[HCDX]: Pirate Pages (PiPa) #216
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[HCDX]: Pirate Pages (PiPa) #216

Howdy all & welcome to PiPa#216! (This is just the cover sheet, PiPa #216
should either be an attached file to this or should follow right after my
own greetings & name). 

Sorry this issue is SO LATE!! I've been so busy with Hobby Broadcasting &
other projects that I haven't been able to figure out what in the world I've
been doing lately! With a few of these deadlines out of the way, I should be
getting back on track with the upcoming issues...

A MIDWEST SWL GET-TOGETHER?: Tom Sevart passes along word that a few
midwesterners are thinking of organizing a sort of SWL/pirate get-together
somewhere in the midwest, possible Wichita, Kansas City, Tulsa, Lincoln NE
or Omaha NE. Or this event could be a SWL/pirate ?DXpedition? at a lake
somewhere in the midwest. Anybody who is interested, or has suggestions, is
requested to provide their input as to what type of event they?d like to
attend to Tom via e-mail. Tom?s e-mail address is: tmsevart@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Also, I've heard one of the organizers of this event call it an "all-band"
event--listeners, shortwave pirates, and FM pirates are all invited.

The Summer issue of Hobby Broadcasting should be out in a week or 2--it's at
the printer now. This issue should wind up on your news stands because of
our new North American distributor. It's 40 pages (25% longer than the
Spring issue), including Ian O'Sphere's feature on the current low-power
proposals before the FCC, an interview with the Voice of the Voyager, AM/MW
transmitters, DYNAKit FM transmitter review, recent convention info, news,
music reviews, classifieds & more. We had a good response at the Dayton
Hamvention, but it was so big that everyone who let us know that they'd be
seeing us, missed us! We're planning to be at the Rochester (NY) hamfest
this coming weekend. Look for us there! For a sample of HB, send $3 in the
US ($4 outside) to: Hobby Broadcasting, PO Box 642, Mont Alto, PA 17237

Clandestine Radio Watch (CRW) is a biweekly report which centralizes
the latest news and developments affecting the study of clandestine
radio in an easy-to-read format. Editions are published around 2000
UTC Thursdays through e-mail and are posted on the two web pages given
below within 24 hours.
Nick Grace C.	: yb0rmi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Martin Schoech	: schoech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CRW can also be accessed on-line at:
and soon to be mirrored on the Clandestine Radio Intel web:
<--This is a must-subscribe for anyone interested in clandestine radio! Send
Nick or Martin an e-mail if you want to be on their e-mail list.  

PiPa #216   POB 840             5/23/98
      Mont Alto, PA 17237

Dline for #217: Send logs out no later than 5/26

PiPa #216 contains logs from FRW #120/121 + some more

This change will take effect on Saturday the 9th of May This change will
have immediate effect on our site. There *won't* be a link from the old
location to the new one !! The new location will be:
HTTP://WWW.GIRONET.NL/HOME/FREAK55 We used two E-mailers for the same
I-account: frsh@xxxxxx and freak55@xxxxxx They both will expire. Mail send
to these addresses *after* the 9th of May will only be forwarded to the new
account until June, 1st. So please change our address on all your
mailinglists, private lists etc. from the 9th onwards. The new E-mailer will
be: freak55@xxxxxxxxxx Of course, the other account from Peter Verbruggen
will remain as it is: peter.verbruggen@xxxxxx
EUROPIRATE INFO. The SW Relay Svc will b/c as follows: Sunday, May 3 on
11515U at 0630-1100. (SWRS)
Steve, the operator of VRFI, confirms that Voice of Radio Free Indiana will
be using Box 293, Merlin, Ontario, Canada, N0P 1W0. And Jerry Coatsworth,
the operator of the Merlin maildrop, confirms this also.
Mike O. Farad of WBMR-Black Mountain Radio announced on the Free Radio
Network Grapevine (www.frn.net/grapevine) that WBMR will accept
correspondense and tapes for relays via Box 109, Blue Ridge Summit, PA, 17214.

According to a posting on the Free Radio Network Grapevine
(www.frn.net/grapevine), Stereo Sound Radio can be reached via e-mail at
Those of you hoping to catch a pirate (or to transmit) in the "expanded
band" above 1600 kHz should keep in mind that two more stations signed on
this past week. WNML in Warner Robins GA on 1670 (w/an all-sports format),
and in KKJY Lake Oswego OR on 1640 (gospel format). And three more, WAWY in
Madison WI on 1670 (who will be WTDY once they are on the air officially),
and KQXI Arvada CO on 1690 and KDSX in Denison TX on 1700, have been heard

These stations join plethora of Traveler's Information Stations & Highway
Advisory Radio stations already on the frequencies above 1660 as well as
these "legit" stations, some or all of which you may be able to hear,
depending on your location. Here's the current state of "expanded band"

