[HCDX]: Hauser's SW/DX Report June 18
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[HCDX]: Hauser's SW/DX Report June 18

        GLENN HAUSER'S SHORTWAVE/DX REPORT 98-27, June 18, 1998

        A special edition of the authoritative DX program, "World 
of Radio", is scheduled soon for broadcast in the AWR DX program, 
"Wavescan". This specially prepared edition of "World of Radio" 
is scheduled for broadcast in "Wavescan" edition number 183, with 
a primary broadcast date of Sunday June 28.
        "Wavescan" can be heard three or four days in advance via 
the AWR web page at http://www.awr.org   It is available on the 
Sunday via the World Radio Network at 0700 & 1430 UTC and also in 
the English broadcast from AWR-Europe at 0930 UTC on 7230 kHz. 
"Wavescan" is also available twice on the Monday over the three 
transmitters co-sited with station 2XA/ZLXA in Levin, New Zealand. 
Other stations in the AWR network, and WRMI in Miami, carry the 
program as it becomes available. It is now available in real time 
audio for download from the Internet using the M-PEG program. 
(Adrian Peterson's press release, June 16)  Topics on the special:

*About WOR
*Threat of internet distribution via power lines
*Canada moving broadcasting to a totally new band
*New set of national anthem CDs
*This American Life programs available on website
*Leonard Maltin's new book on American radio history
*Allan Weiner's SW project in Maine is 10+ years old
*Adventist amateur radio net
*How to order DX Listening Digest
*A few World of Radio times
*Address and closing   

In North America, try TIAWR, UT Monday 0000 on 9725, 13750, and
15460, perhaps delayed a week or two (Hauser)

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 945. AWR buying Schwarzenburg
transmitters for Italy; Broadcasts in English booklet; TV 
won't pay qualified engineers decent salary; not all Drake SW8's
are the same; Nigerian clandestines proliferate; CFN closing on
RCI; Fiji on SW; Indonesia allows local news; Bahrain on RTTY;
BBC previews; and much more including some of the items below (gh)

OKLAHOMA BROADCASTING NEWS. My report on the OKC tornadoes and
other items now appear on the WOR website, to be updated

http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/Oklahoma.html (Hauser)

BRAZIL. RNB's English service on 15445 noted at 1230 June 16 with
very distorted FM spurs on 15390, 15500; what a shame this 
station which had such big plans has come to this (George Thurman,
TX) Maybe not every day, but I reported exactly the same thing
a few months ago (Glenn Hauser, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL 

BULGARIA. R. Bulgaria off-frequency again, June 16 at 1152 check
on 15175.6, quickly confirmed as the Greece carrier came on
15175.0 causing a heterodyne (Glenn Hauser, OK)

CANADA. As of the end of the month, Canadian Forces Network, as 
we know it, will be disappearing--which will mean the end of CFN 
programme production at RCI.

>From what I've heard, there was a debate in the Department of 
National Defence as to how best to do broadcasting to the Forces 
overseas, a debate which seems to have been both intense and long-
lasting. Eventually, it was decided to put the whole thing out to 
tender...and by the terms of the tender as issued, DND apparently 
wanted about twice as much programming as at present, and were 
willing to pay about half the amount of money as at present. 
Under those terms, RCI didn't even bother to tender. (No, 
unfortunately I haven't heard who's going to be doing this 
broadcasting beginning in July...though I wouldn't be surprised 
if they just cobble together some bits from various commercial 

Of course, that means the end of CFN programming not only on 
RCI's satellite channels, but also on shortwave, after June 30th.

Just to remind you, the schedule for the only CFN broadcasts 
remaining on shortwave (all currently via Skelton) is Mon-Fri 
0500-0530 UTC EE & 0530-0600 UTC FF on 7295 (300 kW/110 deg), 
9595 (300 kW/110), 11835 (300 kW/114), 15430 (300 kW/140). This 
means the last chance for QSL hunters to verify these. (CFN 
hasn't had their own QSL cards, at least as long as I've been 
handling the QSL'ing; I just issue RCI cards endorsed for CFN.)
(Bill Westenhaver, RCI, June 16, WORLD OF RADIO 945)

COSTA RICA. RFPI's mirror site, belonging.org is down, and may be 
for some time. Please go to the original site, including the gh 

http://www.clark.net/pub/cwilkins/rfpi (Joe Bernard, RFPI Mailbag,

IRAQ. R. Iraq Int'l, 11785, June 6 at 0300-0340+; tune-in to
English news by woman until 0303, then Mid-east music, English
commentary, ID. Program at 0315 with listeners' letters/
reception reports. Surprisingly good, clear audio. Still had
hum but was perfectly readable with no distortion. But weak
co-channel QRM from unID station with Koran & talk in language
(Brian Alexander, PA via Hauser) 

