[HCDX]: MINURCA QSL and logs
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[HCDX]: MINURCA QSL and logs


For us waiting for Radio Minurca QSL, here is some info from David Smith, Director.
In reply to my e-mail reception report (sent Nov.19) he Dec.13 e-mails:

""Hello Jari,
Thanks for your reception report. I'm a bit slow in answering because we've
been so busy with elections.

We've had an incredible number of reception reports from Finland, in fact,
more than from any other country!

I'm certainly familiar with your weather, as I come from Montreal.

Your name is on the list for a QSL card, which will be going out once
they've been printed later this month.

David Smith
Director - Radio MINURCA

So, things seem to be in good hands and QSLs will be sent in due time.

Some loggings from previous days:

4796.0  1525UTC AFG: Voice of Sharia, Kabul //7077.0 with fair/good signal. On recheck at 1615 it was on 4796.6 while the // was almost stable. Dec/14.

5993.3  1629UTC MWI: MBC, Limbe in E, at 1700 in local lang. with id. Haven't heard them 
on  3381 for long time. Dec/09. 

7000.0  1600UTC  CLA: Voice of Freedom and Renewal. Or is it Voice of Popular Armed Uprising. Or is it now something else. Anyway Arabic with looong ids. Used also several times the short version of id something like  Sawt al Tahal al Sudaniya. Sign-off around 1715. Under this there was possibly a very weak station in Arabic, but can't tell for sure. Dec/10.

Rx: Icom R-71 with various antennas.

Best 73s

Jari Savolainen

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