Re: [HCDX]: MS-Word problem...
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Re: [HCDX]: MS-Word problem...

Paul Ormandy wrote:

> I wonder if some clever person could tell me how to include foreign accents
> above letters like in the Spanish n ~, etc., so I can correctly spell words
> like Bogota, with the accent over the 'a', and the PP "atencao"... I am
> sure there must be an easier way than selecting and pasting them all from
> the character map!
> 73s Paul

FOR w=1 TO 168

This QB code witll generate the ASCII character equivalents of the numbers
between 129 (ü) and 168 (¿). Print the table. To type the character you want
inside text, simply hold the ALT key down while typing the number of the
character that you want.


Werner Funkenhauser


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