1610 CHEV Toronto ON (portable station for local sporting events) 1620 WPHG
Atmore AL (gospel format) 1620 KRIZ Renton WA (soul/gospel format) 1640 KDIA
Vallejo CA (soul format) 1650 KGXL Costa Mesa CA (show tunes format) 1660
WJDM Elizabeth NJ (dance music format) 1700 WCMQ Miami Springs FL (spanish

6955 U 5-1 0015-0024 On briefly w/mx by The Spin Doctors. (good Majewski-CT)
6955 U 5-6 0220+ Talking to another station and relaying bits of Radio
Tornado Worldwide. (fr Wolfish-ON)

6955 U 5-2 0042-0116 Europirate relay; talk about Radio Ozone's xmtr being
for sale. (151 Silvi-OH)(McArdle-OK)(poor Russell-MI)(333 Haston-SC)
6955.7 5-3 *1807-1853* Relay via WREC w/host Gary Stevens playing mx by
Clapton, Deep Purple, Canned Heat; played World of Radio report about WREC
using 6850 kHz. (444 Filipkowski-RI)

6955U 04-25 0100-0132* The "Inbred Banjo Boy" and "Buford Pig Squealer"
[Russell-MI][333 Frodge-MI][poor Majewski-CT] [ 444 McClintock-MN][252
Silvi-OH][342 Hunsicker-PA](433 AY,PA)
6955U 04-26 *0003-0027 Dueling Banjos IS; program still going at 0027.
[Russell-MI][252 Silvi-OH](AY,PA)
6955U 04-26 0300-0329 Same Old-Same Old [444 Haston-SC]
6955 U 5-2 *0056-0118* Usual squealing pigs and banjo mx; distorted audio;
QRMing VoRadio Free Indiana. (Smith-OH)(222 Silvi-OH)(222
Haston-SC)(McArdle-OK)(Russell-MI)(poor Frodge-MI)(AY,PA)

"EARL PITTS STATION" (for lack of a better ID) Please ID and QSL!
6955 U 5-2 0100-0130* One Earl Pitts commentary after another; no ID (343+
after Deliverance Radio signed off Frodge-MI)(233 Silvi-OH) (323
Haston-SC)(McArdle-OK)(333 AY,PA)

EUROPEAN MUSIC RADIO- [North American Relay]
6275 04-26 1136-1203 Old USA rock, Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream
Speech; EE folk tunes. [252 Hunsicker-PA]

6955.5U, 4/18, 0330 with U.F.O. commentary & spoofs-lotsa good anti-fcc
sogans-mixed with punk rock (ROberts,TX)
6955u, 4/19, 3:26-3:57, fair, Major Spook's premier broadcast (Jurrens, Tx)
6955U 04-25 0140- Mx, ID. [252 Silvi-OH]
6955U 04-25 0235-0314* Home Abuse Drug Kit; Rock mx, IDs. [353 Frodge-MI]
[232 Haston-SC][Majewski-CT]
6955U 04-25 0453-0523 "Radio Insanity Three" show; did a story about a hiker
walking into an antenna farm and getting a QSL card. [good
6955U 04-25 0532-0600 The "hot peppers" and "toilet seat fire" show. JTA to
commits suicide by being run over by train. [poor Majewski-CT]

6955U, 4/19, 1817-1822* SIO=343 and good mod! Just hrd ID, Box 28413, some
mx and off (Arthur,NY)
6955U 4/20 0046-0114 (AY,PA)

6955U 04-25 2319-2352 Rap mx, IDs. [fair Neal-TX][353 Haston-SC][good
6955U 04-26 2009-2040* "Voice Of Black Oppression" program w/black host
cussing out various white boy callers. Rap mx Sounded like a Radio Eclipse
program. [fair Russell-MI][242 Haston-SC][252 Silvi-OH](344 "I" sounded more
like Glenn Hauser! Arthur,NY)(333 AY,PA)
6955 U 5-2 1650-1710* Repeat of earlier show. (455 Filipkowski-RI)

6955U 04-24 0133-0148 ID, Talk about smoking pot, AD for drug testing kit;
pot related mx. [fair Neal-TX](Roberts,TX)

6955 04-25 2242-2300* Ad parodies for truckers; DJ was named Trucker Warren,
AD for Ohio Turnpike w/it's friendly state troopers. [exc. Majewski-CT]
6954.8 04-26 *0030-0048 Trucker/CB style "pirate show"; various references
to truckers. [343 Haston-SC][exc. Majewski-CT]
6954.8 04-26 *2338-2351 Hogman Sketch, KSHIT, The Brown Spot on your CB
Dial. [343 Haston-SC][good Majewski-CT]

6955u, 4/19, 4:12-4:38, fair, TV theme songs played on pirate sw radio show
(Jurrens, Tx)
6955U 04-25 0323-0350* TV Themes show. [poor Russell-MI][353 Frodge-MI]
[good Majewski-CT](434 Hudgins,VA)
6955U 04-26 0648- Usual mellow mx. [554 McClintock-MN]

6955U 04-25 1324-1347* Joe w/typical format of health tips promoting
exercise, etc. [242 Zeller-OH][252 Silvi-OH]
6955 U 5-3 *1712-1733* Usual health talk program. (444 Filipkowski-RI)

