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Re: [HCDX]: MS-Word problem...

On Thu, 7 May 1998 22:24:40 +1200 "Paul Ormandy" <paulorm@xxxxxxxx>
>I wonder if some clever person could tell me how to include foreign 
>accents above letters like in the Spanish n ~, etc., so I can correctly
>words like Bogota, with the accent over the 'a', and the PP "atencao"...
>am sure there must be an easier way than selecting and pasting them all 
>from the character map!

I don't know which version of Word you are using, but the last couple of
versions (at least) have included information on this in the Help menu. 
It involves depressing the 'control' key and the key which contains the
accent symbol you want simultaneously, then releasing these keys and
typing the letter which you want to accent.

For example:  To place a right-leaning accent over the 'o' in the Spanish
word "recepcion", type "recepci", then press the 'control' key and the
single quote key simultaneously.  Next, release these and type the letter
'o'.  You will then see this letter accented.  Then, of course, finish
typing the rest of the word's letters as normal.

Note: To accent letters with certain characters such as a tilde (~),
involves depressing the 'control' and the 'shift' key simultaneously
along with the letter you want to accent.

It's a bit awkward at first, but doesn't take too long to get used to. 
Again, this subject is covered in MS Word Help.  Look under headings such
as "International Characters", or "International Symbols".


J.D. Stephens

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