[HCDX]: World's Leading Eldorado for LA DXers
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[HCDX]: World's Leading Eldorado for LA DXers

Check the new Eldorado for LA DXers:
596 veriesigners.
492 birthdays.
130 e-mail addresses.
That's the new addition to the Nordic Shortwave Center, making it the
World's Leading Eldorado for DXers.

For years Swedish DXer and LA buff Nils Jakobsson has been publishing his
unique "LA QSL List", listing practically all LA QSLs received in
Scandinavia -- and a must have for anyone interested in Latin American DX.

Now Jakobsson is taking his work worldwide on the Internet. Besides
information on the latest known veriesigner, you will also learn about the
birthday of stations and their e-mail addresses.

Go have a look at once:

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