[HCDX]: Pirate Pages (PiPa) #218
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[HCDX]: Pirate Pages (PiPa) #218

Howdy all & welcome to PiPa#218! (This is just the cover sheet, PiPa #218
should either be an attached file to this or should follow right after my
own greetings & name). 

The Summer issue of Hobby Broadcasting us out right now & we had it at the
Rochester hamfest. Great to meet everyone there & we're glad not to've been
swept away by any tornados on the way home! 
        This issue should wind up on your news stands because of our new
North American distributor. It's 40 pages (25% longer than the Spring
issue), including Ian O'Sphere's feature on the current low-power proposals
before the FCC, an interview with the Voice of the Voyager, AM/MW
transmitters, DYNAKit FM transmitter review, recent convention info, news,
music reviews, classifieds & more. 
        For a sample of HB (a year's sub is $12), send $3 in the US ($4
outside) to: Hobby Broadcasting, PO Box 642, Mont Alto, PA 17237

PiPa #218   POB 840             6/16/98
      Mont Alto, PA 17237

Dline for #219: Send logs out no later than 6/21

PiPa #218 contains logs from FRW #124/125 + some more

Q 103 is transmitting regularly once per month, each saturday afternnon
between 1400-1500 UTC otherwise noted for extended times. Regular
transmissions on 10355 khz USB/LSB. Which frequency will be used cannot yet
said, it depends on general shortwave propagation also on 13 Mhz from the
western European location this time at the dutch enclave of
Baarle-Hertog/Baarle-Nassau, surrounded by belgian territory. The next
broadcast coming from a mobile transmitter unit, last month?s transmission
came from our location in the northern part of Luxemburg. scandinavian
locations will be activated in summer. also special test transmission will
be announced on exactly 18000 kHz to reach more distant locations especially
in America and AUS/NZ.

6955 U 5-17 2204-2245* Various Alan Parsons Project songs; announcer gave
IDs and address and mumbled about the FBI and the FCC. (fair Wolfish)(242

?ANN MURRAY CONCERT STATION? for lack of something better to call it
6955 U 5-24 2304-2334* An old Anne Murray concert with crowd, noises, a
story from Anne, and applause. (rather nice, actually, 453, Hunsicker, PA) 
6955 U 5-25 0150-0213* Ann Murray concert ditties (poor Russell-MI)(253
Silvi-OH) (Filipkowski-RI) [maybe if we give this one a name somebody will
come forward and QSL it, just like ?Eve of Destruction???njw]

6955 U 5-25 2303-2328 same as usual (232 Haston-SC)

6955 U 5-25 0415-0418 Talk about freedom of the press; kept repeating the
word ?Soldier? (weak Ruger-CA) 
6955 U 5-29 0238-0258 music and hellos to listeners (good Finn-PA)(fr
Wolfish-ON)(good Jurrens-TX)(555 S9+60 peaks AY,PA)
6955U 5-30 *0529-0600* Major Spook w/premier bcast repeat. [McArdle-OK] 
6955U 5-31 *0430-0433 Heavy metal mx, laughter and s/off. [222
Pearce-VT](Pretty good Ryan,CA)
6955U 5-31 0522-0553 Sed was test transmission and not a relay; lots of talk
about UFOs [222 Pearce-VT](Ryan,CA)

KAMP Blue Ridge Summit (WREC relay)
6955 U 5-23 *0044-0115* I.M. Nuts playing strange rock mx; X-Files theme at
sign off (McArdle-OK)(Majewski-CT)(fair Russell-MI) (554, but distorted
Hunsicker-PA)(343 Zeller-OH)(343 Haston-SC)(Gd AY,PA)

6955 U 5-24 *2344-0012* Repeat of earlier show; bashing phone callers
(Majeski-CT)(pr Russell-MI)(343 Zeller-OH)(242 Haston-SC)
6955U 6-02 0337-0404* Rap mx, cussin?. [McArdle-OK] 
6955U 6-03 0200-0227* Jazz mx; ?I?m Black and I Proud? [454 Crawford-KY]
[McArdle-OK](S9 AY,PA)

6955U 5-31 0404-0432 Rev. X and Major Spook w/rerun of show that aired on
4-24-95. [McArdle-OK]

