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1150 KHZ - CKBL - B.C., KELOWNA. rec. vl in 10d for taped report. V/S:
Jason Mawr-PD. Address: Okanagan Radio Limited, 300-435 Bernard Ave.,
Kelowna  BC V1Y 6N8 (Canada)   (PM-OR)

1670.5 KHZ - TAPPISAKI LIGHTHOUSE STATION, rec. my 6th QSL from Japanese
Lighthouse stations. This one is also 50 watts. No V/S. rec. in 80d.
Address: Tappisaki Beacon Office, Tappi Minnmaya-Mura-
Higashitsugaru-gunn, Aomori Ptef. 030-1711, Japan. Sent a beautiful
full-color airial view of station (card). (PM-OR)

Patrick Martin
P.O. Box 843
Seaside  OR  97138-0843
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