[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX May 28
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[HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX May 28

        GLENN HAUSER'S SW/DX REPORT 98-24, May 28, 1998

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 942. NPR plans to carry WRN 
overnight; RNZI reprieve; NBC PNG unsafe; Mongolian local SW
on the air; IBA Israel bans RealAudio relay; English from 
Iran, Dubai, Malta; Mideast clandestines; Merlin Network
One expanding to fulltime; NADECO quitting weekday WWCR
broadcasts; Peruvians from Klemetz; and most of the stories
below. For a complete topic summary, visit our website
http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio and click on 942

COSTA RICA. RFPI announced this new schedule May 15: 1800-0800
30 kW on 15050 (actually 15049+); 1500-2330 10 kW 21460; 0000-
1430 10 kW 7385. However, 7385 then changed to the 3 kW
transmitter, which is on 7385.0, no longer heterodyning China
after 1200. No USB transmissions at present (Glenn Hauser, OK)

NEW ZEALAND [non]. You may recall that last fall I wrote an 
article in tribute to Arthur Cushen.  GH helped me with it.  I 
intended to have it published in the Braille Monitor, official 
organ of the National Federation of the Blind.  Although I sent 
it in in about October, it didn't make it into the magazine until 
April 1998. Anyone, whether or not a member of NFB, can read this 
article, as well as the rest of the Braille Monitor on the NFB 
web site: http://www.nfb.org (Tim Hendel, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL

U S A. Estate of Joe Costello has been taking bids in the auction
of WRNO. This started May 8 for 15 days but may be extended. Ask
for a bid package to: Ashton R. Hardy, Esq., 111 Veterans 
Memorial Blvd., Suite 255, Metairie, LA 70005; phone 504-830-
4646; fax 504-830-4659 (George Thurman, May 26, RIB and WORLD OF
RADIO 942)

U S A.  Subject: Brother Stair broadcasts via WRMI 

In a response to a reception report to WRMI of hearing The 
Overcomer program by Brother Stair from 0400 to after 0700 hours 
UT Sunday, WRMI sent this forwarded information. Brother Stair 
is using 77 hours per week of WRMI time (unless my math is wrong).
This is the first time I have seen anything in print and I have 
not heard Brother Stair mention WRMI at all recently. His 
newspaper mentions WRNO, WWCR, the German station and several US 
broadcast stations.

Forwarded message Subject: Brother Stair broadcasts via WRMI

Thanks for your message.  Brother Stair's broadcasts via WRMI 
began less than two weeks ago.  He is now on our station on the 
following schedule:

Monday-Friday    1300-2200 UT
Monday-Friday    2300-0000
Tuesday-Saturday 0300-0400
Saturday         0500-1000
Saturday         1600-1900
Saturday         2000-2100
Saturday         2300-0000
Sunday           0300-1100
Sunday           1600-2000

Our second transmitter and antenna are not yet operating.  All 
broadcasts are on 9955 kHz, beamed to the Caribbean and Latin 
America (Jeff White, WRMI via Thomas Dixon, May 19, REVIEW OF

U S A [and non]. Bro. R. G. Stair hard on many new fqcs from
Juelich transmitter site since mid-March: on 15625 at *1557-
2059*; on 12050 at *2057-2359*; on 11910 from 0500 May 9;
also on 7 or 8 other fqcs; he said his total airtime on all
stations is now 68 xmtr hours daily; that was before he received 
a $1 million check from a listener (a young man in his 20s) on 
April 20, all of which will be used to buy more airtime. Stair 
has sent out more than 10,000 SW portables to listeners in the 
last 5 years (Ernie Behr, Ont., May 10, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL

DIGITAL MODULATION. Bonaire relay with R. Vlaanderen Intl on 
11750 at *0428-0456* in Dutch. Then shifts to 11810 with DW in
English from *0458. Horrible digital modulation, typical of all
Bonaire transmitters, with wide splatter over 40 kHz. According
to DXLD-49, WGTG is planning to use digital modulation on new
transmitter. All MW and SW stations are now using this atrocious
digital audio systme, but when I firist mentioned it two years 
ago in DXLD-47, I was called a conspiracy nut. Tune in WWCR or
RCI in the SSB mode and watch the digital pulse modulation on 
your S-meter. The meter swings wildly from 40 over S9 to S2 
between each word or syllable. This often causes terrible voice
distortion when listening in the AM mode, since the carrier is
cut off between each word. The old AM signals had a steady,
uninterrupted carrier with much better audio. The wide new 
digital modulation is causing horrible QRM on SW, as I predicted
two years ago (Ernie Behr, Ont., May 10, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL

Radio ON - A Listener's Diary, by Sarah Vowell, St. Martin's 
Press, 1997. ISBN 0-312-14712-0. "A year in the broadcast 
badlands of 1995". The author, originally from Muskogee, and
now of San Francisco, chronicles day by day what she heard on
the radio for a year--not including SW, it seems, but lots of
listening to public radio, CBC via PRI and various 
commercial stations, as she travelled around the USA. Don't you
believe all the frequency headings, such as "WLS 960". Too bad
there is no index, to look up particular stations heard. She
gets off to a bad start by bemoaning the then recent suicide of
one Kurt Cobain, who I gather was some pop star. That's too bad,
but I can honestly and proudly say that neither his life nor 
his death had any impact whatsoever upon me, and I have no idea
what music I might run across came from him, as I do my best
to avoid rock in most of its forms. Aside from that, I seem to
agree with much of her politics, and only wish I had had time
to skim beyond January and February before the book had to go
back to Denver via Interlibrary Loan... (Glenn Hauser)     ###

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