6955 U 5-25 0325-0403 Instrumental music (weak Ruger-CA) 
6955 U 5-26 0346-0411 Instrumental music (weak Ruger-CA)(434 AY,PA)
6955U 5/29 *0310+ Test w/some mx & into QSO w/FHX (AY,PA)
6955U 5-31 0644-0713* New Age synthesized mx, but no giggles at end. [poor
6955U 6/3 0500 Super strong sig. All-instrumental rock. After the show other
pirates asked where he got the music -He replied that it was ALL homemade!
6955U 6-04 0339-0423* ?Home Made? new age mx. [453 Crawford-KY][S9+45

6955 U 5-25 0218-0240+ Music and several IDs; talk about an upcoming music
festival. (232 Silvi-OH)

6955 5-31 0322-0330 Program #30; Rocky/Bullwinkle IS, ID by Bram w/mention
of NAPRS and WREC. [111 Biggar-Scotland] Rumor has it that this was a 10
watt transmission via the AARS [All Azteca Relay Service]! 
6955U 5-31 0555-0631 Program #30; entertaining![111 Pearce-VT][McArdle- OK]

6955 U 5-23 *2240-2336* Repeat of Kulpsville show which closes with ?Don?t
Dream It?s Over? by Crowded House; Relay via WREC. (343 Haston-SC)(weak
McArdle-OK)(fair Majewski-CT)(453 Hunsicker-PA)

6955 U 5-28 0210-0245 Repay of Monica Lewinsky/Sex Scandal show (fr
Wolfish-ON)(Finn-PA)(454 McClintock-MN) 
6955 U 5-29 *0340-0407* repeat of 18th month Anniversary show. (242 Crawford-KY)
6955U 5-30 *0424-0453 ?Hotel JTA Broadcast? repeat. [S5 McArdle-OK]

RADIO FREE VINYL-Address Unknown 
6955U 6-04 0611-0624* Talk, mx. [weak PSE QSL McArdle-OK]

6955U 5-30 2335- Mx by various bands of Australia. [343 Haston-SC]

6955 U 5-23 0351-0437* Joe Momma with a ?Just for the helluvit broadcast?
(strong McArdle-OK)(good Zeller-OH)(good Jurrens-TX)

Radio Plug
6955U, 5/30 0350 rock music by the Youngbloods (Roberts,TX)

6955U 5-30 2339-0005 Audio problems.[exc Majewski-CT][343 Haston-SC] 
6955U 5-31 0019-0114* Program #3; reggae mx, fake bust, anti-pot speech. End
w/?War On Drugs Boot Camp?. [good Majewski-CT] [poor Russell-MI][242
Kusalik-AB][343 Brandt-GER] [343 Haston-SC][242 Zeller-OH][353 Crawford-KY]
[S8 McArdle-OK] 
6955U 5-31 1907-1935 Parody anti-pot program; intentionally heavy handed
like the movie. [242 Zeller-OH]

6955 U 5-23 *0124-0224* Bennie Dingo w/50?s & 60?s tunes. (good
Majewski-CT)(fair Russell-MI)(344 Kusalik-AB)(McArdle-OK)(353
McClintock-MN)(Hunsicker-PA)(444 Zeller-OH)(242 Haston-SC)(AY,PA)
6955U 5-31 1558-1629 Program of rock oldies w/OM anncr and Ventura maildrop.
[232 Zeller-OH]

6955U 5-31 0221-0310 Anncr Jolly Roger on the ?Good Ship Lollypop. Mx by
Cream, Doors, Janis Joplin, etc. [333 Biggar-Scotland][242 Kusalik-AB][544
Comeau-MA][444 Haston-SC][342 Zeller-OH][453 Crawford-KY][S8 McArdle-OK]
6955 U 5-23 *0237-0326* Playing songs from Grateful Dead, Zappa, Doors,
Hendrix, Dylan, etc.;Jimi Hendrix?s ?Star Spangelled Banner? at sign off;
relayed via WREC (Wolfish-ON) (343 McClintock-MN)(w/heavy static
McArdle-OK)(poor Hunsicker-PA)(333 Haston-SC) 
6955 U 5-24 2220-2300 Male host w/ Jefferson Airplane, Frank Zappa, Hendrix,
Dylan from the ?60s; old Coke ads; Short comedy skit
(Lobdell-MA)(Rausch-NJ)(Smith-OH)(222 Haston-SC)(gd Majewski-CT)(454
6955 U 5-28 2352-0038* Lots of great rock. Announces that the next
Stones?the world?s oldest rock band?concert is sponsored by Bud and Depends;
via WREC. (553 Hunsicker-PA)(good Wolfish-ON)(333 Haston-SC)