RADIO 510 (relay) Basel
6955 U 5-2 *0426-0440 Program w/interviews w/people who were at the
Kulpsville SWL Winterfest; relayed via Radio Nonsense. (gd Wolfish-ON)(vgd
Jurrens-TX)(weak McArdle-OK)(fair Russell-MI)
6955 U 5-5 0037-0130 Repeat of Kulpsville program. (fr Wolfish-ON)(fr
Smith-OH)(good Jurrens-TX)

6956 4/22 0459-0525 Kenny w/high-pitched vx, playing "Witchy Woman" "Hotel
CA" & others at doublespeed Many IDs! (232 Pappas,SD)
6955 04-26 0056- Usual format. [252 Silvi-OH]

6955U 04-25 0358-0437 Captain Eddy w/National Anthem Parodies. [poor

6955.7 5-3 *1605-1705* Bennie Dingo playing oldies by Elvis, Carl Perkins
and The 5-Royals. (444 Filipkowski-RI)

STEREO SOUND RADIO e-mail stereosound@xxxxxxxxxxx
6955 U 5-3 0053-0142* Rock mx by Jackson Browne, C.C.R., E.L.O., The Rolling
Stones; lousy distorted audio (Comeau-MA)(fr Wolfish-ON)(343
Filipkowski-RI)(S+20-30 McArdle-OK)(fr Majewski-CT)(232 Ruger-CA)

6955U 4/20 0049-0114* Desperado w/a few instrumental songs (232 Pappas,SD)
6955U 04-26 0012-0017 "Take It Easy" by The Eagles; may have been technical
problems. Flattened "Deleverance R." Sed "Didn't hear nobody, do I thought
I'd stick that in there" [exc Majewski-CT](534 AY,PA)

6954.5 04-25 *0138-0221* "Eye For Eye" w/Connie Chung; Harlem District
Musicians". [232 Haston-SC][434 Hunsicker-PA](434 AY,PA)

6955U 04-25 1900-1920* OM ancr w/program of rock mx, announced as "World
Service" of station. Used VRFI call at times. [252 Zeller-OH]
6955 U 5-2 0037-0100+ Playing music by The Doobie Bros.; wiped out by
Deliverance Radio sign-on (fair Russell-MI)(weak Jurrens-TX)(Smith-OH)(S9 to
S+20 McArdle-OK)(343 Zeller-OH)(333/311 AY,PA)

WBNY-No Active Maildrop
6955U 04-25 *2203-2207* Numbers parody, ID? [poor Russell-MI][353 Zeller]
6955U 04-25 2358-0002 ID, #'s station parody. [444 Haston-SC][fair
6955U 04-26 0049-0110* Commander Bunny w/message for rodents to Attack Radio
Azteca and Radio Gerbil. [343 Haston-SC][poor Majewski-CT](VG AY,PA)
6955U 04-26 1439-1455 Repeat show. [242 Haston-SC][353 Hunsicker-PA]
6955 U 5-3 *0019-0022* ID and then off due to audio trouble. (444

WACK toll free 888-479-7840
6955 U 5-4 0400+ D.J. Shitpants w/the (almost) premiere broadcast. Actually,
it's their 2nd broadcast but apparently nobody heard their first on Saturday
night. Lots of music and GREAT parody commercials. They even have a toll
free telephone number for requests -(888) 479-7480!!! (Danowski-CT)

WEED Huntsville
6955 U 5-3 *0144-0149* Testing briefly. (S8 McArdle-OK)
6955 U 5-3 0200-0249* live show from NY; mx "Devil's Haircut" by Beck and
ads for Smoker's Airline and Bartending College. Said standby for 800 number
where you can reach them then off suddenly. (444 Haston-SC)( McArdle-OK)(444
6955 U 5-4 0200-0249* Repeat of earlier program(S7 McArdle-OK)

6955.4U, 4/22 0300 host Father Fornicator wishing everyone a hallelujah!
Song Michael Jacksons Beat It. Said he was trying to chase those pesky
pirates off of 6955. (Funny Roberts,TX0

6955.5U, 4/18, 0135 rockabilly music with host Mr. Ducktail.Even had his own
Mr. Ducktail song! Recieved congratulations from a Canadian listener
directly after show (GD sig Roberts,TX)

6955.4U 4/19 0240 special salute to the Jurrens in Katy, TX. Lotsa cool IS
de Africa & R.Prague (Fine, well produced show Roberts,TX)(Jurrens,TX)

6955.7 5-3 *1732-1804* Mx by Elton John, Tom Petty, The Beatles; shouted
IDs. (444 Filipkowski-RI)

WMPR does not have an address
6955.4 5-2 *0155-0239* Techno music?what else? (strong/fair Russell-MI)(good
Majewski-CT)(343 Haston-SC)(433 Frodge-MI)(554 Silvi-OH)(343+ Zeller-OH)(My
30th WMPR log 544 AY,PA)

