[HCDX]: 7 days before weding : LOGS !
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[HCDX]: 7 days before weding : LOGS !

LOgs made in Retziki yesterday 7 days before marrying !

RX : SONY ICF7600 D  ATU and 6 m antenna 
reception conditions : strong local QRN by lightnings 

Notice : All logs on 7.6.98 ! is not reffered below 

Some top logs first: 

JORDAN 6985 JOrdan RTV in Arabic at 1826 with news ( refs to Saudia ) At 1830 ID
with "idaatu mekete Udruniya ke hashemiiya" 34333 Liangas Greece 

NF??? N COREA 7505 R Pyongyang //9325 program in German theme oncorean 
parlaiment (P) 43433 . IS this a new F ? Liangas Greece 

pirate ? 6300 unIDed at 1848 with OM having a tel discussion with american 
about radio etc man made ref  to his country ( Finland) NOT ID on 1802 but with 
rock and roll songs AT 2000 wihout  signal  but later 21-22 again Liangas Greece 

CHINA ? 12030 CPBS1 //7935 . trying to look ino Vietnam xtions via Russia found 
CPBS  with clock and timer as 6:00 o clock then with ID by YL "Zhongyang renmin 
guangbo diantai"  then with news. Also another xtion on 9500 on 2230 over R 
mayak Liangas Greece 

LAOS 6130 (t) RN Lao Ventianne    2206  YL  with a childish  voice speaking 
slowly in lang similar to viet, 2208 with song 242332 . THis is a first time 
logging Liangas Greece 

----other logs-- 

INDIA 4800 AIR Hyderabad 1653 with indian religiouis music 33233 Liangas Greece 

INDIA 4840 AIR Mumbai 1708 indian slow music 43233 Liangas Greece 

INDIA 4860 AIR Delhi 1713 with indian music Inserts by OM in hindi On 1715 QRM
from a local pirate ( harmonic) 33333Liangas Greece 

INDIA 4950 AIR Shimla 1720  indian pop songs 44233 Liangas Greece 

MALAGASY ( t) 5010 RTM 1724 OM speaking in local lang tune in 1731 with  song 
1812  discussion with child and a chidish song ( possbly a children program ) 
On 2015 no signal but on 2210 signal again  Low signal anytime ( 23232) Liangas Greece 

MALAYSIA 9750 V o Malaysia 1806  with malay oldish  folk songs . ID by OM at 
1810  "Sioaran bahasa malaysia Suara Malaysia " , 44444 Also on 2210 in 
indonesian at 22232 Liangas Greece 

UKRAINE 12040 R Ukraine 2106 with news in english then news analysis 44444
Liangas Greece 

CHINA 4900 unIDed , OM and YL in lengthy discussions 2159 with  music clock no 
clear ID then with news 32332 QRM with strong carrier from CW Liangas Greece 

S AFrica - cland 6205  R Kudirat 1930 ID  and program schedule then with a 
speech 33233 Liangas Greece 

COSTA RICA 15050 RFPI 2219 with possibly UN radio at 2240 theme on AM stereo 
At 2304  with WOR /Glenn HAuser ,24232 That time there was only  grid's local 
noise Later ( time unknown ) heard ID RFPI Liangas Greece 

Mediumwaves on 8 June 98 
unIDed 1314 at 0850 with turkish songs then at top hour by OM & YL "Yereden 
Bebeden"  in turkish  with some speaks follwing then again with trkish  songs. 
NO ID  heard . Unknown if is a new turkish xter or a turkish  xtiopn from R 
Skopje on that QRG . Any ideas? 
Liangas Greece 

Greek PIrates:

3285 Anatolia at 2040 with old greek songs and askiing for QSO 
3360 R Veteranos with ID 2043 in QSO  and sofff 

"  'addicted' AM-HCDXers never listen to FMSS!"
Good HCDX is also listening to 1xxx1 stations 
Zacharias Liangas
pen-DX sejak 72
anggota World-DX-Club 2104,Play DX, DSWCI #3507(temporarily out) 
http://www.compulink.gr/Users/zliangas  SHORTED !
http://www.clandjop.com/~jcruzan/greek-p.html  (mirrored for greek pirate radio )
http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/lot/2638   NEW NEW 
pesawat penerima : Lowe HF 150 , SONY IFC 7600 D , Philips 2935 antena 6 m & 11 m 
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