NIGERIA [non]. It seems that one of our erstwhile Nigerian
clandestine groups has bought some time on WGTG --

From: <NAGDHR@xxxxxxx>        Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 11:34:22 EDT

Public Announcement                  Contact: SNBS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Radio "S.N.B.S"           The "Save Nigeria Broadcasting Service"

"Coming Soon"                       Short-Wave Radio Broadcast

"SNBS" will launch its Global "Live Test Transmission" on  Friday 
June 12, 1998 and will continue broadcasting every Saturday 

Friday June 12 0530-0600 UT on 5085
Saturday June 13 1930-2000 UT on 9400
"SNBS" programs will include: 

News commentary, Personality of the week, Vox-Pop. Music, 
Panel discussions, SNBS Magazine

* * * * * * *
P.O.Box 202. Boston, Massachusetts 02131
Tel: (617) 364-6301   Fax: (617) 364-7362
e-mail: nagdhr@xxxxxxx   website: http://www.nagdhr.com

I taped the 0530 broadcast and it sounded a lot like the old
Radio New Nigeria, sponsored by the same group until January via
DTK, including two much background music and production 
impairing intelligibility on SW. And the regular 1930 Sat
broadcast, competing with at least two other Nigerian opposition
programs at the same time, is not likely to make it to Nigeria
on so low a frequency over a summer mostly-daylight path from
WGTG, which was not named in the press release reproduced 
above (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 945)

NIGERIA [non]. Made a point of monitoring the first broadcast of
Voice of Oduduwa, tho I never heard any such ID, tnx to Johnson/
Cumbre tip, Mon June 15 at 2100 on WHRA 15460. Reception was
very good, and probably has a good chance of getting into Nigeria,
tho one always wonders what fraction of the rated 500 kW is 
actually being used. Opened with talking drums, then mix of talk
in presumed Yoruba (only?) and music, with speakerine sometimes
breaking into song; only English were mentions of "shortwave
15.460"; 2111 mentioned BBC; 2113-2123 English segment, with
actuality of someone bemoaning "appointment of a new dictator";
and various English speakers from a rally, poorly recorded and
edited, invoking god. 2123 back to Yoruba; 2126 a bit more 
English with anti-Abacha comments, and the rest in Yoruba almost
until 2200; no closing of program as WHRA went into frequency-
change announcement to 13760 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO
NIGERIA [non]. The Wednesday June 17 broadcast of the Nigerian
opposition program via WHRA 15460 almost didn't happen -- at 2100
USA Network News, 2105 dead air; 2109 it finally started. Later
English segment around 2122 sounded identical to what I had heard 
during the Yoruba program on Monday, from a June 8 rally, singing 
"All We Are Saying" with new topical lyrics to tune of "Give Peace 
a Chance" (Glenn Hauser, OK)

U A E. UAE Radio, Dubai, 15400, May 31 0329- English opening
announcements giving 15400, 13675, 12005; 0330 news, program
about Jersualem. Heard // 13675, 12005; best on 13675 (Brian
Alexander, PA via Hauser)

U K O G B A N I [non]. Following up Dave Newkirk's comments in
rec.radio.shortwave on defective BBC transmissions, now their 
only NAm frequency after 1700, 17840 is messed up: June 11 at 
1730, a constant warble on the frequency, its sound varying 
slightly; it was even worse and more noticeble with the BFO on;
gone after 1800 with BBC gone too, and I suspect this was also 
coming from the transmitter, supposed to be Sackville, tho 
possibly it is another case of the Antigua transmitter used 
before 1700 not having been turned off and causing a beat - but 
there was no sign of duplicate/echoing modulation. Rechecked the 
otherwise vacant frequency at 2019 with BFO, and heard a constant 
whoop-whoop timed at about 176 per minute or almost 3 per second

U S A. Checked with the WWBS guy again, and now he says it may
be another month before they're on. Some components failed in
a dummy load test and are to be replaced. Both 11905 and 11910
have now been authorized (George Thurman, TX, June 15, REVIEW 

U S A. WRNO estate got a $100K bid, but did not accept it.
However, considering the state of the facility, they may not
get much more for it. Brother Stair is reported to be interested
(George Thurman, TX, June 14, WORLD OF RADIO 945)           ###

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