6955 U 5-23 *2343-0043* Announcer with Foreign accent. Played seventies rock
like REO Speedwagon. Indicated transmission was relay by WREC. (fair
Majewski-CT)(poor Russell-MI)(McArdle-OK)(242+ Zeller-OH)(Haston-SC)(AY,PA)

6955 U 5-23 1741-1810* tunes & witty bits; said to send $1 million & 500
word essay for QSL. (McArdle-OK)

VOICE OF STUPIDITY no maildrop ? Please QSL! 
6950 L 5-23 0033-0053* Michael Bolton can kiss his ass. Plays music and
speaks rudely of Disco Duck, Mr. Bassman, Dinga Ling Ling, and the Achy
Breaky Heart. Jeanie with the farting dog gets a mention (interesting in a
vulgar sort of way, Hunsicker, PA)(454 Zeller-OH) 
6955 U 5-24 1954-2003 A couple of IDs and ?My Ding-A-Ling? (pr Wolfish-ON)

WACK-internet: WACKRADIOMAIL@xxxxxxxx 
6955 U 5-24 0109-0113* testing with mx by Blues Traveler. (232 Haston-SC) 
6955 U 5-25 0040-0148+ Rock music and parody songs and spots; gave 1-888
number. (pr-exc w/some distorted audio Majewski-CT)(333 Haston-SC) 
6955 U 5-26 0002-0133* ?I?ve Got Hemorrhoids? and ad for ?Bitchin? Cider?
(444 Hunsicker-PA) (Russell-MI)(252 Silvi-OH)(Wolfish-ON)(pr-excellent
Majewski-CT)(242 Zeller)
6955U 5-30 0245-0251 Techno mx w/hip hop version of Gershwin?s Summertime.
[fair Russell-MI][242 Kusalik-AB]

6950 U 5-26 *0204-0213* Tom Petty music. (343 Haston-SC)

WKND Blue Ridge Summit 
6954.8 5-26 Radio Animal talking about Mothers Day and relaying Ricochet
Radio. (423 Haston-SC)

WLAD-Address Unknown 
6955U 5-31 *0206- Station ID only. [fair Majewski-CT]

WLIQ?Blue Ridge Summit 
6955 U 5-24 2138+ old R&B tunes (fr Wolfish-ON)

WREC?Blue Ridge Summit or Belfast 
6955U 5/23-4 *2339-0025* Repeat of 5th Anniversary Show. (343 Haston-SC)(gd
Majewski-CT)(McArdle-OK)(555 Hunsicker-PA)(232 Schoech,Germany)

6955U 6-04 0305-0310 ?Captain Bob? w/discussion of horticulture and cannabis
cultivation. [McArdle-OK]

WUNH-Providence [WREC RELAY] 
6955U 5-31 0115-0200* Jazzy songs w/OM anncr; mentioned being part of a
network that includes WLIQ. [333 Biggar-Scotland] [good Majewski-CT][242
Kusalik-AB][544 Comeau-MA][333 Brandt-GERMANY][343 Haston-SC][343 Zeller-OH]
[353 Crawford-KY]

6980L 6-03 2253-2350* Andean folk mx, IS, Test w/new Site & new V Inverted
1/2 wave antenna with 100 W, according to Cachito Mamani, ID in in multiple
languages (SP, Quichua, Guarani and EG). [VG Barrera-ARG](544 Eramo,Argentina)

Short Wave Relay Service 13960 U 5-29 2220-2226 repeated test broadcast
announcements (151 Crawford-KY)

