[HCDX]: Correction
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[HCDX]: Correction

Hello everywhere,

The station on 6676, which I published in hcdx yesterday as Radio
Huamachuco, is Radiodifusora Tarapoto.

Thanks to Hermod Pedersen, who refered me in a private mail to a logging
from Nicolas Eramo! He received Radiodifusora Tarapoto on 6676 some days

After reading the mail I checked my tape recording again, which I
fortunately still had. The result: Nicolas Eramo's log is completely
correct! Listening once again to my tape I discovered the real ID, which I
didn't notice before: "Radiodifusora Tarapoto". I'm sorry about my mistake.
Obviously there are some psychological effects, when you are sitting very
tired in front of your receiver since many hours. After a certain time you
believe to hear, what you want to hear! Normally I should know these
effects. My profession is psychologist...

Once again: I'm sorry. The correct logging is as follows:

6676, Radiodifusora Tarapoto; December 20, 0010-0037, Spanish, mensajes,
time announcements, huayño music, national anthem at 0035 and c/d at 0037;
as ID they said "Radiodifusora Tarapoto" and also "Emisora Tarapoto"; weak
signal with O=1-2.

vy 73

Michael Schnitzer
Receiver: JRC NRD-525
Antenna: 25m longwire & DX-One Professional
Location: Hassfurt, Germany
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