[HCDX]: UID loggings
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[HCDX]: UID loggings

Have some loggings that I could need a little help on......
All loggings on 19th december and times UTC:

  740 khz  0912 with Radio Netherland programming ..."RN Newsline"...any
idea of station?
                         Does Bloomberg News carry out these programs?
1070 khz  0929 "......we have 53 degrees in Hollywood"...could this be KNX
Los Angeles?
1120 khz  0810 "....currently in Lambert,we have light rain and 42
                         My closest idea is KMOX.
1640 khz  0629 ".....from Crawford Broadcasting Company"....could this be
1630 khz  0516 mention a couple of times Dallas in commericals...but is KBCM
Fort Worth on??

Saturday 19th was a real nice night with US and Canadian stations...many of
them had signal strengths like my local radio!!


Alf Aardal

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