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[HCDX]: Accenting the Obvious - Updater

How do you use Spanish, French & Portuguese accents on your word-processor?

Following a poser I put out to subscribers of Hard Core DX, I am now able
to summarise what this great human data-base has offered..

There are at least two ways to obtain the accents required for  Spanish,
Portuguese, French etc. One is to hold down the "Ctrl" key then press the '
key, then followed by the letter you want the accent over, for example, to
get á - hold "Ctrl" & press ' - the same goes for é, í, ó, & ú. 

To get letters like ñ and ã, simply hold down "Ctrl" & "Shift" & ~ then the
letter you want to accent.

For ç - hold down "Ctrl" and press the comma , then the letter c. Keep
experimenting, I've found ê by "Ctrl" & "Shift" & ^ (i.e. the character
above the number 6). 

This works well with the version of Word I run, however it doesn't work
with Internet Mail and presumably other programs. Therefore you can use the
longer "shortcut" -  hold down the "Alt" button and type the number 164 or
165 on the numerical key-pad.

 Other "Alt" key short-cuts are printed below. Please note that there are
many more, not all intended as accent markers.

Werner Funkenhauser suggests this DOS command to find out what all the ALT
combinations can give..

FORw+1 TO 168

Though you will note that I found the Spanish reverse exclamation mark at
173, so make 168 a higher value and see what happens!

Alt 128 Ç
Alt 129 ü
Alt 130 +
Alt 131 â
Alt 132 ä
Alt 133 à
Alt 134 å
Alt 135 ç
Alt 136 ê
Alt 137 ë
Alt 138 è
Alt 139 ï
Alt 140 é
Alt 141 ì
Alt 142 Ä
Alt 143 Å
Alt 144 É
Alt 145 æ
Alt 146 Æ
Alt 147 ô
Alt 148 ö
Alt 149 ò
Alt 150 û
Alt 151 ù
Alt 152 ÿ
Alt 153 Ö
Alt 154 Ü
Alt 155 ¢
Alt 156 £
Alt 157 ¥
Alt 158 P
Alt 159 ?
Alt 160 á
Alt 161 í
Alt 162 ó
Alt 163 ú
Alt 164 ñ
Alt 165 Ñ
Alt 166 ª
Alt 167 º
Alt 168 ¿
Alt 169 _
Alt 170 ¬
Alt 171 1/2
Alt 172 1/4
Alt 173 ¡

My thanks to all those who responded, Elmer David Escoto Romero, Werner
Funkenhauser, Sonny Ashimori, Esa Hanninen, Humberto Molina, Lewis, David
Diamond, Larry Russell, Robert Joosten, Jan Alvestad, J D Stephens and to
anyone else who answers after this message.


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