WPAT e-mail: j_spencer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6955 U 5-2 0334-0421* Mx by The Brothers Four and Herb Alpert & The Tijuana
Brass; lots of talk about beer. (fr-gd Wolfish-ON)(S+10-30
McArdle-OK)(Russell-MI)(fair Jurrens-TX)

6955U, 4/19, 2144-2152+ SIO=555 M ancr w/rock mx incl. "Running On Empty",
many anmts of "we're back on the block and we're back to stay". QRMed by QSO
heckler and bombed by clueless RMWW s/on at :52. (PSE QSL! JA, NY)

6955U 05-01 0205-0237* Fifth Anniversary Show; Barney Parody, Jerky Boys,
ACE AD "Why Must I Be A Teenager With Guns" song parody. [554 Comeau-MA][454
Lobdell-MA][454 McClintock-MN][455 Hunsicker-PA]
6955 U 5-2 *0242-0328* 5th Anniversary Show w/Weird Al's "Gump" and other
funny stuff. (S+25 McArdle-OK)(fair Russell-MI)(fair Majewski-CT)(544
Ruger-CA)(535 Jurrens-TX)(343 Frodge-MI)
6955 U 5-2 2333-0019* 5th Anniversary Show (444 Filipkowski-RI)(fr Wolfish-
ON)(S7 McArdle-OK)(poor Russell-MI)(poor Majewski-CT)(252 Silvi-OH)(212
Jurrens-TX)(333 Haston-SC)
6955.7 5-3 *1853-1943* 5th Anniversary Show. (444 Filipkowski-RI)

6955U 4/29-30 2352-0106 "Shadow Story"; long telephone interview [poor
Majewski-CT](444 Arthur,NY)(232 AY,PA)

AN EXPANDED BAND PIRATE? - Info from Larry Russell-MI WFLT envy?

1620 Flint MI Triumphant Church station. Ids as "CTM - Church Triumph
Ministry, AM 1620" or just "Church Triumph". Announced hours Mon-Fri 6am -
6:15? pm. Claimed broadcasting under "section 15 of FCC code". Station
played lots of urban gospel music, taped sermons, and was promoting a guest
speaker Tues-Thur. at 7pm: "call a friend, call a neighbor, call your enemy
because they need help too." Gave Flint # (810) 235-7073, and location 1011
Hammond Ave., half-mile east of Ballenger road, and 1/2 block north of
Corunna road. Phone book lists two different churches at this address with
different phone numbers. Station is about 7 miles from here, so I doubt
their compliance w/part 15. Station seems close to exact 1620, and sounds ok
technically. They do have moments of dead air. Signal was fair w/tuned loop.
If you drive through Flint, give a listen near the Corunna road exit. (Russell)

-- UNIDENTIFIED LOGGINGS [Please ID and QSL for all of these!]
6955 U 5-2 0132-0137 heard Spanish music in hvy QRN & QRM from spanish stns.
6955 U 5-2 0134+ "Piece of S--t Car" reggae song. (funny! Russell-MI)(354
6955 U 5-3 0020+ WBNY numbers repeat? Tx went into howls/distortion.
6955 U 5-8 0246-0348* sounded like commercial station from the '70s: Laid
back announcer (Don Donahue???), ads, San Francisco, promos for concert
tours, Berkley Free Clinic, Nixon, Viet Nam etc. MX: "Time" by The Chambers
Bros., Leon Russell mx: other mx: Atlantis, "HurdyGurdy Man", "On The Road
Again} by Canned Heat, (353 Crawford-KY)(vpr Wolfish-ON)(fair Jurrens-TX)

QSLs RECEIVED: Argosy Magazine, Feb 8,1998 f/d signed by ER Burroughs on
back side of Gif.Full 8 1/2 by 11" color GIF of Argosy Magazine Weekly (Jan
14 and at 10 cents -Picture of a native American Indian in full head dress
w/a rifle. The Headlines read Edgar Rice Burroughs "Men of Mars" and "Red
Commanders: the Commanche Braves Ride Wild Tonight" By Foster- Harris [Finn-PA]

(S.Am) 6980, Free Latin American Radio Station, via RC tx, f/d sheet, #004
rcvd in 141 days. (Barrera-ARG)

Radio Azteca, "Aztec Warriors Tube Dance" card and Big Mouth Burgers
coaster. [Russell-MI]

Voice Of Anarchy, 6955, f/d certificate of reception in 103 days for report
to BRS. Leonard Longwire sent article about a 2000 foot TV antenna in
Chicago. [Zeller-OH]

Voice of Radio Free Indiana E-mail note from "Steve" saying that my QSL is
coming via e-mail, and that they will be using the Merlin drop. (Wolfish-ONT)

JERRY RIGGED RADIO: partial data: No Date, for test bx on 9965 USB, QSL #83,
yellow & Black Skull card; I don't know when I sent the report in (Crawford-KY)

VOICE OF ANARCHY: two f/d blue sheets and an article on a giant TV antenna
in Chicago for reports to BRS. (Haston-SC) same in 8 wks (Pappas,SD)