UNIDENTIFIED LOGGINGS [Please ID and QSL for all of these!] 
6954U 5-22 0017-0046* Not a peep from an announcer, just all music: ?Spirit
of the Sky}, ?Temptation Eyes? ?Tutti-Frutti? ?Summer in the City? (554
6955 U 5-24 0114-0121 Played a couple of songs and then gone. (454
6955 U 5-24 0124-0144 Several songs and a possible ID as ?Radio Banjo?. (252
6955 U 5-24 0150-0202 Instrumental music over the noise. (454 Silvi-OH) 
6955 U 5-24 0410-0419 Skits; song ?Low Rider?(242 Ruger-CA) 
6955 5-25 2043-2048*, *2151-2156*, and *2210-2216 processed voice repeating
phrases about Art Bell, or maybe somebody named Barman. (333 Haston- SC)(252
6955 U 5-28 0058-0013 Neil Young and Jimi Henrix mx. (312 Jurrens-TX)
[Scream of the Butterfly? ....njw]
6955U 5-30 0110-0112* Rock concert mx; off w/no ID. [Russell-MI] 
6955U 5-30 0405-0408 Pop mx [McArdle-OK] 
6955U 6/1 0230 Unid w/reggae mx (Ryan,CA)
6957 6/3-4 2202-0038* Mx from The Doors boxed set CD until the CD started
skipping, then into folk mx. [232 Haston-SC][252
Crawford-KY][McArdle-OK][252 Zeller-OH](Lewis,NC)

Contributors to #218: Barrera-Argentina, Brandt-Germany, Biggar-Scotland,
Comeau-MA, Crawford-KY, Eramo,Argentina; Filipkowski-RI, Finn-PA,
Greenall-ON, Haston-SC, Hunsicker-PA, Jurrens-TX, Kusalik-AB, Lewis,NC;
Lobdell-MA, Majewski-CT, McArdle-OK, McClintock-MN, Pearce-VT, Roberts,TX;
Ruger-CA, Russell-MI, Ryan,CA; Schoech,Germany; Silvi-OH, Smith-OH,
Wolfish-ON, Zeller-OH & AY,PA.

Anteater R., 6955, F/D Anteater Skull & Bones #100 License Plate QSL !!!
w/all details, 100 w, all this in a large brown envelope. v/s Peter Worth MY
BEST PIRATE QSL, Laser Hot Hits via Anteater R. 6955U, f/d 18-wheeler/ant
QSL card #101, in 52 days, w/photo of transmitter/Decal of I=90
Truckstop/Photo taken at Winterfest #10 in 52 days. (Kusalik-ALB) 

BETTY BOOP RADIO: 6950.8AM, f/d QSL #23, sheet No. 1, in 82 days. V/S: Rollo
Verndigh (Kusalik-AB)

BLACK SWAN RADIO: 100.9 MHz, Orange swan QSL. My first FM pirate QSL! (AY,PA)

JERRY RIGGED RADIO: QSL card in 36 days for report to Providence. (McArdle-OK)

RADIO AZTECA: f/d ?Copper Tongue Scraper? card, brochure for High Desert
museum, Bend OR. (Russell-MI)

Radio Cochiguaz: 6950 QSL-c f/d (beautiful color Andean picture)
v/s Cachito Mamani Operador, 88 days for 2 IRC (Eramo,Argentina)

RADIO METALLICA WORLDWIDE: blue qsl card signed by El Nino and Dr. Tornado
(Finn-PA). long QSL card in 100+ days for 3 reports to BRS. (McArdle-OK)

RADIO SPARKS: 6955 (via R.Nonsense), received ?Save Our Planet? f/d card
(#709) in 7 weeks for $2 U.S. from D.J. Stevie. Also sent Radio Sparks
Infosheet, Radio 510 International Newsletter, info on WRMI, station
stickers, and more! Address used was Box 510, 4010 Basel, Switzerland.

6955U, F/d QSL #102 sheet, with info sheet/ltr, in six months. V/S:
Desperado, T.B. and R.F. Watts/Head D.J.;Assist D.J. and Studio Eng.

