[HCDX]: Problem solved on 6676
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[HCDX]: Problem solved on 6676

Hello again,

the detective story on 6676 seems to be finished now. Last night I had
stronger signals from Perú as the days before. On that reason the mysterious
Peruvian came in well enough in order to be able to understand a clear ID:

"Radiodifusora Paratón de Huarmaca"

I listened to the station about 90 minutes from 23.10 to 00.40 UTC (24/25
december). During that period I heard several clear IDs and this time there
are no doubts: The station is Radiodifusora Paratón indeed. If there is
someone listening to another station on 6676 this night, I will give up the
entire DX-hobby and join a monastery ...

The complete logging:

6676, Radiodifusora Paratón; Huarmaca, december 24/25, 2310-0040, Spanish,
huayño music, many time announcements and IDs by male speaker.  SINPO  23322

Thanks also to Jay Novello, who points out in a private mail, that the
station has changed the frequency from 6670.8v to new 6676 kHz.
O.K. Once again thanks to all DXers worldwide, who got involved in that
story, especially Nicolas Eramo, Hermod Pedersen, Jay Novello.

vy 73

Michael Schnitzer, Germany
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