anniversary of the late "Great Leader" and the fact
that people throughout
the world have been holding meetings to mark the earth-shattering event
(Roger Tidy, England, April 21 via Hauser/ GH SW/DX Report 98-20, April

MADAGASCAR -  Adventist World Radio has begun transmitting from the
Radio Netherlands relay station at Talata-Volondry via a 7.5 kw
transmitter on 3215 kHz.  They are presently broadcasting at 0300-0330
and 1530-1600 UTC in the Malagasy language.  In North America, a 7.5 kw
signal from Madagascar is good DX.  Unfortunately, reception at the
otherwise feasible hour of 0300 UTC is almost impossible due to the very
strong signal from WWCR in Nashville, Tennessee, which uses the
frequency at that time. There is good news, however.  WWCR plans to
vacate the frequency for a half hour on two days for the specific
purpose of giving DXers a better chance to hear AWR-Madagascar.  WWCR
will turn off its transmitter on 3215 kHz. from 0300 to 0330 UTC on
Sunday, May 3, and again at the same time on Sunday, May 10, 1998. 
(Those are UTC dates, corresponding to Saturday night in North
America.)  Some traces of the AWR signal have been heard behind WWCR at
0300-0330 UTC in North America, so the chances of hearing AWR while WWCR
is off the air seem good.  For late information about this event, check
the "Ask WWCR" program that will be broadcast during the period April
24-May 7.  According to the WWCR website <http://www.wwcr.com/> the
program is broadcast as follows (times adjusted for U.S. summer time): 
Friday at 2000 UTC on 15685, Saturday at 0915 on 5070 and 2030 on 12160,
and Monday at 0430 on 5070 and 2100 on 9475.  It can also be heard via
RealAudio or True Speech on the WWCR website. Many thanks to WWCR for
their cooperation in this DX venture, specifically to George McClintock,
General Manager, and Adam W. Lock, Sr., Head of Operations.  If you
would like to express your thanks to them directly, you can contact them
at WWCR@xxxxxxx, or WWCR International, 1300 WWCR Avenue, Nashville, TN
37218, USA.  (Jerry Berg, MA, USA)

MADAGASCAR - WWCR is planning to shut down its 3215 transmitter UT Sun
May 3 and 10 at 0300-0330 so that it will be easier to hear the new AWR
transmission here. At least I think that is what was meant by "May 2 and
9". Don't expect something like this very often, but it happens to be
possible in this case, and George McClintock is interested in tropical
DX himself (Ask WWCR #38 via Glenn Hauser/ GH SW/DX Report 98-20, April

MADAGASCAR - 3287.7  Radio Madagasikara, Antanarivo  my tentative log of
April 12 is probably substantiated by Mahendra Vaghjee's report,
originating in DX Window #111 and NU #1471 to the effect that this
longtime 90mb freq  has also been hrd during local evenings with 5010
[ie. 5009.6] and 6135 being off-air since April 1st. Per Vaghjee's note
of 7155 & 9690 being active at 0500, I checked 7155 on April 13, found
the freq open prior to 0500, at which point a moderate carrier appeared
but too weak for audio  2 hrs past xmtr SR but this might have been
them. (Clark, Ontario, Canada)

MEXICO - Radio Educacion, Mexico was announcing last week that they're
using 5 kW on shortwave, "soon to be increased to 10 kW." (Al Quaglieri,

UKOGBANI - Once again Merlin/BBC can't get their act together on
17840--Saturday April 18 at 1712 check, there was a varying subaudible
heterodyne indicating two transmitters on the frequency, and a slight
audio reverb--fortunately, not an echo making listening impossible.
Apparently Antigua did not turn off their transmitter at 1700 when RCI
takes over. Or, I hope some ill-informed planner at BBC doesn't think a
deliberate overlap is a good idea (Glenn Hauser, OK/ GH SW/DX Report
98-20, April 23)

<  Marconi ha dato agli uomini un nuovo
modo di conoscersi, di aiutarsi, di 
amarsi, quale nessun  poeta o scienziato
aveva mai immaginato.  >
                                                  Nuova Antologia 

< La conoscenza e' la prima forma di liberta'. >
                                                       Giovanni Serra 

< Un uomo che abbia qualcosa da dire
e non trovi chi l' ascolta, 
se la passa male.
Ma ancora peggio
se la passano gli ascoltatori
che non trovano nessuno
che abbia qualcosa da dire >
                                              Bertold Brecht, 1927
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