[HCDX]: Iraq on 3900
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[HCDX]: Iraq on 3900

3900,R Baghdad,Dec 25,1650,March music with arabic male songs,at 1659 arabic music with arabic female songs until 1701 then male speaker in arabic, with presumed news no ID heard.
By recheck at 1825 arabic music with male songs until 1831 then male speaker with ID: Idha`at Jumhuriyat al-`Iraq.
At 1854 arabic music with handdrums and violins and female solo singer with male background choir until 1859 then again ID by male speaker same as on 1831 followed by a Int Sig and male again with: Huna Bagdad followed by arabic male songs.  
At 1905 news by male speaker in arabic with mentions of sha`b al Iraq ( iraqi people ),Sadam Husein,Ameriqi and Britania.
Replacing 4920,5935. 
35333  van rooy