Re: [HCDX]: UNID: 3934,9
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Re: [HCDX]: UNID: 3934,9

> >Today, 24 december at 19.15 UTC I heard on 3934,9 khz a station
> >in the English language. I heard them saying: "... on 89.8..this is not
> >Radio 2....." followed by music. Station faded away around 19.22 UTC.
> >Somebody any idea?
> Could be ZLXA from New Zealand drifting downwards. Normally ZLXA operates
> 3935 exactly. As far as I know they have a relay of the RNZ national
> at this time. The fade out at around 19.22 would point to this station
> Michael Schnitzer

RNZI or ZLXA don't have any FM freqs and the reference to 
Radio 2" doesn't make sense so unless these comments were part of a
program, then I doubt if the signal emanated from here.

73s Paul
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