VOICE OF HELL: No data color sheet from The Voice Of Hell signed by Satan
Lucifer for PIPA/FRW & ACE loggings. (Filipkowski-RI) no data Satanic-
themed QSL sheet for a ACE log; v/s Satan Lucifer (Rausch-NJ)

6955 f/d "PJ Sparx's debut broadcast" sheet in 2 weeks; v/s Charles Poltz.
(Greenall-ON) f/d "Monique the mailwoman, Bram Stoker, and Emilo Zamboni
invite M.Pappas to assist w/a R.Azteca bdcst" sheet (#1358); v/s CP, prob
for a FRW logging. (Haston-SC) f/d green sheet #1335 initialed by CP in 1
mo. [Filipkowski-RI] Two sheets, design #112 and an "Ian" one [Majewski-CT]
6955, f/d sheet #1354 in 11 days for report to FRW. "RMWW's Dr. Tornado and
Sr. El Nino prepare for another 90-min Sunday AM bdcst" [Comeau-MA] "M.
Pappas assists w/a R.Azteca bdcst" QSL and a postcard of the Sandman Motor
Inn in Portland, ME. [McArdle-OK]

WPAT: partial data, brought to you under the influence of Hamm's Beer - via
e-mail (Haston-SC)

WLIQ, two f/d half sheets #21, #27 signed by Jimmy Hix in about 2 months for
Pipa logs. [Filipkowski-RI]

WMBR, Email QSL in 42 days for a relay of Radio Clandestine from Mike O.
Farad. [McArdle-OK]

WMOM: f/d cd in 6 wks. Thanks! (Myers,VA)

WPAT,6955, no data email w/un viewable attachment in 50 days for email
report to: j_spencer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Frodge-Mi] same, but I could view the
.gif file show a Hamm's Beer Can on it [Majewski-CT] email QSLs in 49/78
days. [McArdle-OK]

WUNH, f/d letter signed by Mel in one month. [Filipkowski-RI] f/d plain
letter in 31 days signed by Mel. [Frodge-MI] f/d letter from Melville
Grunion received in 3 weeks for a report to Providence. [Wolfish-ONT]

COMMENTS: Ken Alexander: "Don't forget to call your mom tomorrow!" 

Matt Haston: "Conditions seem to fluctuate rapidly here but I guess it is
that time of year"

Scott McArdle: 	"Didn't log a lot of stations this past week. Even with the
static here, propagation was still fairly good and hopefully will continue

George Zeller: 	[commenting on WMPR] ". Still giving no address and I've
never seen a report of a QSL from them, despite frequent activity with
generally good signals"

Contributors to #216: Alexander-ON, Axelrod-MB, Barerra,Argentina;
Bickel,KY; Brandt,Germany; Comeau-MA, Crawford-KY, Danowski-CT, Deeley,UK;
Filipkowski-RI, Finn-PA, Frodge-MI, Greenall-ON, Haston-SC, Hudgins,VA;
Hunsicker-PA, Jurrens-TX, Majewski-CT, McClintock-MN, McArdle-OK, Myers,VA;
Neal-TX, Pappas,SD; Rausch-NJ, Roberts,TX; Ruger-CA, Russell-MI, Silvi-OH,
Smith-OH, Walker,UK; Wolfish-ON, and Zeller-OH.



04-24  FRIDAY
0133-0148   6955U    KNBS

0100-0132*  6955U    DELIVERANCE RADIO
0138-0221   6954.5   UP AGAINST THE WALL RADIO
0140-       6955U    FREE HOPE EXPERIENCE
0235-0314*  6955U    FREE HOPE EXPERIENCE
0323-0350*  6955U    MYSTERY RADIO
0358-0437   6955U    RADIO TUESDAY-ONTARIO?
0453-0523   6955U    FREE HOPE EXPERIENCE
0532-0600   6955U    FREE HOPE EXPERIENCE
1324-1347*  6955U    ONE VOICE RADIO
1900-1920*  6955U    VOICE OF FREE INDIANA
2203-2207   6955U    WBNY
2242-2300   6955     KSHIT
2319-2352   6955U    KBLK
2358-0002   6955U    WBNY

04-26  SUNDAY
0003-0027   6955U    DELIVERANCE RADIO
0012-0017   6955U    TAKE IT EASY RADIO
0030-0048   6954.8   KSHIT
0049-0110*  6955U    WBNY
0056-       6955     RADIO KENNY
0300-0329   6955U    DELIVERANCE RADIO
0648-       6955U    MYSTERY RADIO
1136-1203   6275     EUROPEAN MX RADIO
1439-1455   6955U    WBNY
2009-2040*  6955U    KBLK
2338-2351   6954.8   KSHIT

0048-0106   6955U    WSRR/SOLID ROCK RADIO

05-01  FRIDAY
0205-0237   6955U    WREC


Friday evening May 1/May 2 UTC

0042-0056 6955 U Voice of Radio Free Indiana
0045+     6955 U Britain's Better Music Stn.
0056-0118 6955 U Deliverance Radio
0158-0239 6955.4 WMPR
0242-0328 6955 U WREC
0334-0421 6955 U WPAT
0426-0440 6955 U Radio 510 (relay)