UP AGAINST THE WALL RADIO: QSL sheet and trading cards in 32 days for report
to Providence. (McArdle-OK)

WUNH, Radio UNH, 6955, replied to ?PSE QSL? in A*C*E*
logging(Unidentified),in 46days. v/s: Melville Grunion (Kusalik-ALB) 

6955, f/d e-mail QSL sent, in 20 days. V/S: The Flying Dutchman (Kusalik-AB)

COMMENTS: Greg Majewski: ?It was a good weekend. The only problem was
something that sounded like an old Soviet jammer on 
6955 Khz 5/25 0000 to 0100 UTC when I gave up. Did anyone else hear it or
was just a local (to me) problem??

Scott McArdle: ?Horriffic static levels here this past weekend made
listening a real challenge. Had 16 different confirmed tornadoes all within
200 miles of my house Sunday night. Propagation wasn?t too swift, either.?

Lee Silvi: ?MUCH! Noise during the broadcasts this weekend made some IDs

Matt Haston: ?I went by the FRW web page the other day and downloaded the
station database file (and program). I think this is a great idea. The
person that thought this up deserves a beer (prob. more than one). It is a
great way to check on station activity for this year. The operators should
find it useful as well. I hope others have checked it out as well.? 

Scott McArdle: ?Propagation seems to have been getting a little better
lately. Unbelievable audio quality on Mystery Radio?s ?Stereo Dreams?
program the other night.?

Friday evening May 22/May 23 UTC
2343-0043 6955 U Transatlantic Radio (relay)
0033-0055 6950 L Voice of Stupidity
0044-0115 6955 U KAMP
0124-0224 6955 U Rock-It Radio
0237-0326 6955 U Scream of the Butterfly
0351-0437 6955 U Radio Nonsense

Saturday afternoon May 23
1741-1810 6955 U Vof the Runaway Maharishi

Saturday evening May 23/24 UTC
2240-2336 6955 U Radio 510 Int. (relay)
2339-0025 6955 U WREC
0040-0148 6955 U WACK

Sunday afternoon May 24
1954-2003 6955 U Voice of Stupidity

Sunday evening May 24/May 25 UTC
2358-0012 6955 U KBLK
0218-0240 6955 U Omega Radio
0325-0403 6955 U Mystery Radio
0415-0418 6955 U Free Hope Experience

Monday evening May 25/May 26 UTC
2303-2328 6955 U Deliverance Radio
0015-0112 6955 U WACK
0115-0132 6954.8 WKND
0204-0213 6950 U WARR
0346-0411 6955 U Mystery Radio

Wednesday evening May 28 UTC
2352-0038 6955 U Scream of the Butterfly
0210-0245 6955 U Radio Eclipse

Thursday evening May 29 UTC
0248-0258 6955 U Free Hope Experience
0340-0407 6955 U Radio Eclipse

Friday afternoon May 29
2220-2226 13960 U Short Wave Relay Service

05-30  [SATURDAY]
0110-0112  6955U   UNID.
0245-0251  6955U   WACK
0405-0408  6955U   UNID.
0424-0453  6955U   RADIO ECLIPSE
0529-0600  6955U   FREE HOPE EXPERIENCE
2339-0005  6955U   REEFER MADNESS RADIO
2355-      6955U   RADIO MARABU [NA RELAY]

05-31  [SUNDAY]
0019-0114* 6955U   REEFER MADNESS RADIO
0115-0200* 6955U   WUNH [WREC RELAY]
0206-      6955U   WLAD
0322-0330  6955    RADIO AZTECA via AARS
0404-0432  6955U   KXXX
0430-0433  6955U   FREE HOPE EXPERIENCE
0522-0553  6955U   FREE HOPE EXPERIENCE
0555-0631  6955U   RADIO AZTECA
0644-0713* 6955U   MYSTERY RADIO
1558-1629  6955U   ROCK-IT-RADIO
1907-1935  6955U   REEFER MADNESS RADIO

06-02  [TUESDAY]
0337-0404  6955U   KBLK

06-03  [WEDNESDAY]
2202-2357  6957    UNID.
2253-2350* 6980L   RADIO COCHIGUAZ-SA
2323-0038* 6957    UNID.

