[HCDX]: UNID on 11910 kHz ?
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[HCDX]: UNID on 11910 kHz ?

From:     Karel Honzik                        Date: 12 JUNE 1998 (Friday)
     Plzen, CZECH REPUBLIC (Czechia), Europe
** As the Sun sinks slowly in the west, it is time for another DX session **

Hi friends,

I thought that I heard WWBS on 11910 kHz, but now George Thurman says
the station is yet not on the air...

The station I am talking about is on the air daily between *0400-0600*
with Brother Stair and his Overcomer programming. IS is a sound of
trumpets and there is some info always around the half and full hour,
giving address to Walterboro, SC.
There is absolutely no ID of the station relaying this (satelite) program.

The signal is (here in central Europe) quite good, two days ago it was
444 (SIO) for about 30 minutes.

Does the "BS" (WWBS) stand for "Brother Stair" ?

I think I missed more info about this station (relay?) in bulletins.
Maybe everybody knows where the signal comes from, but me ...
I will be glad to know more, thanks.

GOOD DX de Karel.
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