Re: [HCDX]: Questions on some US v/s:s
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Re: [HCDX]: Questions on some US v/s:s

>The address:  1111 St. Gregory Street, Cincinnati, Ohio  45202.
>According to the secretary, the only person that answers reports are 
>the Engineers. Jacor owns=A0them along with other stations in the 

In Kansas City, there are about 6-8 "stations" in one group.  At least 
three or four stations are in the same BUILDING.  All of them sound 
identical within their own formats:  bland and boring.
There may be only a couple of engineers for each group, and even
then an engineer may have another job, work for multiple stations,
etc.  QSLs may be unknown at most stations anymore.

Always remember to include return postage, though that is not a
guarantee (right, KOKX?) and maybe a local postcard or something
that will attract a little attention.  I do radio-related work, and
anything that goes in a file or a pile can easily get lost.  If I don't 
mail out a reply the moment I receive the request, l-o-n-g delays occur!  
There's just too much stuff going on.

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