06-04  [THURSDAY]
0200-0227* 6955U   KBLK
0305-0310  6955U   WTHC
0339-0423* 6955U   MYSTERY RADIO
0611-0624* 6955U   RADIO FREE VINYL

PLEASE QSL ADDRESSES. If you want your name removed, let us know.
Ken Alexander: Box 71553, Aurora, ONT  L4G 6S9
Shawn Axelrod: 30 Becontree Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA, R2N 2X9
Ian Biggar: 21B Dundonald Road, Troon, Ayrshire KA10 6NP, Scotland
Rainer Brandt: Wiesenweg 6, D-29361, Hoefer, Germany
Ross Comeau: 16 Linwood Street, Andover, MA  01810
Chas. Crawford: 1763 Turnagain Drive, Henderson, KY 42420
Fred Danowski: 95 Meadowbrook Road, Startford, CT 06497
Paul Demsky: 883 Broadway #2, South Portland, ME  04106
David Ditlow: 3645 Vinton Avenue #3, Los Angeles, CA 90034
Rick Doehner: 2511 Raspberry Lane, Pasadena, TX   77502
Joe Filipkowski: 28 Mill Wheel Road, Warwick, RI 02886
Steve Foehner: 326 River Meadow Drive, Rochester, NY 14623
Michael Folk: 810 Dalewood Villa Hills, KY 41017-1089
Harold Frodge: 5525 Whitehall St., Midland, MI  48642
Dan Greenall: 181 Church Street, Thamesford, ONT  N0N 2M0, Canada
William Hassig: 102 N. Russel St., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
Matt Haston: 22 Jamestowne Commons, Taylors, SC  29687
Ron Hunsicker: 1238 Cleveland Avenue, Wyomissing, PA 19610-2102
R & T Jurrens: 19107 Winding Trail Lane, Katy, TX  77449
Rob Keeney: 10315 Antioch, Overland Park, KS   66212-4332
Harald Kuhl: P.O. Box 110 605, 35351 Giessen, GERMANY
Edward Kusalik: 2117-10 Street ?A?, Coaldale, Alberta, CANADA  T1M 1B6
Mike Leclerc: 16 Salem Drive, Somers, CT 06071-1903
Robert Lewis: 3403 Governors Ln., Greenville, NC 27858
Chris Lobdell: Box 146, Stoneham, MA   02180
Greg Majewski: 1176 Route 163, Oakdale CT 06370
Scott McArdle: 3500 S. Boulevard, Ste.18C, Edmond,OK 73013
Wm. McClintock: 11481 Blackfoot St NW, Minneapolis, MN 55433
John Mello: 218 Central Avenue, North Scituate, RI  02857
Kevin Nauta: 11252 Ravanna SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508-2504
Gary Neal: 7410 Orchard Hills Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479-6122
Nigel Pimblett: 1146 Queen Street, Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 1B4, Canada
Mike Prindle: P.O. Box 51, New Suffolk, NY 11956-0051
Ed Rausch: 17 Vandeberg Place, Cedar Grove, NJ  07009-1039
Robert Ross: Box 1003, Station B, London, ON   N6A 5K1  Canada
Larry Russell: 420 Warren Avenue, Flushing, MI  48433
Chris Scott: 4051 Clifton Avenue, #3, Cincinnati, OH  45220
Lee Silvi: Box 982, Mentor, OH 44061
Chris Smolinski: 4708 Trail Court, Westminster, MD 21158
Niel Wolfish: 112-2177 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario M5M 4B7, Canada
Andrew Yoder: Box 642, Mont Alto, PA 17237
George Zeller: 3492 West 123rd Street, Cleveland, OH  44111

LOGLIST from Rainer Brandt in Germany:
FREQ.   STATION                 HOURS / UTC     PROGRAMME/INFO          SINPO
May 24th, 1998 (Sunday)
3915.3  unid                    08.05-          ?, polka sound          54444
3932    unid                    07.07-          ?, rock music           44444
3945    unid                    11.25-          ?, polka music          44444
5773    R.Pamela                11.35-          E, pops                 23322
5799.8  Farmers from Holland !  13.35-13.38*    E, testing, echo IDs    33433
5830    Britain?s Better Mx Stn 08.8-           E, IDs, pops            22222
6200    R.Pandora               10.00-          E, IDs, pops            33333
6206.3  Star Club R.            07.53-          G, Sinatra special      33433
6220    Laser Hot Hits          09.00-          E, pops                 23322
6231.9  R.Dr.Tom                09.47-09.57*    G, station IDs          33333
6244.7  Jolly Roger R.          09.50-          E, country music        33333
6255v   unid (Morning Star?)    07.05-          ?, non stop music       33333
6266.6  UK R.International      09.00-          E, pops                 23322
6272.7  R.Brigitte              11.17-          E, pops                 32322
6275    unid                    08.43-          E, R.Iris recordings    32322
6474.4  R.Brigitte              07.05-          E,D,F,G, pops           34433
7120    Southern Music R.       13.45-          E, New Zealand infos    43433
7120    R.Casablanca            14.02-          G, Alwins? world        43433

