[HCDX]: Fw: New WRTH contact info
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[HCDX]: Fw: New WRTH contact info

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Andy Sennitt <andys@xxxxxxxxxx>
Nieuwsgroepen: rec.radio.shortwave
Datum: donderdag 30 april 1998 16:54
Onderwerp: New WRTH contact info

>As many of you know, I resigned as editor of the World Radio TV
>Handbook at the end of last year. The new editor is David Bobbett, and
>the contact information is now as follows:
>PO Box 7373
>Milton Keynes
>MK12 5ZL
>United Kingdom
>Fax: +44 1908 321030
>E-mail: editor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Please feel free to publish and pass on this news to all interested
>parties. I trust you will all give David the same help and support you
>gave me over the years.
>Andy Sennitt
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