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[HCDX]: News

New Zealand MW News:

In an e-mail from Stu Jenke, R Rhema is to open shortly in Whangarei on
621kHz and to quote "yet to be shifted from another site in New Zealand" -
does this mean that they're closing one down or moving a presently AM
operation to FM so they can move the gear to Whangarei? Stay tuned...

And a new Radio Sport outlet is on the air in Wanganui on 1062kHz.

Transmitter powers for other Radio Sport stations (per QSLs from them)

693 Dunedin 6kW
1503 Christchurch 2.5kW
1089 Palmerston North 2.5kW
774 New Plymouth 6kW
1350 Rotorua 1kW
729 Whangarei 2.5kW
1125 Napier 1kW
1332 Auckland 10kW

I am not sure of the transmitter power of

1530 Wellington
1062 Wanganui

Don't touch that dial - I'll let you know!

73s Paul


Paul Ormandy, 33 Greta Street, Oamaru, New Zealand, paulorm@xxxxxxxx

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Next Broadcasts: Starting Mondays, June 8th and 22nd repeated on following
days as above.

And on AWR's "Wavescan" commencing the third Sunday of the month (see
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