Saturday afternoon May 2

1650-1710 6955 U KBLK

Saturday evening May 2/3 UTC

2340-0019 6955 U WREC
0053-0142 6955 U Stereo Sound Radio
0144-0149 6955 U WEED
0200-0249 6955 U WEED

Sunday afternoon May 3

1605-1705 6955.7 Rock-It-Radio
1712-1733 6955 U One Voice Radio
1732-1804 6955.7 WMFQ
1807-1853 6955.7 Britain's Better Music Stn.
1853-1943 6955.7 WREC

Sunday evening May 3/May 4 UTC
0227-0235 6955 U WEED
0400+     6955.3 U WACK

Monday evening May 5 UTC
0037-0130 6955 U Radio 510 (relay)

Tuesday evening May 6 UTC
0220+      6955 U Anteater Radio

PLEASE QSL ADDRESSES. If you want your name removed, let us know.

Ken Alexander: Box 71553, Aurora, ONT  L4G 6S9
John T. Arthur: 7994 Rte 19 Belfast, NY 14711
Shawn Axelrod: 30 Becontree Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA, R2N 2X9
Charles Bernth: P.O. Box 236, Eastport, NY  11941
Shawn Axelrod: 30 Becontree Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2N 2X9, Canada
Ian Biggar: 21B Dundonald Road, Troon, Ayrshire KA10 6NP, Scotland
Rainer Brandt: Wiesenweg 6, D-29361, Hoefer, Germany
Mike Brooker: 99 Wychcrest Ave, Toronto, ONT M6G 3X8  Canada
J. Coatsworth: R.R. #3, Merlin, Ontario NOP 1WO, Canada
Ross Comeau: 16 Linwood Street, Andover, MA  01810
Chas. Crawford: 1763 Turnagain Drive, Henderson, KY 42420
Fred Danowski: 95 Meadowbrook Road, Startford, CT 06497
Paul Demsky: 883 Broadway #2, South Portland, ME  04106
David Ditlow: 3645 Vinton Avenue #3, Los Angeles, CA 90034
Rick Doehner: 2511 Raspberry Lane, Pasadena, TX   77502
Joe Filipkowski: 28 Mill Wheel Road, Warwick, RI 02886
Steve Foehner: 326 River Meadow Drive, Rochester, NY 14623
Michael Folk: 810 Dalewood Villa Hills, KY 41017-1089
Harold Frodge: 5525 Whitehall St., Midland, MI  48642
Dan Greenall: 181 Church Street, Thamesford, ONT  N0N 2M0, Canada
William Hassig: 102 N. Russel St., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
Matt Haston: 22 Jamestowne Commons, Taylors, SC  29687
Ron Hunsicker: 1238 Cleveland Avenue, Wyomissing, PA 19610-2102
R & T Jurrens: 19107 Winding Trail Lane, Katy, TX  77449
Rob Keeney: 10315 Antioch, Overland Park, KS   66212-4332
Harald Kuhl: P.O. Box 110 605, 35351 Giessen, GERMANY
Edward Kusalik: 2117-10 Street "A", Coaldale, Alberta, CANADA  T1M 1B6
Mike Leclerc: 16 Salem Drive, Somers, CT 06071-1903
Chris Lobdell: Box 146, Stoneham, MA   02180
Greg Majewski: 1176 Route 163, Oakdale CT 06370
Scott McArdle: 3500 S. Boulevard, Ste.18C, Edmond,OK 73013
Wm. McClintock: 11481 Blackfoot St NW, Minneapolis, MN 55433
John Mello: 218 Central Avenue, North Scituate, RI  02857
Kevin Nauta: 11252 Ravanna SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508-2504
Gary Neal: 7410 Orchard Hills Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479-6122
Nigel Pimblett: 1146 Queen Street, Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 1B4, Canada
Mike Prindle: P.O. Box 51, New Suffolk, NY 11956-0051
Ed Rausch: 17 Vandeberg Place, Cedar Grove, NJ  07009-1039
Robert Ross: Box 1003, Station B, London, ON   N6A 5K1  Canada
Larry Russell: 420 Warren Avenue, Flushing, MI  48433
Chris Scott: 4051 Clifton Avenue, #3, Cincinnati, OH  45220
Lee Silvi: Box 982, Mentor, OH 44061
Chris Smolinski: 4708 Trail Court, Westminster, MD 21158
Niel Wolfish: 112-2177 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario M5M 4B7, Canada
Andrew Yoder: Box 642, Mont Alto, PA 17237
George Zeller: 3492 West 123rd Street, Cleveland, OH  44111


Basil: Switzerland
Belfast: Box 1, Belfast, NY 14711
BRS: Box 109, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214
Bremen: Box 334, Bremen, IN 46506
English: Box 332, English, IN  47118
Huntsville: Box 11522, Huntsville, AL 35814
Merlin: Box 293, Merlin, Ontario NOP  1W0, Canada
Moline: Box 88, Moline, MI  49335
Omaha: Box 641981, Omaha, NE   68134
Providence: Box 28413, Providence, RI 02908
Sierra Madre: Box 1073, Sierra Madre, CA
Stoneham: Box 146, Stoneham, MA 02180
Ventura: Box 5617, Ventura, CA  93025
Ytterby: c/o SRS News, Ostra Porten 29, S-442 54 Ytterby, Sweden

Scott McArdle:

Caught Radio Doomsday last weekend, the ol' HT-37 sounded
pretty good. Reception of recent WRMI  broadcast concerning Kulpsville
was impossible here.  Now boasting a pretty good scrapbook w/ 27
different stations confirmed.  Thanks.