RADIO DR.TOM was on the air again this weekend, now on 6232 kHz. Last week
RADIO PERFEKT used the same frequency with the same transmitter! Obviously
faker Mr.Charly announced the Wuppertal maildrop within an off air recording
of the ?real? RADIO DR.TOM station that was on around Easter 1996 without
giving any maildrop. That means this weeks? station must be ?a fake of the
RADIO DR.TIM fake?! Let?s all await a special QSL of the mystery spoof
station of the year..... depending on any answer from Wuppertal. I doubt it.

73, Rainer

FREQ.   STATION                 HOURS / UTC     PROGRAMME/INFO          SINPO
May 30th, 1998 (Saturday)
3920    Subterranean Sounds     21.55-          E, much talk, music     44444
3930    Laser Hot Hits          22.00-          E, pops                 33333
3935    R.Atlantis Int.         21.50-          E,D, pops, jingles      33333
6220    Laser Hot Hits          22.15-          E, pops                 32322
6300    Farmers from Holland    22.30-          E,D, pops               54444
6970.5  Ozone R.International   22.00-          E, Pink Floyd-The Wall  44444

May 31st, 1998 (Whit Sunday)
3910    WREC (via Euro relay)   22.47*-23.59    E, cont. 5th ann. show  44444
3930    Laser Hot Hits          00.55-          E, pops                 33333
3931    WREC (via Euro relay)   22.25*-22.45*   E, 5th ann. show, QSY   44444
3935    R.Atlantis Int.         09.31-          E,G,D, Schlager         33333
3936    R.Mickey Mouse          14.43-          SD, pops, QSO           34343
5830    Britain?s Better Mx Stn 08.55-          G,E, IDs, pops          22222
6206.2  unid                    08.46-          G, Free Radio Info show 33333
6206.3  R.Metropolis            14.45-          G, Roy Clark,Ron White  23322
6220    Laser Hot Hits          09.00-          E, pops                 32322
6233    R.Northsea Int.         08.40-          G, pops                 43433
6244.5  Jolly Roger R.          08.50-          E, pops                 23322
6270    unid                    09.04-          ?, Pirate tune, pops    22222
6280.6  Union R.                09.52-          E, greetings, pops      33333
6286    unid                    08.47-          ?, all Supertramp hits  44444
6286    unid                    22.20-          ?, pops                 24332
6290    R.Boomerang             12.55-13.00*    E, IDs, address, pops   34343
6299.7  Farmers from Holland    23.00-          E,D,G, phone in         55444
6400.6  R.Brigitte              08.48-          E,G, Schlager           44444
6955U   Reefer Madness R., USA! 01.00-          E, pot praying guy      34343
6955U   WUNH, via US relay      01.15-02.01*    E, jazz and blues       33333
7446U   R.City                  08.53-          E, IDs, pops            44444
7500.5  R.Internazionale(back!) 08.50-          I,E, old E-mail address 54544

June 1st, 1998 (Whit Monday)
3910    WREC                    00.00-          E, comedy,rock and punk 44444
6206.3  R.Metropolis            08.25-          G, Roy Clark,see May 31 33433
6262    R.Tonair                08.25-          E,D, pops               44444
6269.5  AL International        06.00-06.15*    E, pops                 44444
6275    R.Iris International    09.21-09.58*    E, IDs, offshore cuts   23222
6297v   unid                    09.20-          ?, John Miles - Music   32222
6300    Farmers from Holland    10.00-          D,E, pops               54444

no news from here, lack of time....

73, Rainer

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