[HCDX]: LOGS 19+20
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[HCDX]: LOGS 19+20

Logs  the previous two days 

Cland 6940  R Fana (?) 1718 man speaking on democracy and Islam in pres Arabic 
language. Strong QRM from greek pirates on USB 22322 Liangas Dec 19 
Thessaloniki Greece 

INDONESIA 3905 RRI Merauke 1847 with dangdut songs man then with quranic 
preaches. Liangas Dec 19 Thessaloniki Greece

Pirate 7590 SWRS 7590 w radio blandengue with rock and LA pops, ID at 1645 
//3905 at 1715 but with lower signals Liangas Dec 19 Thessaloniki Greece

A correction: 
Cland 11540 R Kudirat //6205 @1917 man with news , 1917 with music ID then with 
news to continue. 11540  is in clear  44423 though 6205  has a radio storm 
Liangas Dec 19 Thessaloniki Greece

CROATIA 7525 NF HRTV 1955 with sports reports in Croatian with refs to Yugoslav 
groups sudden s off at 1959. ID found next day on 1810 while in news reports. 
ON 19/12 signal was strong (44444) but on 20/12 it was till 1805 then signal 
faded out to 23242 Liangas Dec 19+ 20 Thessaloniki Greece

Cland 9230 Eritrean Front stations, 1532 man in Arabic with ID ?idaat?? 
followed by instrumentals Signal eas 34343 but with very bad modulation Liangas 
Dec 19+ 20 Thessaloniki Greece

Pirate 6284.2 R Farmers Holland, 1911 Germanic songs . Strong QRM from ARQ 
station 32332 Liangas Dec 19+ 20  Thessaloniki Greece

6900 unIDed 1723 folk multivocal song YL then OM with talks similar to Arabic. 
Signal nearly marginal 12242 
Liangas Dec 19+ 20 Thessaloniki Greece

cland 5360 V of Mujaheed(t)  1858 with news headlines in Farsi over music ( 
Mujaheeds , Iraq invasion) AT 1900 sudden * Good signal Liangas Dec 19+ 20  
Thessaloniki Greece

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