>From Martin Deeley in the UK:
Stations heard Sunday 26 April 1998:
3930Khz  Laser Hot Hits (All day)
6210Khz  unidentified
6220Khz  Laser Hot Hits (All day) // 3930
6245Khz  unidentified
6255Khz  unidentified
6266Khz  UK Radio
6275Khz  European Music Radio
6300Khz  The Farmers from Holland (Dutch, All day)

Conditions were very poor today with only the usual stations able to be

Stations heard Sunday 3 May 1998:
3930Khz  Laser Hot Hits (All day)
5805Khz  Radio Free London (All day)
5817Khz  Britains Better Music Station
6200Khz  Radio Pandora
6210Khz  unidentified
6220Khz  Laser Hot Hits (All day) // 3930
6245Khz  Britain Radio International
6260Khz  unidentified
6266Khz  UK Radio
6300Khz  The Farmers from Holland (Dutch, All day)

Conditions were, once again, very poor today with only the usual stations
able to be identified.  5Mhz is still giving the best results when
conditions are this bad.

>From Andy Walker in London:
Here's my weekend logs. Poor conditions on the  bands with high static made
the signals hard to listen to on Sunday. After 30 minutes of listening I
went down the pub of a few pints!!!!

 Saturday 25th
 6275 European Music Radio S4 at 1910

 Sunday 26th
 5830 BBMS S3 at 1000
6200 Radio Pandora S3 at 1018
 6210 unid S2/3 at 1035
 6219 Laser S3 at 1005
 6235 unid (BRI?) S2/3 at 1022
 6245 unid S2/3 at 1025
 6266 unid (UK Radio???) S2 at 1030
 6275 European Music Radio S3 at 1010
 6280 unid S2 at 1012
 6300 The Farmers S4 most of the morning!!!!!!!:>(

 Does anyone know why UCB isn't on air anymore??

 RFL's old mailbox (Box 99, Selhurst Road) raided by  the police. More
details next weekend.
>From Rainer Brandt in Germany:
FREQ.   STATION                 HOURS / UTC     PROGRAMME/INFO          SINPO
April 19th, 1998 (Sunday)
3930    Laser Hot Hits          01.05-08.00     E, pops // 6220         32332
5773    R.Pamela                12.25-          E, pops                 13322
5805.3  R.Free London (RFL)     07.00-          E, popss                34433
5811.9  R.Benelux               08.14-          G, rock music           44444
5812    Trans Atlantic R.       07.00-          E,D, techno pops        44444
5812    R.Torenvalk             10.37-          D, Schlager             34433
5819.4  R.Union                 13.30-13.32*    D, QSO, Modern Talking  44444
5830    Britain's Better Mx Stn 11.25-          E,G, rock oldies        23322
6199.6  Britain's Better Mx Stn 09.44-          E,G, rock oldies        23332
6220    Laser Hot Hits          01.10-08.30     E, pops //3930          32332
6239v   unid, tent. R.Merlin?!  10.28-11.30     ?, non stop mx +jingles 23322
6244.5  Jolly Roger R.          08.15-          E, IDs, country music   23322
6251.4  R.Morning Star          07.04-          E, country music        22332
6261    R.Wonderful             08.15-          G, pops, via RMGP       33333
6261    R.Mistero Ghost Planet  08.20+08.25     E, CQ calls, music      33333
6266.5  UK R.International      08.17-          E, pops                 23322
6270    Alfa Lima International 07.03-          E, live test, pops      44444
6280    Laser Hot Hits          08.20-          E, IDs, pops not,//6220 24322
6280.4  Ozone R.International   12.22-          E, pops, low mode       44444
6290    R.Boomerang             10.03-          E, pops, test           54444
6939    ABC Dublin              11.06-          E, pops                 33222
7355.2v R.City                  08.31-          E, usual strange voice  24322
7480    Crazy Wave R.           08.32-          E,G, pops //11515U      23322
7480    R.Blandengue            10.02-10.46     E,Sp,I, IDs, LA music   23322
11515U  R.Silver                07.31-08.00*    E,I, rock'n roll music  34433
11515U  SRWS                    08.00-          E,I, IDs address        34433
11515U  Crazy Wave R.           08.02-          G, letters, pops        34433
11515U  R.Blandengue            10.10-          Sp, LA music            44444
11525U  R.Marabu                12.30-          G, Bill Wyman interview 44444

....no news to add this time.
73, Rainer

FREQ.   STATION                 HOURS / UTC     PROGRAMME/INFO          SINPO
April 25th, 1998 (Saturday)
3917.5v Tubesmoke R., tent.     21.59-22.13*    E, IDs, pops            34443
3924.3  R.Black Power           21.55-          E,D, phone nr. pops     44444
3930    Laser Hot Hits          22.05-08.00     E, pops // 6219         32332
3938    unid                    23.00-          ?, Tom Petty song       33333
6219    Laser Hot Hits          22.10-          E, pops // 3930         32332

April 26th, 1998 (Sunday)
3930    Laser Hot Hits          00.00-08.00     E, pops // 6219         32332
3945    R.Atlantis              09.50-09.52*    D, QSO to Shadowman     33333
3985    IRRS                    14.59*-         E, IDs, relay programme 24432
5830    Britain's Better Mx Stn 09.00-          E,G, rock, via Ozone    34433
5830    Ozone R.International   09.29-09.30     E, IDs, Mr.Ozone        33333
6199.6  Britain's Better Mx Stn 11.31-          E,G, rock, via Ozone    23332
6200    R.Ravens                08.55-          E,Sw, via R.Pandora     34433
6200    R.Pandora               09.10-          E, letters, pops        33333
6209.7  Freestyle R.            11.32-          G, rock music           44444
6219    Laser Hot Hits          01.10-08.30     E, pops //3930          32332
6230    unid                    09.45-          D, Dutch polka+Schlager 23322
6244.5  unid                    09.30-          E, soft pops, via JRR   23322
6254.7  Xenon Transmitting Co.  12.00-          E, DJ Tommy, letters    34333
6260.5  City FM                 09.20-          G, pops                 34433
6266.5  UK R.International      09.00-          E, pops                 33333
6275    European Music R.       09.00-          E, live test, pops      33443
6280    Laser Hot Hits          09.10-          E, IDs, pops not,//6219 24322
7120    R.No Name               14.30-14.58*    G,E, nice show, SRS-G,  44444
7355.2  unid                    09.11-          E, low audio            14321
7446    Weekend Music R.        11.34-12.05*    E, testing, 2 DJs       34443

IN GENERAL: Strange condtions this weekend, long skip, deep fading. Even the
FARMERS were nearly inaudible for 2 hours in the morning in Central Europe.

RADIO BLACK POWER now announced the following address for letters and reports
P.O.Box 128, NL-9410 AC Beilen, Holland. The old address has been cancelled.
A phone number was given to be 0031 6513 26887.

FREESTYLE RADIO announced this phone number in Germany: 0172 9308395.

QUESTION: Does anybody of you know the ACTUAL address for RADIO ATLANTIS
from Beilen and the ACTUAL E-mail address for WEEKEND MUSIC RADIO?! I also
need the address of my mystery station log on saturday night: TUBESMOKE RADIO
(or similar). Thanks for your kind help in advance.

73, Rainer



FREQ.   STATION                 HOURS / UTC     PROGRAMME/INFO          SINPO


May 9th, 1998 (Saturday)


3920    unid                    23.14-          E, pops, about America  22222

3930    Laser Hot Hits          23.00-          E, pops // 6219         43433

3935    R.Atlantis              23.15-          E, IDs,jingles,low mode 33333

6210.7  R.Marabu                23.20-          G,E, strange music      33433

6219    Laser Hot Hits          23.00-          E, pops // 3930         33333

6955U   R.Nonsense              23.35-          E, talk,rockmx,hvy QRM  12211

6970.6  Ozone R.International   22.13-          E, test, IDs, rock      44444

May 10th, 1998 (Sunday)


5810    Britain's Better Mx Stn 10.05-          G,E, IDs, pops          22222

5819.6  Trans Atlantic R. (TBS) 08.13-          E, pops, testing        43433

6210.7  R.Marabu                08.20-          G,E, strange music      33433

6219    Laser Hot Hits          08.00-          E, pops                 22222

6231.9  R.Perfekt               10.06-          G, country music, QRM   33333

6233.3  Freestyle R.            10.32-          G, greetings            32322

6266    unid, Dutch ??          08.15-          ?, Dutch Schlager       22322

6269.8  Alfa Lima International 08.20-          E, IDs, pops            43333

6275    R.Torenvalk             08.17-          G,E, Eurovision songs   33333

11515U  Con Frequencia          10.44-          Sp, IDs, DX news        22222



OZONE RADIO INTERNATIONAL tested 6971 kHz this saturday night with good

results into Central Europe. More tests to come on 6280, 5800-5845 and

especially on friday and saturday evenings on 3904 and 3935 kHz. Reports are

welcome to UK 0181 5056303.

FREESTYLE ARDIO announced the phone 0172 9308395 for live reports.

RADIO PERFEKT did the same and announced 0172 9957002.

Bad conditions as last week, not worthwhile to tune in all the time.

73, Rainer

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